Old Fashioned Homemaking Digest Volume 2


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Weekly digest of articles from Old Fashioned Homemaking, October 1 through October 5, 2012

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Old Fashioned Homemaking Digest Volume 2

  1. 1. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingOld Fashioned Homemaking DigestVolume 2 If you like sending Christmas cards out to your friends and This is the weekly digest of articles from http:// family, then don’t wait until the last few weeks before getting www.oldfashionedhomemaking.com. They are dated them ready. As soon as you see cards in the shops, buy some October 1 through October 5, 2012. that you like and start writing them out. You can have them all signed and ready to go well before send-out time, leaving you with less on your mind as the season approaches.5 Ways to Prepare for the 5. Stock Up On IngredientsChristmas Season in October If you like making special treats for holidays such as cakes and5 Ways to Prepare for the Christmas Season in October is a other baked goodies, then buy up the ingredients you needpost from: Old Fashioned Homemaking now. As holidays approach, the things you want are going to be more in demand and may not be as easy to find. Once you’veEven though we go through it every year, preparing for the got the ingredients you need, start baking early. Some cakesholidays can still be a daunting task – especially for whoever need a couple of months to mature before they’re ready to eat,takes most responsibility for running the household. There are so make sure you get these ready well ahead of time.lots of things that need doing, and it can sometimes be difficultto remember what these are, let alone what action is required.This short list gives you a few pointers that should set you Gingerfolk graphic by Trina Clark of http://on your way to a smooth and comparatively relaxing holiday www.digiscrapkits.comseason! Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready Get Your Kitchen Holiday Ready is a post from: Old Fashioned Homemaking1. Set Your BudgetFirst and foremost, if you haven’t already, you need to figureout what your budget for holiday expenses is. If you don’tthink your budget is big enough, don’t fret, there are still a fewmonths for you to save a few more bucks.2. Make An Action PlanGive some thought to the things you need to do (some of whichare included below). Once you’ve figured out the essentials, (Family Features) Millions of Americans will be taking tomake a rough timetable that gives deadlines for each task. You the road this holiday season and odds are some of them arecan mark this onto a household calendar to serve as a reminder coming to your home. All of those extra houseguests meanand help you to keep on top of preparation tasks. added kitchen clutter and a sink filled with a plethora of pots,3. Start Getting Presents Now pans and plates. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, you’ll want to make sure the space remains warm, invitingFor most, holidays are a time of giving, and this usually comes and sparkling clean during the holiday season. Here are somein the form of presents. Don’t waste any time – if you’re going quick tips to help you get your kitchen ready for friends andto get presents for family and friends, start buying them right family:now! If you’re short on ideas, then ask your kids, friends, andfamily to give you some suggestions. The key is not to leave Countertops – Keep countertops clutter free by doing a quickpresent-buying right up until the last minute. This saves all the clearing off. Grab a laundry basket and fill it with those piledstressful and unnecessary rush, and also helps to ensure you up papers and magazines, school projects, and miscellaneouscan get the gifts you really want for your children. items that are taking up precious counter space. After the hubbub of the holiday season has died down, you can sort4. Write Your Christmas Cards through the basket and determine where all the items should be stored. 1
  2. 2. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingOnce the counters have been cleared, it’s time to wipe (ARA) – As the leaves turn and fall to the ground, it’s timeeverything down. And don’t forget about those usually unseen to start thinking about “buttoning up” your home for winterspots – move appliances, cookbooks and displays so you can to keep you and your family healthy and comfortable, yourclean underneath them, rather than just around them. Keep in belongings safe and high energy costs at bay.mind that if you have granite countertops, you need to use apH-neutral stone cleaner. Soap, abrasive cleaners or cleanerswith citrus can damage granite.Sink – A kitchen may look spic and span, but one stinky spongecan easily mask all your hard work. The new “Dirty DishesDilemma” survey by Palmolive® reveals that close to nineout of ten households (86 percent) have encountered a badsmelling sponge, and almost everyone surveyed (94 percent)said they felt this particular odor impacts their kitchen’s Heating accounts for 34 percent of all annual utility usage,cleanliness most. according the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). One of the most cost-effective ways to improve the energyHelp keep guests’ noses from crinkling by ensuring bad smells efficiency and comfort of your home is to seal and insulate theare kept at bay. One way you can do that is with the dual-action “envelope” – outer walls, windows, doors and roof. By doingformula of Ultra Palmolive® Dish and Sponge FreshTM Dish so, ENERGY STAR estimates that a homeowner can save upLiquid, which washes away odor-causing residue on sponges to 20 percent on heating and cooling costs, the equivalent towhile its cleaning action helps remove stuck-on food. Dishes lowering up to 10 percent of total energy costs for the year.are left sparkling clean and sponges are left smelling fresh. Here are a few ways to keep you and your family healthy, yourAnother way to help keep your sponge smelling fresh? belongings safe and help lower your heating bill:Properly clean your sponges by removing remaining foodparticles and thoroughly rinsing your sponge after using the Preventing the draftdish liquid. Old, drafty windows and doors can account for home energyShiny surfaces also enhance a kitchen’s atmosphere. Splotches loss of up to 30 percent, according to the EPA, whichand stains are a common sink surface menace even with means paying more in the winter to heat your home. Bydaily cleaning. Use an eraser-type sponge and an all-purpose replacing non-performing windows and doors, homeownerscleanser to remove them. You can also try cleaning stains with can drastically reduce heating costs. A typical home thatbaking soda. replaces its single-paned, clear glass windows with energy- efficient windows can realize up to $501 in annual savings,Refrigerator - Entertaining during the holiday season according to the EPA.inevitably leads to lots of leftovers. Make sure shelves aren’tfilled with any food that is past their prime by looking through “Windows are a great source of natural light, and a greatyour refrigerator every few days. Don’t forget to clean the bins way to admire the picturesque snow-covered trees and lawnsand door shelves, too. Another way to keep the fridge smelling while avoiding the brisk winter air; however, they can also befresh is by opening a box of baking soda and storing it on a the site of the biggest energy efficiency offender,” says Davidshelf – this will help absorb any lingering odors. Harrison, chief marketing officer of Champion Windows, one of the nation’s leading home improvement companies. “ByKeep the outside of the refrigerator as sparkling as the inside installing our Comfort 365 Windows, homeowners can watchby wiping down exposed surfaces. Door handles and edges can their heating bills drop and rid their homes of cold drafts.”get grimy so pay attention to those areas. Additionally, old or improperly installed siding can also be theCreating a warm and inviting kitchen space for the upcoming cause of drafts. However, by installing new, energy-efficientseason doesn’t have to be time consuming. A little bit of vinyl siding and underlayment, homeowners can increase aelbow grease now will get your kitchen ready for the frenzy of homes’ R-Value, a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heatfestivities ahead. traveling through it.Learn more about all of the Ultra Palmolive® dish liquid “Installing energy-efficient siding can help insulate your homeofferings at www.palmolive.com. against the cold, reduce the amount of air flow into yourPhoto courtesy of Getty Images house, and make it easier to keep warm air in the winter,” saysSOURCE: Harrison.Palmolive However, even the best windows, doors and siding can be drafty, if they are poorly installed. So it’s important to makeButton Up Your Home for sure your home improvement is completed by a quality contractor who has a long history of being in the business soWinter you can be sure they will be around if you have any issues down the road.Button Up Your Home for Winter is a post from: OldFashioned Homemaking Prevent moistureContractors’ slow season makes fall a great time to embark Water leakage from snow, ice and rain can cause damageon home improvement projects. to the exterior and interior of your home. This can result 2
  3. 3. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingin costly damage to framing, structure and insulation, more of classic novels. Take some time away from your busyimportantly it can cause issues – like mold – that can be schedule to revisit some of these books before they hitharmful to the health of your family. the big screen. Throw a few logs into the fireplace, put on your warmest sweater and relax with a good story,The roof is often the site of leaks in homes; however, by whether you’re reading it for the first or 20th time.installing a new roof and taking the proper precautions, leakswon’t be a problem, especially with Champion’s Comfort 365 • Take a walk. There’s no better way to take in the sights,Roof System, which uses a flexible, self-healing barrier in all smells and sounds of fall than being surrounded by theleak vulnerable areas and is guaranteed with a limited lifetime season. Enjoy the vibrant colors of leaves changing, thewarranty. familiar smell of smoky bonfires and children jumping“Your home will settle and shift over time and extreme weather into massive leaf piles. It is the perfect time for longcan be an issue,” says Harrison. “It is important to have walks because temperatures aren’t overbearingly hotbarriers to provide protection against leaks caused by roof and the humidity levels are much more tolerable. Dresssetting and extreme weather. Unlike many companies who appropriately for the cooler weather and see what funonly use this on the north side of a home or treat it as you can have outside.an upgrade, Champion uses a flexible, self-healing barrieranywhere your home’s roof joins and at all attachment points.” • Help others. Fall is an excellent time to direct your energies and donations toward nonprofit organizations.Other ways to improve the seal of your home to prevent For example, October is Breast Cancer Awarenessmoisture damage, drafts and improve energy efficiency Month, and you can participate in a fundraiser for anyinclude: breast cancer organization or donate funds during this special month. Old London is helping to find a cure by • Sealing leaks donating 75 cents to breast cancer research for each proof • Adding insulation of purchase from any of its products received through Feb. 6, 2013. Enter the UPC at oldlondonfoods.com. • Sealing ducts • Harvest fall fun. Visit a local apple orchard or pumpkin“Now is the perfect time to make these improvements,” says patch. Apple trees are heavily laden with crisp andHarrison. “Since it’s the offseason, homeowners can find great delicious apples this time of year. Head out to an orcharddeals and attractive financing to ‘button up’ your home for to pluck the perfectly grown fruits off trees bearingwinter.” your favorite variety of apples. Or take children on a ride at a pumpkin farm. Let them run through theFor more energy saving window, door, siding and roof patch, inspecting every pumpkin for their perfect carvingtips, check out the U.S. Department of Energy’s website or creation.Champion Window’s site www.ChampionFactoryDirect.com. • Feed your autumnal appetite. All of fall’s excitingCelebrate Autumn with These activities will leave members of your family feeling voracious. Warm them up – and create a delicious smellFun Activities for the Whole in your house – with a bowl of homemade soup. ThisFamily simple recipe for Chicken Soup and Crackers is destined to become a fall staple.Celebrate Autumn with These Fun Activities for the WholeFamily is a post from: Old Fashioned Homemaking Chicken Soup and Crackers(ARA) – Fall is often considered the coziest of seasons. Not Ingredients:too hot, but not too cold, there is something about the vibrant 4 cups low-sodium chicken broth or homemade chicken stockcolors of leaves and crisp air that make you want to pull on a 1 (3-pound) chicken, cooked and de-boned, then skinned andsweater and take in all this season has to offer. pulled 1 medium yellow onion, peeled and cut into large chunks 2 carrots, peeled and cut into large chunks 2 stalks celery, cut into large chunks 1 bay leaf 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1/4 teaspoon turmericCelebrate all the scents and sounds of the fall with a few tips Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper to tasteto make the most of this beautiful season: 1 box of frozen okra • Reread a classic. Cozy up with a classic book. A few of the 1 box Melba Snacks Spicy 3 Pepper most anticipated upcoming feature films are adaptations 3
  4. 4. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingDirections: Olshevski recommends concentrating on three design elements in order to accommodate changing needs over aPlace broth in a 3 quart sauce pan. Add the onion, carrots, lifetime:celery, bay leaf, thyme, turmeric, salt, and pepper and simmeruntil vegetables are very tender. • Adaptability. Is your home flexible and functional forAdd chicken pieces and frozen okra, and boil for 5 minutes. family and friends now and in the future? For example, if you’re installing a new bathroom sink, you mightTo serve, place Melba Snacks Spicy 3 Pepper into bowls and consider storage space in the cabinet underneath. Youcover them with soup. Garnish with parsley. may also want to make sure the cabinet opening is atThe fall months are a perfect time to enjoy spending time with least 36 inches wide, which allows a wheel chair to slidefamily and getting outside to enjoy the final warm days of the in between the doors when open and makes the sinkyear. For additional recipes, visit Old London on Facebook at accessible to all. Or, if you’re installing new kitchenwww.facebook.com/OldLondonFoods. countertops, think about choosing a design with multiple heights to increase flexibility and comfort for things suchBoomers – Shifting Household as standing for food preparation or sitting to check for recipes on the computer.Needs Create Home Design • Ease. Any components you add to your home should beOpportunities easy to use. For example, improvements like pull-out drawers for easy access in kitchens and bathrooms canBoomers – Shifting Household Needs Create Home Design help make reaching for items easier. If you’re replacingOpportunities is a post from: Old Fashioned Homemaking door handles or faucets, opt for lever style handles that(ARA) – Boomers expect to stay in their homes and live are easier to turn.independently into their later years, but in the midst of changethat is occurring in their households, it’s easy for them to lose • Openness. Open floor plans are becoming more thefocus on planning for their own future housing needs. trend, but it’s not just for style reasons. More open space means additional room to maneuver, eliminating obstacles for those who have mobility challenges. Improvements like rounding edges on countertops can also help eliminate sharp objects that could cause injury. Recognizing both that people are living longer and wish to remain in their homes, and seeing the types of transitions that families have gone through over the past few years, The Hartford has dedicated a section of its website to helpingNew research by The Hartford shows that 40 percent of people make their homes more livable across a lifetime,boomers have experienced or anticipate experiencing family meeting the needs of every age and everyone. More resourcesmember changes in and out of the home, mostly related to for getting your home ready for the rest of your life can betheir children. However, 70 percent of boomers have not made found at www.thehartford.com/lifetime.design changes to their living space, perhaps due to the factthat they don’t know if their children will move back home,notes Jodi Olshevski, gerontologist at The Hartford. Changes Should You Winterize Yourthat increase your home’s livability allow you to stay in your Pet?home longer and make living easy for people of all ages, sizes Should You Winterize Your Pet? is a post from: Old Fashionedand abilities. Homemaking“Most of us want to stay in our homes as we age, which (ARA) – The arrival of autumn signals many changes in theoften requires making the design choices to help us do that,” household, from switching from salads to soups to pullingsays Olshevski. Moving, remodeling or simply redecorating, sweaters out of storage to changing furnace filters. With pets,all present opportunities to incorporate design factors that however, you may need to think as much about what you don’tmake your home comfortable and safe for everyone you change as what you do.care about, from small children to older individuals. Whilea life transition might cause you to halt your plans forimprovements, Olshevski recommends taking the oppositeapproach and using it as an opportunity to incorporate moreaccessible design into the home.By following the principles of universal design – what’s goodfor people of all ages, sizes and abilities – you can make sureyour home is more livable across your lifetime, and can standup to any life changes that come your way. 4
  5. 5. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking I couldn’t sleep last night, so my mind turned to food! I decided that today I would search the internet to see if you could make bread in a crock pot. The first place I found was http:// busymomsmenuplan.blogspot.com. I found three wonderful recipes on her site that I had to share with you. Simple Bread DoughChicago veterinarian Dr. Shelly Rubin is well acquainted withthe dramatic temperature swings that accompany the changeof seasons, as well as how to help pets and owners cope withthem. Following is his list of fall do’s and don’ts for pet owners. • Don’t “fall” off the exercise wagon. With days getting Source: busymomsmenuplan.blogspot.com via Old Fashioned shorter – and cooler – it can be tempting to skip your on Pinterest early morning or evening walk. But with more than half of all pets in the U.S. being overweight or obese, exercise Crockpot Bread is vital. A daily walk, or several shorter walks, can rev the metabolism of both two- and four-legged walkers for hours. • Do ensure your pet is outfitted for cooler weather. Small, light-bodied breeds, dogs with very short hair and older dogs with weakened immune systems are likely to need a sweater when venturing outside. And once cold and snowy weather sets in, dogs may require protective footwear to keep their paw pads from freezing. • Don’t assume that cooler weather eliminates the threat Source: busymomsmenuplan.blogspot.com via Old Fashioned of diseases like heartworm, which are spread by infected on Pinterest mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have been known to survive well into the winter months, thanks to indoor havens and protected microclimates existing within larger, cooler Homemade Pasta Without a Pasta Maker climate zones. For this reason, the American Heartworm Society recommends year-round heartworm protection for both dogs and cats. • Do ensure your senior pet has a warm, draft-free place to sleep. Many older dogs and cats suffer from arthritis. Just as sore joints in people tend to feel worse in cold weather, so it is with pets. A warm cozy bed can make nights – and mornings – more comfortable. • Do be sensitive to your pets’ feelings if fall brings changes to your household. Just like people, pets can get depressed. And if you’re missing a son or daughter who has moved away to start college or a job, chances are your family pet is also feeling the loss. Spending time with Source: busymomsmenuplan.blogspot.com via Old Fashioned your pet and giving him an extra measure of cuddling and on Pinterest affection will help both of you feel better. I plan to try these as soon as I get the ingredients. I may evenCrockpot Bread and Easy have everything already on hand. Hope you enjoy these!Homemade NoodlesCrockpot Bread and Easy Homemade Noodles is a post from:Old Fashioned Homemaking 5
  6. 6. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking part of your appliance shopping, you won’t miss out on greatRebates 101: Five Steps To savings.Finding Free MoneyRebates 101: Five Steps To Finding Free Money is a post from: Cheesy Potato BallsOld Fashioned Homemaking Cheesy Potato Balls is a post from: Old Fashioned(NAPSI)–Good news for homeowners looking to upgrade their Homemakinghouse without seriously downgrading their finances: Product A very unusual starter, but a bit of a difference is alwaysrebates are available for many kinds of energy-efficient home good. This starter will please anyone. The soft potato textureappliances. combines perfectly with the melting cheese. This dish should be served warm.Why? The government and utilities both want consumers touse less energy, and one way they hope to influence peopleis by offering incentives to purchase more energy-efficient Ingredientsmodels. For a homeowner, that means saving more on the 2 potatoesinitial purchase and on monthly utility bills. 1 cup cheddar cheeseHow? Try these tips: Salt and pepper to taste1. Check with your utility company. Electric companiesoften offer rebates on energy-efficient products. Visit their 3 cups oil to frywebsite and search for a listing of available rebates byappliance category, along with the qualification, incentive 1/2 tsp. paprikaand application. If you can’t find information online, call thecustomer service number listed on your last bill. Directions2. Research government rebates. Government programs such 1. Boil some water and add the potatoes in it.as the ENERGY STAR rebate locator let you enter your zip code 2. When the potatoes are boiled, mash them and add salt,and type of appliance at www.energystar.gov to find special pepper, and paprika.offers. 3. Mash well.3. Search the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & 4. Take a lump on your hand and make it into a shape of a ball,Efficiency (DSIRE) website, www.dsireusa.org, for residential now press the edges so it becomes flat.rebates and incentives in your state. 5. Shape it into a well shape so you can fill it in with the cheese.4. Look for in-store signage. Signs and brochures next toappliance displays often outline available offers and some 6. When your shape is right, add the grated cheese into it andstore personnel are trained to relay available rebates. cover the ball so the cheese does not show.5. Visit manufacturer websites. Some appliance 7. Heat the oil on medium heat and add the balls into the oil.manufacturers make it even easier to locate rebates through 8. Fry them until they are a nice golden brown color.easy-to-use online search functions. For example, GEAppliances’ Rebate Finder lets you enter your zip codeand the appliance you’re shopping for to view a list of Year-Round Backyard Safetyrebates and immediately download rebate applications. Visitwww.geappliances.com/rebates_promotions to learn more, Tips for Familiesincluding how you might be able to earn money for recycling Year-Round Backyard Safety Tips for Families is a post from:your old model. To make rebate and appliance research as easy Old Fashioned Homemakingas possible, a rebate finder is located on every appliance modelpage. (ARA) – Your backyard is a space where you enjoy quality time with your family – from running around with your kids in theRebates can help you save a considerable amount of money fall leaves to playing catch with your furry friend in the snow.when it comes to appliance purchases. By making research a 6
  7. 7. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingIt’s a place to escape, but remember accidents can happen • Eliminate access to lawn equipment and chemicals. Putanywhere at any time, and just like you childproof your house, these items completely out of the reach of children.you need to ensure your backyard is safe as well. • Keep a first aid kit and a rescue kit for those backyards with water features easily accessible. Your backyard can be one of the most exciting places for your children through the entire year. A little prevention along the way will keep it safe and provide wonderful memories for your family. Look for D&D Technologies rust free gate hardware and child safety latches at www.ddtechglobal.com or under the StanleyKeeping your backyard safe begins with your fence. A yard Hardware brand through Lowe’s.without a fence is a little like a house without walls. Fenceshelp protect children from danger, keeping toddlers out ofswimming pools, hot tubs and ponds or keeping them in the Outsmart Hunger with 3 Easyyard, away from busy traffic or strangers. Fences can alsohelp keep your own pets in your yard, and other animals Tipsout. They can reduce your liability by preventing injuries to Outsmart Hunger with 3 Easy Tips is a post from: Olduninvited guests on your property, or damage or injury caused Fashioned Homemakingby escaped pets. (ARA) – As the leaves change and the air turns crisp, it can“A good weekend winterizing project is making sure your be tempting to indulge in delicious food favorites and hidefences and gates are functioning properly and are protected those few extra pounds under a thick wool sweater. But youfrom rust, a destructive force that can render gate hardware shouldn’t have to choose between sticking with your weightuseless or dangerous,” says Jim Paterson, senior vice president management plan and enjoying satisfying and delicious foods.of D&D Technologies, which manufactures gate latches and There are some easy and tasty tricks to having your cake andhinges made of ultra-strong engineering polymers. “In our eating it too.research, we found that when homeowners consider theirfencing needs, rusty metal gate hardware that no longerfunctions properly or becomes a threat to children wastheir top concern. Rust-free and adjustable gate hardware isavailable.”Seasonal weather, ground settling and other factors can causea gate to become misaligned over time and not functionproperly. It’s important to have gate hardware that can beeasily adjusted to overcome this. TruClose self-closing, tension “For those looking to manage their weight, protein and fiberadjustable hinges are an ideal solution. Some models are filled foods are helpful to feeling full longer. Typical proteinvertically and horizontally adjustable as well. Combined with options like Greek yogurt and eggs are not good sources ofD&D adjustable, locking gate latches will ensure your gate will fiber. One option, Kellogg’s Special K Protein Plus cereal, hasalways function properly. 10 grams of protein and also three grams of fiber. Special KAdditional precautions to take when childproofing your also offers tasty meal bars and shakes to take with you on thebackyard: go to help avoid those tempting cupcakes at the office,” says registered dietitian Sylvia Melendez-Klinger. • Tighten and cover any protruding bolts on swing sets and do not attach ropes or cords, which could become Melendez-Klinger shares her tips on ways to outsmart hunger: strangulation hazards. • Get those greens. Filling up on low-calorie, nutrient- • Remove old tree stumps and rocks, level concrete dense vegetables are a great way to incorporate vitamins footings to avoid tripping. and minerals into your diet – and help fill you up at the same time. Not a salad lover? Integrating veggies into • Seal wooded items such as decks, swing sets and picnic your diet can be as easy as topping your sandwich with tables before inclement weather sets in. spinach and peppers or baking chicken with carrots and onions. • Completely fence pool and spa areas with adjustable self-closing hinges like TruClose and self-latching gates, • Protein packs a punch. Choosing foods with protein will ensuring latches are out of the reach of children such as help you feel full longer. “I love options like Special K the Magnalatch Safety Gate Latch. Both products carry a Protein cereal, bars and shakes, which provide a winning lifetime warranty and are adjustable both vertically and combination of 10 grams of protein and up to five grams horizontally for quick and easy adjustments. of fiber to help you satisfy hunger longer,” comments Melendez-Klinger. 7
  8. 8. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking • Pump up the produce. Adding seasonal produce to each regularly coming through the school’s dry storage area, Joe meal is another flavorful and delicious way watch the encourages the students to use the earliest bought, or oldest, scale. While summer may be best known for bringing goods first. “The tendency is to go for the freshest or A+ fresh produce options to the table, fall ushers in a new product when the A grade item will do,” he says. “You don’t group of colorful and nutrient-dense varieties of its own, want to let perfectly usable goods go to waste.” like apples, yams, beets, pumpkins and carrots. Burn Stock up some extra calories by walking to your local farmer’s market to buy fresh, local options. Once you have a handle on what you are buying and how you are consuming it, it is time to stock up.Special K Protein products can be found now in the snack, Schreiber proposes buying high-quality essentials andcereal and sports nutrition aisles of grocery, convenience purchasing goods in bulk. “Buy the highest quality staples youand drug stores nationwide. For more information about can afford,” recommends Schreiber. For example, six poundshow Special K can help you outsmart hunger, visit of a good butter can last you a solid five months. Other itemswww.SpecialK.com/ProteinEffect. where quality counts and the products can endure include oils, vinegars, salts, dried herbs and spices. “When possible, buyRevamp Your Pantry to Save dry goods in bulk too,” he adds. Grains, rice, legumes and pastas are all good products to shop for in a food store’s bulkMoney and Avoid Waste department.Revamp Your Pantry to Save Money and Avoid Waste is a post To store the loose pasta or grains, look for containers withfrom: Old Fashioned Homemaking a lower environmental footprint. “Using glass, metal and(ARA) – For a basic green living project with benefits to your ceramics is the easiest solution,” says Chris Stanley, anwallet and the environment, consider revamping the kitchen Industrial Design instructor at The Art Institute of Seattle.pantry. The cupboard is the starting point for most kitchen Stanley, who has taught courses on the history of industrialactivity and is more than just a storage space. Develop good design and in materials and manufacturing, adds “choosebuying habits and build a strong foundation and you can avoid something classic in design so you won’t be tempted to throwthe waste of food and money. Here’s how to tackle the task at it out in two years. Or, you can re-use glass jars and that fruitonce or little by little. cake tin your aunt sends you each year.” Not only is buying in bulk less expensive, but less packaging means less energy used to create the materials and less garbage to throw away – all of which are more friendly to the environment. How to Decode Pet Food LabelsAssess How to Decode Pet Food Labels is a post from: Old Fashioned HomemakingWhen you are not in a rush to whip up a family meal or putaway loads of groceries, take some time to really look at the (Family Features) Pet owners want the very best for theiritems in your pantry. What is in front? What is hidden in the animals, but it can be hard to choose the right food. Withback? What’s used most frequently? What is expired? hundreds of pet food products available, how do you decide what’s best for your pet? It’s smart to start with the label –“Be more aware of your consumption habits,” suggests Cory but labels can be confusing if you don’t know what to look for.Schreiber, a chef instructor at The International Culinary Here’s what you need to know.School at The Art Institute of Portland. This awareness is asimple step to greener living. “Avoid impulse purchases by What you need to know to make the rightbeing more mindful of the emotions that can be involved in food choices for your petsfood shopping,” he adds. “Not only do you avoid waste thisway, but conscious consumption is more cost effective too.”UtilizeAnother cost-effective method that Joshua Joe, storeroommanager at The International Culinary School at TheArt Institute of California – Los Angeles, a campus ofArgosy University, recommends is a common inventory andaccounting process used by schools, hotels and other foodservice providers. “Practicing a first-in, first-out method ofconsuming your pantry goods is a true way to save moneyand prevent food waste,” says Joe, who purchases the school’sfood supplies. With approximately 500 culinary arts students 8
  9. 9. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingPet Food Names Guaranteed AnalysesSo what’s in a product name? More than you might think. By law, pet food packaging must show the minimumAccording to the manual produced by The Association of percentages of crude protein and fat, as well as the maximumAmerican Feed Control Officials (AAFCO), if a pet food name percentages of crude fiber and moisture in the product. This issays: not an indication of the actual nutrient content or a guarantee of nutritional quality. • Chicken, beef, seafood, lamb - it must contain 95 percent of that ingredient. • The minimum amount guarantee shows the lowest amount of nutrient in the food. For example, a product • A combination of ingredients (Chicken and Liver) – may have a minimum fat guarantee of 8 percent, but the two named ingredients together must make up 95 actually contain 15 percent of fat. percent of the total weight. The first ingredient should be the predominant one. This only applies to animal-based • The maximum amount guarantee may be 5 percent fiber, ingredients. but the product may only have 1 percent fiber. • Dinner, entrée, platter, formula, etc. (Beef Dinner; Remember, if the actual nutritional content is not clear on the Seafood Platter) – it must contain 25 percent of the listed packaging, you can always contact the manufacturer directly ingredient. If more than one ingredient is included in via their product information toll-free number on the package. the name, the combination of ingredients must total 25 percent of the product. Nutritional Adequacy Statement • With (Lamb with Rice) – it must contain 3 percent of the The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AAFCO) primary ingredient. sets the nutritional guidelines for pet foods sold in the United • Flavor (Chicken Flavored) – no minimum requirements, States. The nutritional adequacy is determined by one of two but the pet should be able to detect the taste. methods – formulation and feeding trials. • Feeding trial method - This requires the manufacturerIngredient List to utilize an AAFCO-protocol feeding trial using the foodThe primary goal of pet food is to deliver key nutrients to your as the sole source of nutrition. The pets’ performancepet. The higher the ingredient quality is, the easier it is for is documented when fed the food. A sample labelyour pet to absorb and use the nutrients they contain. Here’s a statement might read, “Animal feeding tests usingcloser look at pet food ingredients, the primary nutrients they AAFCO procedures indicate this food provides completedeliver and the health benefits they offer to pets. and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs.” • Formulation method - This requires the manufacturer • Fresh meat, chicken, poultry by-product meal, meat by- to formulate the food to meet AAFCO nutrient profiles products, soybean meal and egg - High quality protein for dogs and cats. Because it is a calculation of nutrient for muscle tone and development and healthy skin. levels, and AAFCO feeding trials with pets are not • Animal fat, fish oil and vegetable oil - Fats and essential required, this is a faster, less-expensive method. A fatty acids for energy, improved taste and healthy skin statement on a product using this method might read, and coat. “Formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by • Corn, rice, barley, sorghum – Carbohydrates for energy AAFCO Cat Food Profiles for maintenance of adult cats.” and other nutrients for healthy skin and coat. • Cellulose, soybean mill run and beet pulp - Fiber sources Ages and Stages that promote intestinal tract health; some are helpful in The AAFCO guidelines only govern food for three pet life weight control. stages: growth and reproduction, maintenance, and all life stages. Foods formulated for all life stages must meet the mostChemical names in the ingredient list are most often vitamins nutritionally demanding life stage – growth and reproduction.or minerals added for complete nutrition. So while getting an all life stages food to feed several pets of different ages might sound good, in reality, this food isWhat about by-products? A by-product is a secondary food designed for pets under a year old, or for nursing animals –item that is made from a primary ingredient production and may not be a good choice for the nutritional needs of petsstream. A by-product like “chicken by-product meal” can in other life stages.contain organ meat that has a high nutritional value. In fact,it’s a more concentrated protein source than raw chicken alone More information about pet food labels can be found onlineand contains high quality, highly digestible protein. at www.fda.gov/animalveterinary under “Resources for You,” and you can learn more about pet nutrition and choosing theNot all by-products are created equal. For example, a high- perfect food for your pet at www.feedingisbelieving.com.quality pet food often recommended by veterinarians, suchas Hill’s (makers of Science Diet and Prescription Diet), onlyaccept high quality by-product ingredients. However, bargainbrands may use inferior ingredients that include feathers orother lower-nutritional parts of the animal. 9
  10. 10. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingWhat Does “Natural” Mean?AAFCO has developed some guidelines for natural claims forpet foods. • In general, the term “Natural” is applied to products that are free of artificial flavors, artificial colors and artificial Fire-proof the holiday season with these tips that safeguard preservatives. your family and your home: • While preservatives are needed to prevent food from Go Flameless going rancid, natural products use natural source preservatives instead of artificial ones. Reduce your risk of fire by using flameless candles. Though they look and smell like real candles, they don’t pose the same • “Holistic” has no legal definition and can be used safety risks. Scentsy Wickless Candles provide the light and however the manufacturer chooses. ambiance of traditional candles without the smoke, soot or an • The word “Organic” refers to how the source plants were open flame. With more than 80 fragrances to choose from and grown or animals were raised. Currently, USDA and state 100 styles of warmers available, there’s a fit for every fragrance regulators allow the usage of “organic” on pet food labels personality and home decor style. if human guidelines are met. Avoid Outlet OverloadOrganic terminology includes the following: Don’t overload electrical outlets and extension cords with holiday lights or other electronics. Plug only one heat- • 100 percent organic. Everything in the bag or can is producing appliance, such as electric blankets, irons, toasters organic. or coffee makers, into a receptacle outlet at a time. Consider • Organic – at least 95 percent of the content is organic. avoiding outlet overload by choosing battery-powered options when they’re available. • Made with organic – at least 70 percent is organic (however, the USDA “Organic Seal” may not be used on Cook with Care the label). Unattended cooking is the leading cause of U.S. home fire • Any product with less than 70 percent organic injuries, according to the NFPA. Don’t stray too far from the ingredients cannot be called organic, but may list organic kitchen if you’re frying, grilling or broiling food. If you’re ingredients in the product’s ingredient list as organic boiling, baking, or roasting, be sure to check it regularly and (e.g. organic chicken). use a timer to remind you when it’s finished. Plug microwave ovens and other cooking appliances directly into an outlet.SOURCE: Never use an extension cord for a cooking appliance, as it canHill’s overload the circuit and cause a fire. Be PreparedFire-Proof Your Home This Establish a fire-safe home by installing fire extinguishers andSeason smoke alarms. Use a portable fire extinguisher to save lives and property by putting out or containing small fires. StoreFire-Proof Your Home This Season is a post from: Old extinguishers where they can be quickly accessed in areas withFashioned Homemaking great fire risk, such as in the kitchen or near the garage door. Smoke alarms should be installed in every room of the home,(ARA) – ‘Tis the season for at-home entertaining – food, except for the kitchen, and should be tested once each month.friends, family, fun and yes, even fires. Fire fighters respondto calls of nearly 400,000 home fires each year, according to Have a Planthe National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA). Many fires Establish a fire escape plan with the members of youroccur in cold weather months as more people bring warmth household, and practice it often. You should always haveinto their homes with things like traditional candles or holiday two ways to exit each room, typically a door and a window.lighting. These fires result in more than 15,000 civilian deaths Practicing in a casual environment will help children feelor injuries annually. confident in executing your plan in an emergency. Choose a landmark outside, such as a tree in the neighbor’s yard or the mailbox, as a meeting location for your family. 10
  11. 11. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingFollowing these fire safety tips will help ensure your memories • 1 pound russet potatoes, peeled and thinly slicedof this fall and winter season are full of friends and family, not • 2 tablespoons butterflames. • 2 tablespoons flourHoliday Appetizers with a • 1 cup chicken stock • 1 cup fat-free half and halfTwist • 1 cup shredded Jarlsberg or Swiss cheeseHoliday Appetizers with a Twist is a post from: Old FashionedHomemaking • 1/4 cup each: sharp cheddar and smoked Gruyere cheese(Family Features) Surprise and delight your guests this • 1/2 cup 1/4-inch diced red bell pepperholiday season with unexpected morsels of indulgence on the • 1/4 cup real bacon bits or pieceshors d’oeuvres tray. Elegant, savory, flavorful…potatoes. • 1 tablespoon stone ground mustardMini Scalloped Potato Cups • 1/2 teaspoon garlic saltParmesan Panko Potato Balls • 1/4 teaspoon dried dill • Freshly ground pepper to taste Preparation 1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray 12 small ramekins with nonstick cooking spray. 2. Place potatoes in a microwave-safe bowl; cover and microwave on HIGH for 6 minutes, or until potatoes are tender. 3. Meanwhile, melt butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir in flour; cook for 1 minute more.Parmesan Panko Potato Balls and Mini Scalloped Potato Cups Slowly stir in half and half, cooking until mixture isare petite-sized twists on traditional potato dishes that will smooth. Add cheeses, a little at a time, then stir inhave your crowd clamoring for more. You’ll appreciate the remaining ingredients.magic of the season even more when you discover these 4. Spoon into prepared ramekins; bake for 30 minutes, orsophisticated appetizers don’t require any fancy footwork in until lightly browned and bubbly.the kitchen.Consider entertaining with these inspired dishes your personal Servesgift of well-being, because potatoes are packed with nutrition. Makes 12 appetizer servingsJust a single, skin-on medium-sized potato (5.3 ounces) has Preparation Time:just 110 calories, more potassium than a banana, and almost 20 minuteshalf your daily value of vitamin C (45 percent), with zero fat, Cook Time:sodium or cholesterol. 45 minutes totalFor more holiday potato meals, visitwww.potatogoodness.com to search the comprehensive potato Parmesan Panko Potato Ballsrecipe database.Mini Scalloped Potato Cups Ingredients • 2/3 cup panko breadcrumbsIngredients • 2/3 cup freshly grated Parmesan cheese 11
  12. 12. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking • 1 tablespoon Italian herb seasoning Every Thanksgiving, Kathy Gunst roasts a turkey in the oven, but one year she had a larger crowd than usual and needed • 1 1/2 teaspoons garlic salt to cook two turkeys. “So, on a colder-than-normal November • 1/8 teaspoon crushed red pepper day, I decided to grill-roast a second turkey,” says Gunst. “The • 1/2 cup flour recipe, it turns out, couldn’t be simpler.” Grilling the bird resulted in a picture-perfect glazed turkey with juicy meat • 2 eggs, beaten and a subtle smokey flavor. “This recipe is nothing short of a • 1 1/2 pounds very small yellow potatoes revelation. You will not believe how a plain old turkey, simply seasoned with salt and pepper, placed on a hot grill, can have • Olive oil cooking spray this much flavor with so little fuss,” says Gunst. • Warm marinara sauce or pesto Grilled TurkeyPreparation 1 10-12 pound turkey 1. Preheat oven to 400°F and line baking sheet with foil. Cleaned and dried. Salt and freshly ground black pepper, seasoned to taste. 2. Stir together bread crumbs, cheese, herbs, garlic salt and crushed red pepper in small bowl. Place flour and eggs in Heat a fire in the grill (charcoal or gas) and cook a small (10 2 additional small bowls. to 12 pound) whole turkey over indirect heat with a minimum of seasoning. Be sure to place a shallow pan underneath the 3. Place potatoes on prepared baking sheet; spray liberally bird atop the charcoal or burner covers to catch the drippings with olive oil spray. Roll each in flour, then egg, then and reduce flare-ups. Grill for approximately 2 hours (use bread crumb mixture, making sure to coat potatoes well thermometer to check for doneness). with each step. Stuff the bird and/or add an array of vegetables to the grill, like 4. Place back on baking sheet; spray again with olive oil stuffed squash, corn on the cob, or turnips and potatoes for spray. Bake for 35 to 40 minutes, or until potatoes are a complete meal. Add your vegetables to the grill 30 minutes lightly browned and tender when pierced with a fork, or so before the turkey is done. Once the meat is cooked and coating with olive oil spray twice during cooking. cooled the bird is ready for carving. “I can’t overestimate how important it is to have a good, sharp knife for carving the bird.Serves It should be very tender and carve easily, but a well-sharpenedMakes 8 appetizer servings favorite carving knife will make things that much easier,” saysPreparation Time: Gunst.30 minutes Chef’sChoice® Turkey Carving Tips: Three Easy StepsCook Time: If you want the turkey you serve “gobbled up” this holiday,35 to 40 minutes avoid hacking the bird by trying these simple carving tips fromSOURCE: Chef’sChoice®:US Potato Board • Step 1 Be sure to use a good, sharp knife. Sharp knives are notGrill-Roasted Turkey: A Tasty only safer, they will help you to smoothly cut thin, evenTwist On Tradition slices without shredding the meat. Fortunately, you don’t have to be an expert to put a razor sharp edge on your knife.Grill-Roasted Turkey: A Tasty Twist On Tradition is a post Chef’sChoice M130 sharpener professionally sharpens steelsfrom: Old Fashioned Homemaking and strops all brands and types of knives. Precision guides(NAPSI)—If you want a traditional, perfectly carved, eliminate guesswork for sharp, durable edges. For help findingThanksgiving turkey but would like to bring a delicious twist a sharpener that’s right for you, call (800) 342-3255 or visitto the meal, then look to chef, cookbook author and James www.chefschoice.com.Beard-award nominee Kathy Gunst. She has discovered a way • Step 2to bring the tradition of the Thanksgiving turkey to the holiday After the turkey is cooked (meat thermometer should readtable in an unconventional way. 180° F when inserted in the thickest part of the turkey thigh) cool the bird for 15 minutes. Cooling makes the meat firmer and easier to slice. Remove and set aside the turkey legs and the last joint of each wing. Make a long, deep (to the bone) horizontal “base cut” into the breast just above the wing. • Step 3 Slice down vertically through the breast until you meet the original base cut. This will release perfect, even slices. 12
  13. 13. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingFollowing these preparation and carving tips can help makeyour Thanksgiving a meal to remember.Savory Fall Dishes Enhancedwith GrapesSavory Fall Dishes Enhanced with Grapes is a post from: Old IngredientsFashioned Homemaking 1 large head cauliflower (3 pounds), cut into 1 1/2-inch florets(ARA) – Beautiful fall vegetables are in season now and make 2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, dividedfor wonderful dishes that will have your family memberssaying “yum.” 3/4 teaspoon kosher saltIn addition to the traditional fall flavors of produce likesquash and cauliflower, California grapes are also in season, 3/4 teaspoon ground cuminhaving one of the longest, “just-picked” seasons among NorthAmerican fruits, from May to January. Always the perfect 1/4 teaspoon freshly ground black peppersnack, grapes possess a flavor balance of sweetness and acidity,making them a versatile ingredient for both sweet and savory 2 cups red, green or black seedless California grapespreparations. DirectionsWhen it comes to fall produce, cauliflower is often passed Preheat the oven to 450 F. Toss cauliflower, 1 1/2 tablespoonsover in the produce aisles in favor of its much-touted oil, salt, cumin and pepper together in a large bowl and spreadcousin broccoli. But roasting cauliflower brings out a hint in one layer on a large, rimmed baking sheet. Roast 20 minutesof surprising sweetness in this robust veggie. Add to that and stir the cauliflower. Toss the grapes and remaining oliveroasted grapes, with their juicy burst of tangy flavor, along oil together and add to the baking sheet. Roast 5 to 10 minuteswith a good sprinkling of ground cumin, and you’ll be reaching longer and serve. Serves six.for cauliflower more often just to prepare this simple anddelightful dish. Nutritional analysis per serving: Calories 116; Protein 3.3 g; Carbohydrate 17 g; Fat 5.2 g; 37 percent Calories from Fat;Butternut squash takes on a whole new dimension when baked Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 287 mg; Fiber 3.6 g.with grapes and rosemary and seasoned with a gratin topping. The crunch of the topping adds another texture component Butternut Squash, Rosemary and Grape Baketo the “pop” of juice coming from the grapes and the brownededges of the comforting squash. Rosemary offers a hint ofaromatics that fits perfectly into the mix.Roasting grapes is a big trend in finer restaurants, but veryeasy to do. Roasted grapes can also be turned into a simplesauce, by adding a ladleful of water or broth and reducing themixture over heat to thicken to a syrupy consistency. Drizzleover pork tenderloins or sauteed chicken breasts, and you’llwonder why you’ve never done it before.Both featured recipes have an added bonus: They combinefruit and vegetables, which are foods that health experts saywe need to eat more of, more often.Roasted Cauliflower and Grapes Ingredients 5 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil, divided 2 medium butternut squash (about 4 pounds), peeled and cut into 1-inch chunks or 3 1/2 pounds pre-cut butternut squash chunks (11 cups) Kosher salt Freshly ground black pepper 1/2 large red onion, cut into thin slices 13
  14. 14. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking1 tablespoon chopped fresh rosemary or 1 teaspoon dried “When creating this collection,” explained Estée Lauder Creative Makeup Director Tom Pecheux, “I wanted to capture3/4 cup chicken or vegetable broth the intensity and naughty side of Paris when it truly comes alive…at night!”2 cups red or black seedless California grapes, stemmed and The collections include smoldering and amplified hues thatrinsed capture the raw energy and sexiness of life under a dark Parisian sky. New Pure Color Nail Lacquer Beyond Black is2 cups fresh breadcrumbs defined by five deep shades that saturate nails in rich and dramatic color, capturing the allure of the Parisian femme1/2 cup finely grated Parmesan fatale. Metal Mania dresses nails in glam glitters for a modernDirections metallic finish, enticing women to experiment, with daring effect.Preheat the oven to 375 F. Grease a 9 x 13-inch baking dish.Heat 1 tablespoon of the oil in a large skillet over medium-high Expert Adviceheat. Add half the squash and season liberally with salt and Popular beauty and fashion blogger Emily Schuman ofpepper. Cook, stirring occasionally, until browned, about 5 to Cupcakes and Cashmere has found that they’re terrific for7 minutes, then transfer to the baking dish. Repeat browning creating the ultrachic “Gilded Fade” manicure.of remaining squash with another tablespoon of olive oil andmore salt and pepper. Transfer to baking dish. “With nail art designs getting crazier by the minute, I’m embracing a more subtle design,” she says. “The Gilded FadeHeat another tablespoon of the oil in the skillet and add the manicure makes an impact without being over the top. It’s theonion and rosemary. Season with salt and pepper and cook perfect accessory for my hands.”until softened, about 5 minutes. Pour in the broth and scrapeup any browned bits on the bottom. Bring to a simmer and Polishing Pointerspour into baking dish. Cover with foil and bake until squash is Here’s how to get the Gilded Fade manicure with two ofvery tender, about 40 minutes. Emily’s favorite new shades from Estée Lauder:Raise the oven temperature to 450 F. Remove the dish from 1. Apply two coats of Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Nouveauthe oven and take off the foil. Sprinkle the grapes over the top. Riche.In a medium bowl, mix together the breadcrumbs, Parmesanand remaining 3 tablespoons olive oil and season with salt and 2. Paint a small sponge with Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Viper.pepper. Sprinkle over the squash. Bake until top is browned 3. Dab sponge on nail tip fading upwards.and bubbling, or about 10 to 15 minutes longer. The collections are now available at Estée Lauder CountersNutritional analysis per serving: Calories 259; Protein 6.6 g; nationwide and www.esteelauder.com.Carbohydrate 36 g; Fat 12 g; 38 percent Calories from Fat; For further fashion and beauty advice fromCholesterol 10 mg; Sodium 266 mg; Fiber 4.7 g. Serves eight. Schuman, go to www.esteelauder.com/guestblogger/ emilyofcupcakescashmere/index.tmpl.Visit our Homemaking Ebooks page for more recipe resources. Four DIY Projects That CanNail Colors for This Season Make Your Home More SecureNail Colors for This Season is a post from: Old Fashioned Four DIY Projects That Can Make Your Home More Secure isHomemaking a post from: Old Fashioned Homemaking(NAPSI)—Dark, bold colors are in this season-especially when (ARA) – If spring makes our thoughts turn to love, the coolerit comes to nails. Inspired by the City of Light, Estée Lauder temperatures of fall make many of us think about nesting –introduces two enchanting minishade statements, Pure Color and, often, how much more we would love our home if weNail Lacquer Beyond Black and Metal Mania. Created to improved it a little. A sense of security is one of the mostevoke the seduction, beauty and fantasy of Paris at night, this comforting aspects of home, so this autumn, why not focus ondramatic palette of intriguing shades, textures and finishes home improvements that can make your home more secure?expresses confident style and attitude with unprecedentedcolor and impact. 14
  15. 15. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemaking ProtectMyID can help prevent the damages caused by identity theft. Home improvements aimed at boosting your security don’t have to be big and expensive. Simple, cost-effective steps can help improve your home’s security. They key is to be proactive and focus on preventing a problem, rather than just repairing damage after it occurs. Easy, Enjoyable Meatball MealsImproving the safety of your home doesn’t have to be an Easy, Enjoyable Meatball Meals is a post from: Old Fashionedexpensive or time-consuming proposition. Here are four Homemakingsimple DIY projects that can help make your house safer: (NAPSI)—For the family looking for a hectic-free dinner,1. De-clutter, inside and out. meatballs may be the ideal solution. With school in session and busy activities scheduled, dinnertime doesn’t have to beMost home improvement projects are either about creating a major production. Hearty and delicious meatballs makespace or improving the usability of existing spaces. De- stress-free meals easy and delicious.cluttering inside your home can open up rooms and offer moreflexibility in how you use and decorate the space. De-clutteringthe documents you store in your home can help improve itssecurity. Getting rid of sensitive documents you no longer needcan reduce your overall exposure to identity theft. Be sure toshred all documents before discarding them. On the outsideof your home, de-clutter around access points. Shrubs, treesand debris that obscure your windows and doors not only lookbad, they can provide cover for burglars who might try to enteryour home.2. Upgrade your appliances. Frozen meatballs are a filling and flavorful answer to theWhile a new dishwasher or clothes dryer may make your question “What’s for dinner?” Many of these meaty morselslife easier, when it comes to improving security, think are found packaged in the grocery store fully cooked, ensuringabout appliances like your paper shredder or home security fast preparation and a perfectly rounded-out mid-week meal.system. Bizarre as it may sound, identity thieves have been Great brands, such as Casa Di Bertacchi Meatballs, are madeknown to pick through trash and reassemble poorly shredded with high-quality beef combined with wholesome ingredientsdocuments. Fall is a great time to invest in a cross-cut shredder and seasonings for an authentic Italian flavor. The meatballsthat will make such an identity theft tactic virtually impossible. are seared and steamed in the traditional way, ready to be3. Lock it up stirred into any delicious dish and put on your table for everyone to enjoy. They can be tossed into pasta, served on topThe dog sitter, babysitter, house cleaner, house sitter – how of salads, baked into pizza or eaten on their own as a quickmany people have had access to a key to your home in the snack. Meatballs are a versatile family favorite that can pleasepast year? It’s prudent to switch out the locks in your home the crowd.every now and then – especially if you have reason to believeyour security might have been compromised. It’s even easier Perhaps the best part is that they can be prepared in moreto “lock up” sensitive personal information. Invest in a locking than just the oven. Meatballs can be warmed in a slow cookerfile cabinet or fireproof lock box to store important documents. or microwave, too. Casa Di Bertacchi, available at Sam’s ClubLock up your technology by changing passwords and creating nationwide, makes it easy for families to feast on the bountystrong new ones that can help deter hackers, phishers and of flavor. Try Easy Meatball Pizza for a new twist on a classicother scammers. Keep your computer security software up-to- family favorite.date. Easy Meatball Pizza4. Enlist assistance 13 (½ lb) frozen Casa Di Bertacchi fully cooked meatballsIf you were building an addition onto your house, you would 1 (12-inch) premade pizza crustask for help if you needed it. Sometimes you need help withsecurity as well, especially identity theft prevention. Despite 1 jar (14 oz.) pizza sauceall the safeguards you’ve already taken to make your home 1½ cups shredded mozzarella or cheddar cheesemore secure, identity protection is a round-the-clock job, and ¼ teaspoon dried Italian seasoningmost of us could use some help with it. A comprehensiveidentity theft detection, protection and resolution product like Preheat oven to 400° F. Lay pizza crust on a pizza pan. Spread 1 cup pizza sauce over crust. Sprinkle ¾ cup cheese 15
  16. 16. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned Homemakingover sauce. Place meatballs and 2 teaspoons of water in a pieced block and you have a completed quilt top. This is themicrowave-safe bowl. Microwave frozen meatballs on high for same size that numerous quilters use to form pillow tops.3 minutes. Drain any excess liquid. Cut each meatball in half.Toss meatballs with remaining sauce. Spoon meatballs overcheese layer, ensuring that the cut side of meatball is down.Layer remaining cheese over the top of the meatballs. SprinkleItalian seasoning evenly over pizza. Bake for 12-15 minutesuntil cheese is melted and sauce is bubbly.For more delicious meatball recipes, visitwww.casameatballs.com.Use Your Best Liked Quilt Source: bunkhousesewing.com via Old Fashioned on PinterestPatterns To Make Easy QuiltsFor That Favorite Dolly Some other easy quilts include the 4 patch and the 9 patch. Numerous new quilters like the four-patch. You simply cut 4Use Your Best Liked Quilt Patterns To Make Easy Quilts squares of the same size and join them together to create aFor That Favorite Dolly is a post from: Old Fashioned block. How many blocks you will need to make depends onHomemaking the dimensions one wishes to make your quilt and that will beBy JoAnn Gagnon determined by the doll’s size.Anyone can buy patterns for doll quilts in various sizes varying You can use a pillow case or an old sheet to have an idea of thein complexity from easy to highly skilled. Children and grown right measurements. You might learn that the pillowcase’s sizeups all adore their dolls. All good dolls are worthy of a special is just right. You can sew together your pieced quilt squares tomade quilt. You can create it to sell at a craft show, or make make either a rectangle or one big square.for your child, or yourself. They’re really sought-after things One can use any machine to sew these little, easy quilts. Thefor every age. special quilting machines were made to create larger queen or king sizes. They are generally unnecessary for doll-sized creations. Some of the harder techniques use the biscuit or puff designs. For these patterns the squares are filled to create fluffy and soft squares. After quilters do some basic designs, they might want one that is a little more difficult. The puff pattern is certainly more challenging.Source: bunkhousesewing.com via Old Fashioned on PinterestQuilters have fun creating easy quilts for dolls regardless oftheir experience because they are able to practice variousmethods without using a big investment in materials or time.Many people find the time and energy taken is profitable.Because the final size is little, you may be able to use fabric Source: bunkhousesewing.com via Old Fashioned on Pinterestremnants. Uncomplicated fabric designs work best. The bigprints don’t usually work well with making quilts.One of the simplest patterns is the log cabin. The log The final creation may turn out to be an heirloom. You will seecabin design works well with fabric scraps, because different that your creation is unique, no matter what patterns for dollpatterns and colors add to its appearance. The various designs quilts you pick to use because they’re created with love.and colors do not diminish from it. The center square of the log JoAnn is a sewing enthusiast who enjoys sharing her passioncabin design could be any dimension, but most seamstresses for sewing with all ages. Author of nine books and multiple e-use a 3 1/2″ by 3 1/2″ square. The square is surrounded by books that explore many sewing applications, JoAnn seeks torectangles which are 2 inches wide and of longer lengths as you encourage you on your sewing journey and instill in you a loveapproach the edge of the block. for sewing. Visit her at http://www.bunkhousesewing.com/Depending on the size of the doll, you may be able to use one doll-quilt-patternstwelve inch by twelve inch log cabin block. Add the edge to the 16
  17. 17. October 6th, 2012 Published by: Old Fashioned HomemakingArticle Source: http://EzineArticles.com/? twice the protein of an egg, twice the calcium of a 6-ounce cupexpert=JoAnn_Gagnon of yogurt, twice the vitamin D of an 8-ounce glass of milk and twice the vitamin C of a 4-ounce cup of orange juice.Keeping Breakfast Part of the To find information and helpful tips on nutrition, to access hundreds of delicious recipes and to download a coupon,Morning Routine visit www.carnationbreakfastessentials.com or the CarnationKeeping Breakfast Part of the Morning Routine is a post from: Breakfast Essentials Facebook page.Old Fashioned Homemaking(ARA) – Fitting breakfast into your kids’ morning routinecan be a struggle, especially during the school week. Betweennagging them to get out of bed and preparing their book bagsfor school, breakfast is often put at the bottom of the morningto-do list. In fact, up to 30 percent of middle and high schoolstudents skip breakfast, missing important nutrients that areunlikely to be made up later in the day.That means more than a quarter of students are going to schoolon an empty stomach and lack the nutrition they need to starttheir day right. Furthermore, research has shown that kidsand adolescents who eat breakfast tend to have better dietaryhabits and make healthier eating choices throughout the day.The breakfast struggle is something even actress and motherof four, Holly Robinson Peete can relate to. “One of my biggestchallenges as a mom is to make sure my kids get breakfast.With busy mornings, it is essential that my kids get thenutrition they need,” says Robinson Peete. “I want to set mykids up for success, especially during the school year. Knowingthere are easy, nutritious options such as Carnation BreakfastEssentials puts my mind at ease that I am making good choicesfor my kids.”But even the most dedicated breakfast lovers have morningsthat are just too crazy to find time to eat. Robinson Peeteunderstands how busy schedules can make it difficult to keepup good habits. “I like to describe my mornings as ‘controlledmadness’ – on a good day I have less than an hour to get mykids out of bed, showered and dressed, teeth brushed, fed andout the door to school,” she says. That’s why she gives her kidsCarnation Breakfast Essential, a nutritious and convenientdrink which can fit in a backpack and be enjoyed during themorning commute.One way to help minimize stress in the morning is to preparethings like lunches and backpacks the evening before. If that’snot possible, designating a spot in the house for backpacksand school items to remain can help reduce the amount oforganizing that is needed in the morning. Another simple tipis to wake up 10 minutes earlier. Just a few extra minutes atthe start of the day can leave time for a quick breakfast.Physicians agree that a good breakfast is important. Eachserving of Carnation Breakfast Essentials provides a richsource of protein and 21 vitamins and minerals, including 17