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Raptor Series MOSFET & Discrete Test System

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  1. 1. Low cost  New technology High performance Cogent ATE ™ D 100 Raptor Series™ Discrete Test System Cogent ATE’s Raptor Series Discrete Test System represents a transformational change in the testing of discrete semiconductor devices. D-100 is the first tester in its class to perform parallel multi-site testing of up to 4 devices in both wafer and final test. Cogent ATE’s Raptor Series D-100 Discrete Test System provides Floating Quad-Site Testing™ of MOSFET devices in both wafer and packages. Using Cogent ATE’s proven Floating Test Sites™ (FTS) System Architecture, D-100 provides the most practical and cost-effective test solution for its target devices. DSP, AWG, Memory and other ATE features based Cogent ATE’s Tester-on-a-chip™ (ToC) technology, unseen in traditional discrete test systems; give D-100 an edge in accuracy and throughputs. Raptor Series D-100 is only a fraction of ETS-200T in cost. Floating Quad-Site Testing™ is Real and Guaranteed Target Devices True parallel testing of up to 4 device-under-test (DUT) sites is not only real but also affordable with Cogent ATE’s Leopard Series Analog and Mixed-Signal Test System. For Power MOSFET our targeted device markets, quad-sites parallel testing is most economical and practical Diodes, Zener diodes solution for both wafer and final tests. Turret based handlers, a popular choice for Transistors discrete and power management devices are capable of quad-site testing. “Massive Parallel Thyristors wafer testing is often unrealistic given the cost and technical issues in the interface Triacs, Varistors, technology, i.e. probe card. Multi die / function discretes We have achieved the lowest cost-of-test to date for the Discrete Power Semiconductor Voltage regulators and Power Management IC markets by making Floating Quad-Site Testing™ a compelling alternative to the non-floating single or dual site testers from our competitions. We intend to maintain this leadership by continuously improving test performance and lowering hardware cost.
  2. 2. Cogent ATE Series       Raptor Low-Cost MOSFET and Discrete test platform Summary Features Designed for multi-site testing Prior to the introduction of Raptor D series, ETS-200T, a tester designed for True parallel multi-site testing multi-site testing of MOSFET devices, is perhaps the only option. Now Raptor D with Floating Quad-Site Testing Series is a new option for multi-site testing at a fraction of ETS-200’s cost. While architecture ETS-200 can test up to 16 sites, the cost of the tester and the probe card make 16 Scale from Single to Multi-Site sites testing unrealistic and unaffordable. Cogent ATE’s Raptor D series has Testing automatically with Auto dramatically reduced the test cost by reducing both testing and tester cost at the same Test Replication time. SBC Industrial PC, Telescope mounting for Monitor and Keyboard on the manipulator for a compact and ergonomic test cell   Fix for multi-handler/prober Now the situation is many customers use the turret-based handlers, such as Ismeca, SRM . which often have quad-site testing capability. Cogent ATE’s Raptor Series Discrete Test System can maximize these equipment’s throughputs without buy new equipments. Cogent ATE’s Raptor Series D-100 Discrete Test System can test a wide range of device from small signal transistors to high power IGBT. A suitable model for your product may be chosen from below. D‐50© D‐100© D‐120© D‐200©  D220© D‐520© Test System  Current  10A 30A 30A 200A  200A 500A Voltage  1,000V 1,000V 2,000V 1,000V  2,000V 2,000V page 2 Cogent ATE Systems Corporation | Room 705, No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China | Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax:+86(10)58850677 | www.CogentATE.com
  3. 3. Cogent ATE Series   Raptor Friendly Software for both IC design and Production environment Raptor D series test system software Easy ATE™ has several industry-first features that are very useful for the debug and characterization of power ICs. In most ATEs a simple voltage force and current sense scenario may damage the ATE if the sensed current is large. Some ATEs try to dissipate the sense current with large heat sink. Cogent ATE’s patented technology allows the Power IC designer to observe a static sense a current as large as 2 Amp and 50 Volt.   Specifications Current Voltage Measure Range Measure Range Resolution Resolution F.S. F.S 20uA 610pA 20mV 0.61uV 200uA 6.1nA 200mV 6.1uV 2mA 61nA 2V 61uV 20mA 610nA 5V 153uV 200mA 6.1uA 10V 305uV 2A 61uA 20V 610uV 10A 305uA 100V 3.05mV 40A 1.22mA 1000V 15mV General accuracy: 0.1% of Range to 0.5% + 10 pA/V General accuracy: 0.1% of Range to 0.5% of Range Power Requirements Operational Dimensions Width inches (cm) Depth inches (cm) Height inches (cm) AC single phase, 110 V, 6 A OR 220 V, 3 A 26(66) 24.5(62) 44.5(108) Cogent ATE Systems Corporation Room 705,SOHO Shangdu North Tower B No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, P.R.China Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax: +86(10)58850677 World Wide Web | www.CogentATE.com Cogent ATE is a registered trademark; the Cogent ATE logo and Leopard Series are trademarks of Cogent ATE Systems Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2008 Cogent ATE Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.