Frugal Beauty Tips


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Frugal Beauty Tips

  1. 1. Frugal Beauty Tips Brought to you by http://www.skincare-recipes.comOur best beauty feature is what we are given naturally. Anything that we addshould enhance and not cover up our features. When looking for affordablebeauty solutions, the best beauty treatments may be items that are lyingaround your home right now.
  2. 2. Dry HandsDry skin plagues most of us, especially in the winter time. If you are sufferingfrom dry skin, use a hydrating lotion on your hands. You should also applylotion and wear plastic gloves when washing dishes. The warmth of the waterwill help the lotion to absorb better, leaving your hands soft and supple.Bath TipsIn ancient civilizations, they used milk in their bath water to soften their skin.You can try this trick, too. Use powdered milk in your bath and see if your skinfeels any different. To exfoliate your skin, use a mixture of grapefruit and salt.This will remove dead skin cells and clean the pores - plus, it smellswonderful.Face CareBeauty products today, even those that say they are all-natural, containpreservatives. The skin on your face is far too delicate for the harsh additivesin many of these products. Instead, wet your face with warm water and applyhoney. As a facial exfoliant, try raw sugar. Gently rub it in until it dissolves andthen rinse.Keep a bottle of witch hazel under your bathroom sink. It is a natural toner forthe skin and costs less than the name brands you find in stores. A slicedcucumber from the fridge will reduce the swelling of puffy eyes in themorning. Instead of expensive makeup removers, use olive oil and a cottonball.
  3. 3. Hair CareChemicals can build up in the hair from thermal styling, hair sprays, andeveryday activity. Mayonnaise has long been touted as a natural hair and scalpconditioner. Or try using pure natural olive oil on your hair for shine and tode-frizz your mane.I have always liked to use a vinegar rinse in my hair. It gets rid of anyshampoo residue and brings a nice shine. After you shampoo and rinse yourhair, pour a cupful of diluted vinegar through your hair. Rinse thoroughly.Apply conditioner and rinse. Be careful not to get the vinegar in your eyes!The best things in life are free. The best beauty tips is drinking plenty ofwater. Drinking eight to ten glasses of water every day flushes out yoursystem. It is like an internal shower for your body. Water removes impuritiesand gives a natural glow to your skin.Taking care of your body naturally reduces the need for more expensivebeauty treatments. Beginning a simple daily regimen using everyday itemswill keep you looking beautiful for pennies on the dollar. Brought to you by Graphics by Disclaimer: Always consult your doctor before trying any skin care product, whether natural or commercial.