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Data Management – 6 Points You Can’t Ignore in Your Checklist Plan


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Every data management strategy works well if right planning is done at the initial stage. So here is the checklist, which a business data management can’t ignore in order to make their plans effective and achieve the desired business goal. Go through this presentation that includes effective points, which can make your data management plan result driven.

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Data Management – 6 Points You Can’t Ignore in Your Checklist Plan

  1. 1. Data Management  6 P o i n t s Y o u C a n ’ t I g n o r e i n Y o u r C h e c k l i s t P l a n COGNEESOL
  2. 2. Data management is concerned with the end-to-end lifecycle of data within an enterprise, from creation to retirement, and the controlled progression of data.  COGNEESOL A checklist is always required to proceed and evaluate the procedure that will help you to accomplish all your business needs effectively and strategically, whether you are going to work in-house or outsource to the third party.
  3. 3. GOOD CHECKLIST COGNEESOL Only result in successful data management strategy
  4. 4. What data will you collect or create? 1. DATA COLLECTION What are the format, type and volume of data? Is there any existing data that you can reuse? Question for Evaluation
  5. 5. What documentation will accompany the data? 2. DOCUMENTATION & METADATA What information is needed for the data to be read and interpreted in the future? What metadata standards will you use and why? Question for Evaluation
  6. 6. How will you share the data? 3. DATA SHARING What conditions need to be fulfilled before sharing data? When will you make the data available? Question for Evaluation
  7. 7. How will you manage any ethical issues? 4. ETHICS COMPLIANCE How sensitive data will be handled to ensure it is stored and transferred securely? Did you have the consent for data preservation and sharing? Question for Evaluation
  8. 8. How the data will be stored and backed up during the whole procedure? 5. STORAGE & BACKUP Do you have sufficient storage or want to include charges for additional third-party services? Who will be responsible for backup and recovery? Question for Evaluation
  9. 9. Which data should be retained, sustained & preserved? 6. SELECTION OR PRESERVATION How will you decide which data to keep? How long will the data be retained and preserved? Question for Evaluation
  10. 10. • Entail the brief description of the data that you are using, whether the data is new or existing. • The plan must include effective methods for data sharing. • Consider the measures to preserve datasets those have long-term value. • State how often the data will be backed up and ask for keeping multiple copies of data files. GUIDANCE FOR A SUCCESSFUL PLAN
  11. 11. Partner with an Established Enterprise to Strategies your  Data Management Plan
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