Spring Cleaning Checklist


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By this time, many of us are tired of the snow and are wishing for warm,
sunny weather. But before it comes, let's cure the winter blues by cleaning up
our house and getting it ready for spring. Here is a handy checklist.

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Spring Cleaning Checklist

  1. 1. Spring Cleaning ChecklistBrought to you by Old Fashioned Homemaking Graphic by Cheryl Seslar Designs
  2. 2. By this time, many of us are tired of the snow and are wishing for warm,sunny weather. But before it comes, lets cure the winter blues by cleaning upour house and getting it ready for spring. Here is a handy checklist.Pick a DayIf you keep waiting for time to get to your spring cleaning, its likely that youllstill be waiting in July. Instead, choose a day to get started. If its going to takemore than one day, then make it a weekly thing for a while.Set aside a few hours, and designate an area where youll temporarily stashitems you want to get rid of. Then put a date on your calendar when youlldrop it off, haul it away, sell it or whatever. This is important, becauseotherwise the stuff may sit there for a long time.Pick a RoomIts usually easier to start with a particular room (or even an area of a room)than tackle the whole house at once. Then, you can modify the followingchecklists for each room to fit your particular home.1. Living RoomHere are some living room springtime chores, working from top to bottom:  Brush cobwebs from ceiling corners  Dust and vacuum ceiling fans  Wash inside of windows  Wash curtains and window treatments
  3. 3.  Clean out magazine racks and bookshelves  Dust lamps and light fixtures  Clean and dust decorative objects like vases, mirrors, and wall art  Wash area rugs and mop wood floors; shampoo wall-to-wall carpet  Polish wooden furniture  Clean upholstery2. BathroomIn the bathroom, its mostly about cleaning:  Clean toilet; treat septic tank if you have one  Clean sink and faucet  Scrub bathtub and fixtures  Wash shower curtain or wash glass shower doors  Launder area rugs and bathmats  Wash mirror(s)  Clean out drawers and cabinets and get rid of old makeup, shampoo, etc.  Mop floors3. KitchenThe kitchen can get pretty cluttered and crazy! Try these steps to clean it up:  Clean out cabinets - throw out old food, condiments, etc. and wipe out the insides of the cabinets before replacing the items youre keeping  Clean out the pantry the same way - throw out old foodstuffs and wipe down the shelves and walls. Organize the items you want to keep.  Clean out the refrigerator, and wipe down all the shelves. Dont forget to wipe down the outside of the fridge.  Clean behind the fridge  Wash glass lighting fixtures and dust ceiling fans, lights, and so forth
  4. 4.  Use white vinegar or commercial product to clean dishwasher  Wash area rugs  Mop floor4. BedroomsFor kids and adults, bedrooms need a thorough cleaning this time of year.  Wash bedding  Wash windows, curtains and window treatments  Clean out closets - go through clothes and give away or sell what doesnt fit or what you dont want  Vacuum and/or sweep away cobwebs and floor dust  Wash area rugs and/or shampoo wall-to-wall carpet; mop wood floors  For kids, go through toys and get rid of old ones; reorganize remaining toys5. Dining RoomSome homes have a dining room, and whether its used often or not, its not abad idea to give it a thorough cleaning.  Polish wooden table, chairs, and other furnishings  Clean and, if necessary, repaint chair rails and molding  Wash china and other items in cabinets  Clean curtains and window treatments  Shampoo carpet or launder area rugs  Clean light fixtures and/or ceiling fans