Easy Crafts from Things Around the House


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Here are crafts that use mostly every-day items from around your house.

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Easy Crafts from Things Around the House

  1. 1. Easy Crafts with Things from Around the House Brought to you by http://www.oldfashionedhomemaking.com
  2. 2. Have you ever looked at a craft project and thought youd like to try it, only todiscover you need a zillion special supplies? Trips to the craft store can be fun, butthey can also be time-consuming and expensive. So why not do craft projectsfrom items around the home? Here are crafts that use mostly every-day itemsfrom around your house. Some of these can be used with kids, and some arerecommended for adults. So please always keep safety first when doing craftswith kids and keep them well-supervised. Ten Crafts You Can Do with Everyday ItemsScrap PaperDespite the prominent use of email and electronics, paper still inundates ourlives. Make use of it with some of these craft ideas!
  3. 3. 1. QuillingSometimes called paper filigree, you can achieve an amazing and detailed lookwith scrap paper. The principle is simple: wind thin strips of paper (1/16 to 1/8-inch wide strips) tightly around a thin tool or toothpick. Remove and shape withthe fingers into flowers, hearts, vines, etc.2. Paper MacheDip newspapers torn into strips into white glue and water mixed half and half.Layer them on an armature and allow to dry. Then sand smooth (if you like),paint, and decorate!3. Paper ChainsColorful magazines and even junk mail make great "links" for a paper chain. Cutinto strips, link as rings, and make the chain as long as you like.4. DecoupageCut out pictures and designs from magazines, pamphlets, or even wrappingpaper. Then turn the cut-out over, scrape the edges thin from underneath (youcan use a craft knife for this) and coat the back of the picture with decoupagemedium. Carefully glue the design to the object (lamps, boxes, picture frames,table tops, etc.). Use a paintbrush to smooth and cover with more decoupagemedium.
  4. 4. 5. Paper BeadsTo make paper beads, follow the method for quilling - except coat the paper stripwith decoupage medium before you wrap it (leaving about 1/4 inch decoupage-free at the beginning so you can slip it off the toothpick when finished) and wrapat a slight angle. Add a dab of glue or decoupage medium to secure the end. Ifyou like, paint the paper before cutting it into strips.6. Place MatsCut brown paper bags or other scrap paper into strips, and weave into place mats.Cover with paint and/or decoupage medium.Cardboard TubesToilet paper and paper towel tubes can be the inspiration for all kinds of crafts!7. Hair ClipsTake a 4-inch cardboard tube (cut to size) and cut it in half vertically, so you havean open trough shape. Paint with acrylic paint, let dry, and hot glue beads, silkflowers, and other decorative items to the outward-curved side. Glue a plain hairclip to the underside.
  5. 5. 8. Napkin RingsCut cardboard tubes into one- or two-inch-wide rings. Paint with acrylic paint, andwhen dry, hot glue beans, beads, and spices (like whole cloves and peppercorns)to the outside of the ring. Or you could coat the painted tube with white glue androll it in a mixture of seeds, beads, beans, and so forth.SunglassesOver the years, many of us accumulate a collected of non-prescription sunglasses.Use them in these craft ideas!9. Lens ChimesPop out the lenses of your sunglasses. Hot glue them to varying lengths of thinwire (1 lens per wire) or upholstery thread, and hang them in the wind!10. Empty Sunglasses FramesNow you can have fun with the frames. Hot glue beads and rhinestones to them,coat them with glitter, or hot glue feathers and other items to them. You cancreate a great Halloween accessory or Mardi Gras mask!
  6. 6. Three Ideas for Quick Valentines Day CraftsValentines Day lends itself to crafts, especially paper ones. And they dont haveto take a lot of time to be beautiful and appropriate to the holiday.1. Candy RingsThis is a good craft for kids who want to give gifts to their class or to a group offriends. Heres what youll need:  Wrapped candies, preferably hard or chewy candies (chocolate tends to melt if left on a hand for a while)  Hot glue  Pipe cleaners (chenille variety)Coil each pipe cleaner into a ring the size of a childs finger (the easiest way is towrap it around a childs finger and remove it). Use the whole pipe cleaner, asyoull need a thick base for the candy. Then hot glue the candy on top and let itdry (hot glue dries in seconds).2. Tissue Paper Rose(s)You can make as many roses as you want with this craft. Youll need more chenillepipe cleaners (or regular pipe cleaners) as well. If you like, you can twist greenand brown pipe cleaners together to make a multi-colored stem. Then get:
  7. 7.  Pencil  Clear tape  Red tissue paper  ScissorsCut eight 3-inch squares from the tissue paper (dont try to cut them exactly right- some variation makes the petals look more realistic) and pile them in two stacks.Use scissors to round off three of the four corners of each stack. Then lay thepencil on one of the stacks over the pointed end and roll up the edges of thetissue paper. "Scrunch" the paper a bit as you go. Then repeat with the otherstack of four without removing the first roll from the pencil.Remove all tissue from the pencil and form into a rose shape, making tighter rollsin the center and looser ones toward the outside. Leave an inch or so of tissue atthe bottom and secure this by winding the pipe cleaner around it. Add anotherpipe cleaner by twisting it onto the coiled one, and add pipe cleaners until thestem is as thick as you like.3. Marshmallow "Flowers"
  8. 8. This is a sweet bouquet! Youll need:  Large marshmallows  Chocolate chips  Crushed graham crackers, candy canes, and red candy sprinkles  Bamboo skewersMelt the chocolate over a double boiler and stick the skewers into themarshmallows. Dip each marshmallow into the chocolate and then roll it in one ofthe three coatings suggested above. Place on a waxed paper-covered bakingsheet to harden. Then place them in a vase and give as a gift. Three Fun Crafts You Can Do with Popsicle Sticks
  9. 9. Popsicle sticks - or craft sticks - open up a world of possibilities when it comes tocrafts. Armed with glue and craft paint, you can do some amazing crafts withthese handy wooden sticks. Here are three ideas:1. BoxesYou can make handy little boxes with lids using craft sticks. Heres what youllneed:  1 package of craft sticks  White glue or hot glue gun  Marbles or beads  Acrylic craft paint (optional)  Paint brush  Wax paperLay the wax paper out on your work surface. Take four popsicle sticks and laythem evenly side by side on the wax paper. Along the top of this row, glue apopsicle stick (flat side down). Do the same with the bottom edge. Now do thesame with the sides. Like a log cabin, keep gluing down Popsicle sticks along thealternating edges until you have the sides of the box at the height you want.For the lid, lay out popsicle sticks like you did for the bottom, and glue two to thetop and bottom edges and two to the side edges. If you want to paint your box,do so at this point. When everything is finished, glue a marble or bead in thecenter of the box top to make a handle.
  10. 10. 2. FansThis is a simple craft that your kids can do to celebrate a holiday or just show offtheir artwork. The basics are this:  1 popsicle stick  Stiff paper or cardstock in a design of your choice  GlueSimply make two designs of whatever you choose from the card stock. Then, withthe design facing out, sandwich the top 1/3 of the popsicle stick between the twopieces of card stock and glue.3. BraceletsDid you know you could make curved bracelets from wooden craft sticks? Youcan! Heres how.  Popsicle sticks  Large cardboard tube or rolled up magazine secured with packaging tape  Rubber bands  Hot glue gun  Ribbon  Beads, shells, buttons, plastic flowers, and other fun objects that would make good decorationsFirst, boil the popsicle sticks in water for 30 minutes. Then let them sit in thewater while it cools. This gets them soft enough to bend without breaking (somewill break, though, so be prepared). When the water has cooled, take the popsicle
  11. 11. sticks one at a time from the water and bend them around the cardboard tube.Hold them in place with rubber bands. Once they have dried, you can remove therubber bands and slip the curved craft sticks from the tube. Then use the hot glue,ribbon, beads, and so forth to decorate your bracelets. Fun Painting Ideas with KidsIts not just about poster paint and paper! Did you know there are all kinds ofpainting projects and creative ideas that you can do with kids? From edible paintsto scratch and sniff, there are so many ways you can paint with kids. And the coolthing is, you can do them indoors - perfect for bad weather days.1. Bread PaintThis is a fun one that works best with white bread thats a bit dry (so leave out aslice or two overnight before doing this craft). Heres what youll need:  Dry bread slices  Milk (or milk substitute)  Food coloring  Paintbrush (buy a new one and dedicate it to edible craft use only)  Several small cups or bowlsPut a few tablespoons of milk into each bowl or cup. Then add food coloring tomake the colors you want. Paint the bread slices. When they are finished, trytoasting the painted bread - the colors get more intense.
  12. 12. 2. Scratch and SniffRemember scratch and sniff books as a child? You can make your own scentedartwork by mixing powdered drink mix (unsweetened) with a few tablespoons ofwater, so the color is more concentrated. Mix in small containers or jars so youcan save the leftovers. The paint is like watercolor but a bit more intense in color.Try painting pictures of fruits to match the fruity scent!3. Painted RocksGo rock gathering with your kids and find smooth stones of various sizes. Thenpaint them! Sources suggest using paint pens or paint markers instead of craftpaint and brushes, but either will work. You can add embellishments with hot glueand beads, buttons, and other sundries.4. Spaghetti PaintingNot sure what to do with those leftover cooked spaghetti noodles? Create a pieceof art! Heres what youll need:  Cooked spaghetti  Acrylic craft paint  White glue  Wax paper  Scissors  Bowls and plastic spoons  Baking sheet
  13. 13. Place the wax paper on the baking sheet; set aside. In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoonglue with 1 tablespoon paint. Use bowls and paint/glue mixes for as many colorsas you want. Add the spaghetti noodles to the bowls and "stir" with your handsuntil the noodles are coated with paint. Then, take a strand at a time of thecolored spaghetti and arrange it on the wax paper in fun designs. Allow thenoodles to dry for 24 hours or so, then remove your 3-D painting from the waxpaper. Fun Paper Craft Ideas for KidsPaper is a wonderful craft medium. There are so many varieties, and lots of timesthe supplies you need are right in your house! Here are some fun paper craftideas for kids.1. OrigamiThis ancient craft is just as relevant and fascinating as it was when it was firstpracticed. At its most basic, origami is folding paper into 3-dimensional shapes.But there are some specifics, such as learning to follow origami diagrams andmaking sharp creases when you fold. You can use almost any kind of paper, butbeginners might benefit from using actual origami paper.You can make simple things with young children and more complex designs forolder kids. The internet is full of printable diagrams and instructions, so there isample information to get started on this paper craft any time!
  14. 14. 2. Paper MachePaper mache is quite versatile as well - from professional artists to youngchildren, this medium can serve quite an array of purposes. And its not anexpensive craft, either. Here are the basics:Tear newspaper (not the shiny type) into strips - make sure you tear rather thancut, because torn edges merge together to make a smooth surface better than cutedges. Then dip the newspaper into a mixture of 1 part white paste to 1 partwater; run your thumb and first two fingers along the strip to remove any excessglue, then lay the strip on your armature. Repeat until the armature is coveredwith strips, and allow to dry.Building an armature is probably the most complicated part of the procedure. Youcan use wire, balloons (which you pop after the paper mache dries), balled-uppaper held together with masking tape, cardboard, or even clay. Once its dry, youcan paint it and add other embellishments.3. QuillingBecause this intricate craft involves small (and somewhat sharp) tools and adelicate touch, its probably best reserved for older kids and teens. Quilling isbeautiful, and it allows you to make lovely designs from tiny pieces of paper thatmight otherwise go to waste. You will need a quilling tool, but you can probablyimprovise with a toothpick or even a sewing needle. You wrap very thin pieces ofpaper around and around the tool, and then take the coiled paper and shape itwith your hands into the design of your choice.
  15. 15. 4. Tissue PaperTissue paper crafts alone could take up many articles! Tissue paper has atranslucent quality that makes it a lovely choice for pasting onto clear candleholders, white lamp shades, clear frames, or between sheets of wax paper tomake "stained glass." For these flat designs, you can use a mix of paste and waterand brush the tissue paper pieces smooth with a paint brush. Tissue paper canalso be used to make 3-dimensional designs, such as flowers.This is just the beginning! Feel free to explore and experiment with folding paperinto houses, lanterns, snowflakes...there are so many possibilities!