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Analog & Mixed-Signal Test System

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  1. 1. Low cost  New technology High performance Cogent ATE ™ A 100 Analog and Mixed-Signal Test System Easy and Affordable Multi-Site Testing Cogent ATE’s Leopard A Series Analog and Mixed-Signal Test System represents a transformational change in the testing of analog and mixed-signal ICs, a high-volume and cost-sensitive segment of semiconductor market where the test cost has become a growing percentage and sometimes the most significant part of the overall cost of manufacturing the device. Cogent ATE’s Leopard A Series Power Management Test System will give our customers, Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDM), fables semiconductor companies and Outsourced Assembly and Test (OSAT) significant cost advantage over their competitions. Cogent ATE’s strategy to reduce the cost-of-test is simple; higher throughput at a lower price. We achieved higher throughputs with practical quad-site wafer and final testing using Cogent ATE’s Floating Test Sites™ System Architecture. We designed our test system for low cost by using the latest electronics and by incorporating our proprietary embedded IP core technology, Tester-on-a-chip™, in our hardware. Target Devices Power MOSFET Floating Quad-Site Testing™ is Real and Guaranteed Operational Amplifiers True parallel testing of up to 4 device-under-test (DUT) sites is not only real but also Linear Regulators affordable with Cogent ATE’s Leopard Series Analog and Mixed-Signal Test System. For LDO Regulators our targeted device markets, quad-sites parallel testing is most economical and practical solution for both wafer and final tests. Turret based handlers, a popular choice for Voltage Reference discrete and power management devices are capable of quad-site testing. “Massive Parallel Battery Charger wafer testing is often unrealistic given the cost and technical issues in the interface PWM technology, i.e. probe card. DC-DC Audio CODEC We have achieved the lowest cost-of-test to date for the Discrete Power Semiconductor Audio DACs and Power Management IC markets by making Floating Quad-Site Testing™ a compelling Audio ADCs alternative to the non-floating single or dual site testers from our competitions. We intend Analog Switches to maintain this leadership by continuously improving test performance and lowering hardware cost.
  2. 2. Cogent ATE Series Leopard Summary Features Reliable and Repeatable Test Results by Design Reliable and repeatable multi-site testing requires floating resources with independent ground True parallel multi-site testing connections to avoid interference commonly associated with a common ground pathway. with Floating Quad-Site Testing architecture Cogent ATE’s Floating Test Sites™ (FTS) System Architecture provides electrical separation between individual test sites in automatic test equipment (ATE) by providing floating resources with Scale from Single to Multi-Site independent ground connections for each individual device under test (DUT) sites. This feature allows Testing automatically with Auto each device’s test results to remain isolated from the test results of other adjacent sites. This leads to Test Replication better test accuracies and fewer false rejects due to device-to-device interference errors. 48 Analog Channels and 32 In Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), the best path is the shortest path. All resources reside in the Digital Channels in a single test test head. An included full-featured manipulator then that brings the test head as close to the head Device-Under-Test (DUT)as possible for both wafer level and final test configurations. Standard full feature Guaranteed Multi-Site Testing manipulator for wafer level and Cogent ATE’s Automatic Test Replication™ (ATR) Technology allows a test solution to be scaled final test from single to multi-site with ease, i.e. with a click of button and without any risk. This technology eliminates the long and tedious routine of copying a single site test program, modifying it for SBC Industrial PC, Telescope multi-site testing and then debugging the new test program. Since all of our analog and digital mounting for Monitor and resource boards are Floating Quad-Site Testing™ ready, which means that the success of conversion from single to multi-site testing will not be left to chance, i.e. the skills of the test Keyboard on the manipulator engineer or the availability of floating resources. Our multi-site test solution are guaranteed to work for a compact and ergonomic since each individual test sites are running on identical sets of hardware that are electrically isolated test cell from each other. Wide Range of Target Devices By choosing from a wide range of resources, the Leopard A Series can test devices from several high-volume IC markets, such op-amps, MOSFETs, Power Management Devices, ADC, DAC and Audio CODEC. page 2 Cogent ATE Systems Corporation | Room 705, No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China | Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax:+86(10)58850677 | www.CogentATE.com
  3. 3. Cogent ATE Series       Leopard Higher Throughputs and Lower Capital Cost Templates for individual devices test are created We have achieved significant cost advantages over the automatically, allowing the user to focus on high-level traditional ATE vendors by using the latest electronics function calls to program devices and provide a and by incorporating our proprietary embedded IP core means to build family generic templates without technology, Tester-on-a-chip™, in our hardware. subsequent code changes .This environment Cogent ATE’s Tester-on-a-chip™ (ToC) is a collection provides the best features of template-driven of intellectual property (IP) cores that have been adapted programming and the fine control of procedural by Cogent ATE to add Automatic Test Equipment compiled commands. (ATE) related functions such as timing accuracy,   Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG), memory control, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) analysis, high-speed I/O capability, and jitter compliance. With the inclusion of a full-feature manipulator, Leopard A Series achieves close to zero footprint with most handlers and probers. Our choice of a Single Board Easy ATE™ to provide a graphical representation of Computer (SBC) based Industrial PC and the inclusion the hardware and give the user full control over of Monitor and Keyboard mounts on the manipulator device and instrument conditions. creates a compact and ergonomic test cell friendly to both engineers and operators. Powerful program editor.   Friendly Software for both IC design and Production environment Leopard A Series test system software Easy ATE™ has several industry-first features that are very useful for the debug and characterization of power ICs. In most ATEs a simple voltage force and current sense scenario may damage the ATE if the sensed current is large. Some ATEs try to dissipate the sense current with large heat sink. Cogent ATE’s patented technology allows the Data analysis and map-making. Power IC designer to observe a static sense a current as large as 2 Amp and 50 Volt. page 3 Cogent ATE Systems Corporation | Room 705, No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District,Beijing,China | Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax:+86(10)58850677 | www.CogentATE.com
  4. 4. Specifications     Instruments Description   Base MUX Multiplexer Relay Control MUX to control 96 relays on DUT board, Unit 100 mA Base QVM* Quad Voltage Measurement 4 channels, 16 bits ADC Converters Unit Base QTMU Quad Time Measurement Provides a wide range of interval and Unit frequency measurement, 5ns~200ms / 20Hz~10MHz (125ps resolution) Analog MVI* Medium Power V/I Source 4 channels, ± 20 V, ± 400 mA 2 channels, ± 20 V, ± 20 mA Analog DPVI* Dual Power V/I Source 2 channels, ± 50 V, ± 10A pulsed Analog QVI Quad V/I Source 4 channels, ± 40 V, ± 400 mA Analog MVB Multi Voltage Bias 8 channels, ± 20 V, ± 20 mA Digital DSS Digital Subsystem 32 channels, 10 MHz data rate, 512K Logic Vector Memory Mixed ACSM Alternating Current ACS, 4 channels, ± 10 V (p-p), 20 Hz – 2 Source/Measure Unit MHz ACM, 4 channels, ± 100 V measure unit with 400Ksps or 10 Msps       Configuration Restrictions .Operational Dimensions must contains one MUX Slot contains one QTMU Width inches (cm) Depth inches (cm) Height inches (cm) 24.5(62) 20.5(50) 42(102) Power Requirements AC single phase, 110 V, 20 A or 220 V, 10A Cogent ATE Systems Corporation Room 705,SOHO Shangdu North Tower B No.8 Dongdaqiao Road,Chaoyang District Beijing 100020, P.R.China Tel: +86(10)59000102 | Fax: +86(10)58850677 World Wide Web | www.CogentATE.com Cogent ATE is a registered trademark; the Cogent ATE logo and Leopard Series are trademarks of Cogent ATE Systems Corporation. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2008 Cogent ATE Systems Corporation. All rights reserved.