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H100 Handler


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H100 Brochure

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H100 Handler

  1. 1. Low cost  New technology High performance ™ Cogent ATE H-100 低成本的解决方案 H-100 分选机为国内外的半导体封装测试市场提供了一个低成本解决方案,此分 选机与科晶特的Raptor系列及Leopard系列测试机配合使用将大大减少贵公司的 测试成本。 H-100分选机支持单工位测试,可以满足各种测试应用。 主要性能 ✱ 垂直Docking ✱ 自动上料/下料 高产出, UPH可达9,000uph ✱ 低卡料率, Jamrate 1/5000 ✱ ✱ 开放式轨道, 易于维护 ✱ 支持器件种类多 Support Conversion Kit ✱
  2. 2. Cogent ATE Series Testpac 主要性能 System Resources Contacting ambient Available version Number of contact sites 4 contact sites ambient –hot(option):up to 155 Single, dual or quad contact sites Tube to tube Ping Pong Available Options: IEEE 488.2 Contact Modes Parallel synchronous Power monitoring asynchronous Fast conversion HMI Menu Standard Software Online help system Applications Plunge to board Statistics Chinese/English Standard Display Touch Screen Kind of Available Contact Sockets High frequency Fine pitch Kelvin Conversion Temperature and Bin Categories Conversion kits (Mechanical Typically takes 1.5hours (depending Temperature +/- 3C for hot application package style conversion) on skills, number of persons) 4 auto bins Conversion time 1.5 hours / one person Bin Categories 3 manual bins Packages Performance Possible packages styles SO,TSSOP,MOSP,QFN;DFN Throughput at 0 Test time Throughput up to 18,000uph(SO150) Width:1.2 to 15mm Min and Max Size of Length:2 to 21mm Buy off MUBJ 5k Package Min pitch 0.4mm Loading/Unloading Facility Requirements Loading Material and Size 170mm to 560mm, Power supply 200/250V, 50/60HZ,32 Amps (Tubes) Max 20mm width,8mm height (voltage/phase) Available Loader Types 36 tubes for 8mm wide tubes Power consumption Max 3 KW 500 to 600kg depending on Available Unloader Types 36 tubes for 8mm wide tubes Weight configuration Height 182cm (without signal light) CogentATE Systems Corporation 北京市朝阳区东大桥路8号 SOHO尚度北塔B座705# 100020 Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax: +86(10)58850677 World Wide Web | CogentATE is a registered trademark; the CogentATE logo and Leopard Series are trademarks of CogentATE Systems Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2008 CogentATE Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.