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Being There


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Presentation for the 2010 CATS Online Conference (

How do we deal with the never ending onslaught of new technologies, resources, and media? How can we face this brave new world without a sense of dread? Is there an app for that? "Keeping up" is a myth, and the way of dealing with this is creating, sustaining, and being in your extended networks of friends, colleagues, and even people you don't know. Likewise, one cannot readily assess the value of new technology from the outside "looking in." This presentation will lead you through a range of examples of ways to practice more "being there-ness" so you can face the technology fire hose with a child-like sense of wonder.

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Being There

  1. 1. Being There in that unevenly distributed future Alan Levine The New Media Consortium
  2. 2. CATS and dogs! cc licensed flickr photo by chiarabenelli73:
  3. 3. Who is Chance?
  4. 4. Facing the Future... cc licensed flickr photo by Eisenvater
  5. 5. Or, Facing the Future... flickr photo by Jon Pawley
  6. 6. How Are You Managing the Flow of Info? cc licensed flickr photos by dogfaceboy and gennie catastrophe
  7. 7. You Know More than Me cc licensed flickr photos by paul goyette: and Matthew Field:
  8. 8. What I Don’t Have • magic tools • how to “fix” education • machine to slow time • cures for financial crisis cc licensed flickr photo by
  9. 9. Let’s Start with a Dumb Statement Strawberry School House, Arizona
  10. 10. The Internet is Really Big flickr photo by Foxicat
  11. 11. Google Stopped Counting modified from cc licensed Flickr photo by pacek
  12. 12. We s topped phing i n 2007 gra Technorati Stopped Counting Blogs
  13. 13. Measure by Daffodils
  14. 14.
  15. 15. how many daffodils?
  16. 16. Did you ever think there was a community for...?
  17. 17. Unknown Flowers
  18. 18. Tagged Unknown
  19. 19. Not Unknown
  20. 20. Amazing Serendipity
  21. 21. Expertise Can Have a Shelf Life
  22. 22. We know what you had for lunch
  23. 23. The dumbest thing I ever heard of
  24. 24. Outside Looking In flickr photo by diluvium
  25. 25. Twhistory
  26. 26. your.flowingdata
  27. 27. Such Tweet Sorrow
  28. 28. twistori
  29. 29. How twitter creates a social sixth sense “Twitter and other constant- contact media create social proprioception. They give a group of people a sense of itself, making possible weird, fascinating feats of coordination.” -- Clive Thomson, Wired June 2007 flickr photo by smallandround
  30. 30. Lesson from an Alpaca
  31. 31. cc licensed flickr photos shared by studiosush, xrrr, libraryman Identify the Reflex
  32. 32. Information Overload? cc licensed flickr photo by dylanroscover:
  33. 33. Clay Shirky: It's Not Information Overload. It's Filter Failure. Web 2.0 Expo, 2008 1277460/
  34. 34. cc licensed flickr photos shared by El Bibliomata and strangejourney Filter, filters, filters...
  35. 35. RSS: the only time saver
  36. 36. Let Google Alert You
  37. 37. Make Your Own Google
  38. 38. Sift Data
  39. 39. Follow Delicious Tags
  40. 40. Follow 15,000 on twitter? don’t read them all!
  41. 41. Filter Twitter into RSS
  42. 42. Readtwit in my Reader
  43. 43. People Are Filters flickr photo by dogfaceboy cartoon by Hugh MacLeod (
  44. 44. Stephen Downes
  45. 45. Alec Couros
  46. 46. Judy O’Connell
  47. 47. Larry Ferlazzo
  48. 48. Jane Hart
  49. 49. Be There!