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  • Intro- prelude that sometimes you never know where a silly idea may take you http://cogdogblog.com/stuff/50ways
  • http://blabberize.com
  • http://twitter.com/spamstories
  • http://iwdrm.tumblr.com/post/12284715341/if-you-wake-up-at-a-different-time-in-a
  • “ One of the best ways to understand something is to create a story around it”
  • (wait for responses) Someone always says Elvis
  • So today I am going to talk some about web tools for creating stories, a lot of tools. If you want to go your own way, everything I can covering is at http://560ways.wikispaces.com/ This is the new version, updated from the original at http://50ways.wikispaces.com/
  • This 50 Ways had its roots for a workshop I planned for a trip I did in October 2007 to Australia (8 capital cities in 2 weeks, that’s another story). This year, I had been making use of Slideshare for presentations (show) and when they came out with the ability to attach and synch slides to audio, i thought- this so a great way to share stories. Then I saw this site called VoiceThreads (show) which was amazing (explain this voicethread) Also Slideshare- a tool many people know about, the “YouTube for Powerpoints” - like the video site, it takes large pieces of media, converts them to flash, and provides tools for making them easy to share in other web sites. At the same time I was thinking about Slideshare, Voicethread came out with the feature to synchronize a slideshow with audio. Seemed like another tool to create multimedia slideshows… And I knew of maybe 4 or 5 other tools for doing web presentations or slide shows with sounds. And I began to wonder, how many tools are there? 20? 30? ...50? My rules for inclusion are loose- the tool must allow you to create something from more than 1 media (images and text, images + sound, images +video + text); tool must be free, and it must be completely web based
  • At the same time, I had just watched the tribute to Paul Simon from the Library of Congress- one of the most gifted musicians in my book. And the song "50 Ways to Leave Your Lover" floated by, and I said to myself, I wonder if there are 50 different web tools out there... and that's how this idea was born. And the answer is-- there are more than 50, but also, as a meta lesson, this illistrated a concept I had been trying to articulate- that the web is really big (pause) No we know that, but is one a sprawling scale beyond human comprehension, like the effect we have standing at the edge of the Grand Canyon. No one can realy know it all, and if they make sweeping statements like, "Blogs are just diaries" or wikis are security risks -than question these statements, because there is no way for anyone to have seen every blog or wiki! Question any so-called expert who makes a sweeping generalization about anything on the net- cause they are liars
  • And since I was doing this as a workshop, I realized that if I found 50 tools, I'd have to know how to use them. And I got this really silly idea- what if I used the same media and story in every tool! I then wondered what I would use, and it would have to be well contained. And I remembered that a year or two ago I had done a video- voice over stills for the 60 second story contest, so I had a story and the media. I was on my way. http:// www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMp-Fl-sXrU http://cogdogblog.com/stuff/50ways/dominoe-mov.html
  • Part of the wiki is a page with all 50+ Dominoe stories, notes on the tools http://50ways,wikispaces.com/50/Dominoes
  • o in the workshop, I break it down into 3 easy chunks: (a) develop an idea (the hardest part); (b) find some media (use creative commons stuff; and (c) put it into a tool.
  • In workshop, can be challenge to get people to develop brief story ideas that can use. At this site, I provide a few suggestions including story prompts, links to images that might generate an idea. http://cogdogroo.wikispaces.com/StoryIdeas I also found a bad example helps. I found this version of Cinderella that a man in Ireland created to celebrate/mock the 20th anniversary of PowerPoint. I wont show it, but if you flip through the story on Slideshare http://bit.ly/cindy-ppt you will find endless unreadable bullet point slides, inscrutable diagrams, and it is just appaling (talk through Africa exmaple)
  • http://youtu.be/IG1ZkW_u_Bw
  • Next, if we have not done so, we acquire our media. My cardninal rule (usually broken) is thou shalt not use Google Image Search! Use Creative Commons resources or create your own
  • http://50ways.wikispaces.com/StoryMedia
  • Flickr cc search http://compfight.com
  • Use advanced Google Image search (highlighted box should be on “labeled for reuse” (not commetcial)
  • So NOW it is tool time. So here are the 50+ tools I had found (show). For each one, I provide a brief summary, I link to the story I created, in both linked and embedded versions. I also include examples of stories created with the tool, many of them done in my workshops or by participants after seeing this presentation.
  • http://50ways.wikispaces.com/StoryTools Groupings- slideshow tools, timeloine, map based, audio based, video, mixer, presentation There is not nearly enough time to show them all, so I am going to fly through a few that I felt were more useful. Please do NOT ask me to tell you the "best" tool as that is an impossible request, especially as they change, your needs vary, etc. Pick one. If it does not work, toss it.
  • http://50ways.wikispaces.com/Tools+By+Media
  • http://50ways.wikispaces.com/Teacher+Features
  • What is ds106?
  • Kind of like a party….
  • The main site
  • http://remix.ds106.us/generator/
  • http://remix.ds106.us/generator/
  • What mean ye storytelling

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    29. 29. The Hook
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    31. 31. Partial Revelation
    32. 32. Theres this danger of becoming too preciseand too revealing- its more powerful to holdsomething back than to show the wholepicture. The reason is that when you show thewhole picture there is no space left for theviewer to come into it. But when you leavesomething out, the viewer will fill that emptyspace with experience from their own life.They can end up resonating on a more deeperlevel with the thing when you give them thatspace to come in.Jonathan Harrishttp://www.greenplum.com/community/data-scientist-summit-2
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