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Social Project Management


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Folien zum Vortrag von Simon Dückert auf der Continental KM Convention 2014 vom 20.-21.05.2014 in Regensburg.

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Social Project Management

  1. 1. Social Project Management 20.05.2014, Continental AG, Regensburg
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction Why project-oriented KM? Social Media Social Project Management 2
  3. 3. Simon Dueckert 1994 Study Electrical Engineering 1998 Engineer at Fraunhofer IIS, Implementation of a KM Approach at Fraunhofer IIS 2001 Establishment of Cogneon Knowledge Management Knowledge Work Learning Organization Enterprise 2.0 & Management 2.0 Member of Society of KM, New Club of Paris, VDI KM Expert Group, Association of Community Management, Chaos Computer Club 3 or iTunes Podcast Store
  4. 4. Our Passion4
  5. 5. Examples5
  6. 6. Examples6
  7. 7. Examples7 Rupert Stadler, CEO, Audi AG
  8. 8. Examples8
  9. 9. Examples9
  10. 10. Examples10
  11. 11. Zeit ~10000 v.Chr. 1800 2000 Megatrend Knowledge Society11 Agrarian Society Industrial- Society Knowledge Society Quelle: nach Zukunftsinstitut. 2010. Eigene Darstellung.
  12. 12. Knowledge Society in Numbers 1/212 15% 35% 50% Worker Knowledge Worker Service Worker 1930 1960 1990 2000 2020 Quelle: nach Zukunftsinstitut. 2010. Eigene Darstellung.
  13. 13. Knowledge Society in Numbers 2/213 Source: OECD.
  14. 14. Times are changing …14 1908 1969 2007
  15. 15. Organization 1.0: Hierarchies15 Source: OECD.
  16. 16. … we all feel this!16
  17. 17. Organization 2.0: Hierarchies AND Networks17 Source: Forbes, Kotter International. Organizational Units Communities of Practice Projects
  18. 18. e.g.: my „performance network“18
  19. 19. Social Media19 Source: Ethority.
  20. 20. Social Media in Organizations20 2005 2007 2010 Weblogs Wikis Social Networks … 2014+ Collaboration, CSCW 1984 1997
  21. 21. Social Media in the Project Life Cycle21 Source: PMI PMBOK. „Working Out Loud“ Reusables Lessons Learned„Socializing“
  22. 22. Social Media in Project Process Groups22 Source: PMI PMBOK.
  23. 23. 10 Concrete SPM Ideas 1. Virtual Community: use a community space inside a social network as „virtual obeida“. Make it as open as possible. 2. Socialize: perform kick-off meeting for team building, socializing and explanation of knowledge infrastructure. Distribute tasks for first virtual steps (e.g. write a blog to introduce oneself and reflect own role). 3. Adoption: define the role of a „knowledge coach“ for the project. 4. Working out loud: animate team members to write short status updates on a daily basis. Use a (2nd?) weblog for communication with project external stakeholders. 5. E-Mail-Detox: use weblogs, follow-functions, and @mentioning to replace (reduce) e-mail traffic. 6. Planning: document milestone plan and working packages in a wiki inside the project community. 7. Meeting Management: use a wiki for collecting agenda topics, live writing meeting minutes, and task lists. 8. Responsibilities: create a RACI matrix in a wiki linked to team members profiles and area of responsibilities. 9. Structure: define Tags for reusables, lessons learned, work packages, teams, milestones, products, components, customers, technologies, methods, tools etc. 10. Reflection: perform a AAR/LL-Workshop/Project Retrospective to collect, refine, and distribute experiences. Use process to publish reusables. 23
  24. 24. Thank You! Questions? Unsere Materialien zu öffentlichen Auftritten finden Sie unter Wir freuen uns über Kommentare, Likes und Weiterleitung.