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Digital education revolution_–_nsw


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Published in: Technology, Education
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Digital education revolution_–_nsw

  1. 1. Digital EducationRevolution – NSW Coffs Harbour High School
  2. 2. Welcome Welcome to the parent information session introducing the DER program at Coffs Harbour High. Tonight we will cover the following topics:  Program background.  The laptops.  Usage in the classroom.  Program requirements.  Support arrangements.
  3. 3. DER – NSW. What is it? The Digital Education Revolution is the fulfilment of an election promise made by Kevin Rudd in the lead up to the last federal election to provide all students from years 9 to 12 with access to a computer. A federally funded initiative implemented by relevant state authorities (i.e. DET-NSW) Laptops rolled out each year to students in year 9, starting in 2009 Laptops also rolled out to staff. Includes major infrastructure upgrades, teacher training and support networks.
  4. 4. DER NSW – Coffs Harbour Laptops have arrived and have been commissioned Rollout to students will occur on Thursday 1st March 2012 Students away will be caught up over the next couple of days Process is fairly well established, so few problems expected. TSO Introduction – Scott Heterick / Daniel Darwin
  5. 5. The Laptops
  6. 6. Laptops - Hardware ThinkPad X130E - Journey Latest Generation Intel Processor 4GB RAM 320GB hard drive HDMI port Card Reader
  7. 7. Laptops - Software Microsoft Windows 7 Microsoft Office Productivity Suite Adobe CS5 Suite (Web Premium) Filtered internet  No Facebook, Youtube, or Twitter  These arent considered software for learning Much more! See digitaleducationrevolutionnsw/entry/dernsw_2012_device_update
  8. 8. Laptops – Supporting Infrastructure Wireless access points (WAP’s) installed throughout the school  All learning spaces have access  Based on wireless N. Secure, reliable and fast! Backup is the students responsibility  MyLocker available. Must be synchronised regularly.  Otherwise use a USB key or external drive.
  9. 9. Laptops – Care and Safety Wetsuit based cover - also laptop has a much more rugged body  Offers good protection  Won’t stand up to mistreatment  Laptops must be ‘shutdown’ before being placed inside. Anti-theft technology  Laptop can be disabled remotely if lost or stolen. Safe usage at home  E.g. Don’t sit laptop on a pillow. Bring to school fully charged. Easily fits in a student’s bag. Must be brought to school fully charged.  Make charging part of your routine. Guides for safe usage are available. See the TSO.
  10. 10. In the Classroom Provide unprecedented opportunity for collaboration.  Not just within a class group. Perhaps regional, national or even international collaboration is possible. Policies in place for appropriate use.  Ergonomics  Safe surfing & web filtering. Teachers have undertaken professional learning
  11. 11. In the Classroom Monday 5th March 2012 - Laptop Training Day  File Management  Making the most of Office 2010  Moodle & other Web 2 tools  OneNote  Better Searching and Referencing 
  12. 12. The User Charter An agreement between the student, parents/carers and the school regarding use and care of the laptop. Must be signed by both parents/guardians AND students before a laptop can be issued.
  13. 13. User Charter – Discussion / Q&A
  14. 14. Laptop Management If a laptop is stolen...  Report to the TSO.  Complete an incident report.  Obtain a police report.  Deliver to the Principal/HT .  A laptop can be temporarily loaned to the student.  Stolen laptops will be disabled.
  15. 15. Laptop Management If a laptop is lost...  Report to TSO.  Complete an incident report.  Fill out a statutory declaration.  Report to Principal/HT.  Temporary loans of spare laptops may be available.
  16. 16. Laptop Management If a laptop isn’t working...  Report to TSO.  TSO will diagnose and fix if possible.  Otherwise will co-ordinate with vendors.  Malicious or accidental damage is NOT covered by warranty.  Temporary loans of spare laptops may be available.
  17. 17. Questions?