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Published in: Technology


  1. 1. MODERN AQUA A Theme for SugarCRM 6.1
  2. 2. LIKE A MAC APPS No more classic UI. No more new UI.
  3. 3. ALL IN THE LEFT For wide screens. Modules, Actions, and Last Viewed items.
  4. 4. POLISHED SUBPANEL High contrast design. Big buttons for touch.
  5. 5. NEW BOTTOM TOOLBAR Like iPhoto or modern desktop apps.
  6. 6. HEAD UP DISPLAY Translucent HUD UI introduced.
  7. 7. OXYGEN ICONS Thanks to KDE Project.
  8. 8. Go Theme chooser in Users pref Module Loader HOW TO INSTALL? Download / upload to Sugar, then choose ModernAqua!
  9. 9. MODERN AQUA @cognitom