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9 Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Work


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A Slideshare presentation representing the brief the best available data entry services in the market. Find out why it's important to outsource data entry tasks for successive business growth...

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9 Reasons to Outsource Data Entry Work

  2. 2. Check out why business houses should switch to outsourcing data entry services
  3. 3. 1By assigning the data entry task to outsourcing company, you can reduces the expense on infrastructure needed and lessens the effort of your employees.
  4. 4. 2Greater Accuracy
  5. 5. Manage your data in more smarter way and is available for analysis whenever required by the client company. Effective Data Management3
  6. 6. They are competent enough to complete the assigned tasks on time, without compromising quality. 4 Quick turnaround time
  7. 7. 5Secured Processing Outsourcing companies concentrate on privacy as well as security. They use most reliable software and updated data security tools.
  8. 8. Latest Technology6They make use of the latest technology to enter data in a simplified manner.
  9. 9. Experienced Personnel7 They have professionals of highest caliber and skills. At an reasonable cost, you get experienced personnel who know how to do data entry work better.
  10. 10. Increased Focus on Core Competencies8Outsourcing these mundane tasks help your company to focus on priority tasks and more important operations.
  11. 11. 9 Improve Productivity & Business Results Data entry outsourcing helps in reducing the workload ,which considerably enhances efficiency and productivity.
  12. 12. Still Confused Where to Outsource ……
  13. 13. Cogneesol is one stop solution for all your business needs. Offers a comprehensive list of Services that aimed to provide reliable Solutions to all.
  14. 14. What Data Entry Services Cogneesol Offers? Cogneesol specializes in the capture, digitization and processing of data from diverse input sources, such as fax, Web forms, e- mails, scanned images and hardcopy documents. We render data entry services to various industries such as Healthcare, Accounts , Legal firms and many more.
  15. 15. Data Conversion
  16. 16. Data Processing
  17. 17. Data Entry Services Medical/Insurance Claims data Entry Services Catalog Conversion and Digitization Services Product/Warranty Registration Data Entry Online / Offline Data Entry Services Remote/online Data Entry Bulk Invoices/Bills Data entry Services
  18. 18. Web Data Extraction
  19. 19. Data Entry from image or PDF to MS Excel, MS Access, MS Word, Text
  20. 20. CONTACT US Website: Call us at - 1 646 688 2821 Or E-mail us at: