5 Most Common Organizing Problems Solved


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After seven years as a professional organizer, I've found these situations to be the most common complaints from clients. See if they sound familiar, and give the following tips a try:

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5 Most Common Organizing Problems Solved

  1. 1. 5 Most Common Organizing Problems --Solved!After seven years as a professional organizer, Ive found these situations to be the mostcommon complaints from clients. See if they sound familiar, and give the following tipsa try:1. "I need more time! There arent enough hours in the day!"I recommend five ways to find more time in your day:A. Make a daily to do list and mark your priorities. Do those items first.B. Delegate. Enlist your family to do their share. Hire or barter.C. Watch for time wasters. We all waste time. Reduce your time wasters such aschecking email, surfing the Internet, talking on the phone and watching television.D. Utilize time savers. Look for ways you can save a little time such as letting calls goto voice mail and shopping during off hours.E. Guard your time. Feel free to say "no" to others requests for your time. Dont givein to pressure. Truly put your priorities first.
  2. 2. 2. "I spend too much time looking for lost items!"Declutter. Assign homes to frequently looked for items such as keys, batteries, pensand office supplies. Sort paper as it comes into your home or office. Reduce thenumber of items you buy and bring into your home or office.3. "I have nothing to wear!"If you havent worn an item in a year, donate it or sell it. If it doesnt fit either store it orget rid of it. In your closet, keep only items that look great on you. Sort them by pants,skirts, long sleeve shirts, short sleeve shirts, tanks, etc. Keep work wear separate fromplay wear and evening wear.4. "I cant see the top of my desk!"Give yourself an "in" box. Put all the paperwork on top of your desk into the in box.Move personal items to a nearby shelf or on top of a file cabinet. Set up a paper sortingsystem in a step file sorter or a portable file box. Label file folders: Do, AwaitingAnswer, Consider, Hold, Refer, Read, File, Receipts, Tax (Current Year). Give projectstheir own file, tote bag or container.5. "Every flat surface in my home (or office) is covered with stuff!"Grab a basket or a box and clear off a surface. Dust or wipe clean the counter or tablesurface. Sort items into categories: trash, paperwork (goes into the in basket), belongselsewhere (sort by room). If you dont know where to store an item or category thinkabout where you use it. It should be stored, with like items, near where its used. Putitems away and youre finished.Copyright 2008-2012. Barbara Myers. The Time Manager.http://hop.clickbank.net/?heirloom/ineedtime*Affiliate link included