Featured CMS Invitation: 2012 CMS Expo


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World's leading CMSs are invited to participate in the 2012 CMS Expo. View our Featured CMS Invitation, from the CMS Association. Contact us at 815-455-2900 with questions.

Learn more at http://cmsx.us

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Featured CMS Invitation: 2012 CMS Expo

  1. 1. ht On Your CMS!Shine The Spotlig CMS Expo The Sixth Annual ess ConferenceLearning & Busin th , 2012 May 8th, 9 & 10 th Hotel Hilton Orrington USA Evanston, Illinois S Association Hosted by the CM
  2. 2. CMS Expo Is: ★★★★ CMS Comparison Panels Discovery & Learning Sessions Industry Leadership Panels Exhibition Hall & Demos New Business Development New Product Launches Industry Analysts & MediaCommunity Development & Feedback Content Strategy & MarketingCMSA Spotlight Awards Celebration Socials & Business After Hours ★★★★ All this at an intimate four-star venue in a great city that means business.
  3. 3. Make Sure Your CMSGets Maximum ImpactAt The 2012 CMS ExpoCMS Expo is the perfect venue toengage your audience and connect tonew end users and partners, valuablenew vendors and key thought leaders,analysts and media in the CMS industry.Beyond the great buzz your CMS will getat the 3-day conference, CMS Expooffers year-round exposure for CMSsthrough our network of sites for contentpros, social media, public relations,marketing and advertising.CMS Expo offers a unique chance toshare ideas with thought leaders andhelp shape the future of the industry.At CMS Expo, attendees, speakers andsponsors all participate in an intimateexperience without the consultant-speakand pitch sessions.Whether you’re considering becoming aFeatured CMS or Spotlight CMS, it’s asmart investment that pays dividendsfor years to come.
  4. 4. CMS Expo: Be Where The Action IsAcademic chat is fine over drinks, but today’s audience wants timely,relevant, and actionable business advice. CMS Expo features globalbusiness and technology advisors, sharing practical, fresh-from-the-fieldadvice. You’re invited to be part of an empowering event, helpingparticipants make informed decisions to help improve their bottom-line,and make real, substantive progress.
  5. 5. Audience Profile All members of the Content Team come together at CMS Expo in an intimate, four- star setting: Entrepreneurs and leaders of all-sized companies, writers, site designers and developers, content strategists & marketers, researchers and academics, analysts, tech evangelists, media and members of the press. Business Leaders  C-Level Decision-Makers  Content Strategists & Marketers  Technology Managers  Consultants and Advisers Creatives  Writers & Editors  Content Curators  Designers & UX Pros  Musicians & Filmmakers Technologists  Site Developers  App DevelopersParticipant Stats:  Integrators 74% Male; 26% Female  Administrators 87% North America States Represented: 37 37% Small Business Expected CMSs Represented: 12 26% Non-Profit Anticipated Attendance: 400 24% Education CMS Expo Speakers: 60 13% Enterprise 68% Executive Leaders 42% Evaluating Purchase
  6. 6. CMS Expo Attendees (Representative listing of recent attendees)ABC Supply Jacobs Energy Southern Illinois UniversityAlcatel Lucent John Birch Society SpacelabAN Hosting Kavli Institute Spine HealthArc Technology Group Latin Press Publishers St. Louis Area FoodbankAssn of Municipal Administrators Lynda.com SUA InsuranceCity of Austin, Texas Metro Area Corporation Taylor UniversityAllen County Government Microsoft Technology AdvisorsBall State University Mid-South Community College Trinidad State Junior CollegeBirds Eye Development Minnesota Pollution Control Trinity Christian CollegeBishop Chatard High School MK Interactive Designs TSP ModelworksBlue Lizard Studios Neiger Design University of ChicagoBoulder Imaging Neural Networks University of IowaCharter Software Northern Trust University of IllinoisChicago RTA Northwestern University University of WisconsinChicago Public Schools City of Omaha Utah Valley UniversityChildrens Choice Orange Concepts Urban DriftwoodColorado State University Orbits Web InternationalConsumer Knowledge Network Orchestrate Healthcare Weidmann Electrical TechnologyDePaul University OSI Pharmaceuticals Wellesley Centers For WomenDowntown Evanston Peotone School District 207 Western Oklahoma State CollegeEmpress Technology Playboy Wolak EnterprisesEvanston Chamber of Commerce Quorim Woodwing USACity of Evanston, Illinois Rodeo Houston WorldbookExclaim! Ron Hutchrat Ministries WRG Art Direction & DesignExelon Rutgers University Xeno MediaFlorida State Fair Authority Sam Adams Alliance Willow Creek ChurchFoodbank of the Rio Grande Schofield Media XO Pandora DesignsGreen Valley Education Agency Score Advertising You Be The Bank.comHeritage Enterprises ServiceMagic Yuma CountyHigher Learning Commission Sheridan College ZemantaHooper Printing Sourcebooks Publishing Zeus Creative GroupIndiana University SourceCoast Web Development Zuno Studios
  7. 7. Recent Featured & Spotlighted CMSs
  8. 8. Become a Featured CMSGreat Training and Discovery, Plus High-Impact Awareness, Combined!With over a thousand CMSs on the market,today’s CMS faces a major challenge tostand out from the rest. CMS Expo wasdesigned to meet that challenge, helpingContent Pros decide which CMS is best fortheir business.Each year, we select up to six of the mostrelevant CMSs on the market to presenttheir case, offering a full day of discoveryand on-site training. In addition, FeaturedCMS leaders participate in our ComparisonPanels, moderated by leading industryanalysts and media professionals.Featured CMSs receive an expo booth,hotel accommodations for speakers, fourcomplimentary registrations and participatein the prestigious CMSA Spotlight Awards.Featured CMSs get major exposure before,during and after the three day event withmajor public relations, published sessiondescriptions on our schedule, speaker bios,blog posts and much more.You’re invited to gain access to the bestleaders, users, developers, analysts andmedia pros, all under one roof. It’s a smart,efficient way to offer high-quality trainingat an affordable price, combined with ahigh-impact marketing campaign!Price: $14,500
  9. 9. Become a Spotlight CMSShine e Light On Your CMSIn 2012, CMS Expo will host up to twelveSpotlight CMSs. In addition to receiving an8’ x 10’ Expo booth on the Mainstage Floorat CMS Expo, all Spotlight CMSs areeligible to be part of our annual CMSASpotlight Awards.Becoming a Spotlight CMS is a great wayto get noticed in the highly competitiveCMS industry. Along with a booth andinclusion in the CMSA Awards, SpotlightCMSs will be promoted long before, duringand after CMS Expo itself on our high-traffic site, frequented by ContentPros worldwide.Spotlight CMSs receive two complimentaryregistrations to CMS Expo (over $1,500value) and one 1-hour learning session.Additional learning sessions are availableas an add-on option. Spotlight CMSs alsoare promoted via print advertising in ourProgram Book, and are invited toparticipate in one of our head-to-headCMS Comparison Panels.See the Sponsor Grid to compare Spotlight CMSand Featured CMS benefits.Price: $6,500
  10. 10. Featured & Spotlight CMS Shine the spotlight on your CMS and position yourself as a leader!Item Featured CMS Spotlight CMSOne Hour Learning Session Presentations 6 1CMS Comparison Panel Participation 4 Panels 1 PanelFounders’ Panel Participation Yes NoPublicity and General Promotion Prominent MentionsBanner In Main Hall 8’ x 4’ 4’ x 2’Registration & Hotel Accommodations For Speakers 3 Speakers 1 SpeakerInclusion in the annual CMSA Spotlight Awards Yes YesAdditional Complimentary Registrations 4 2Speakers Dinner Invitations 3 18’ x 10’ Expo Booth 9th Floor 2nd FloorMedia & Press Contact List Yes YesNewsletter & Blog Posts Articles MentionsAccess to Attendees Pre & Post-Event Yes YesLogo On CMS Expo Marketing Materials Prominent YesLogo On Welcome Slideshow Prominent YesOnline Business Profile Yes YesPromo Item In Welcome Bag Yes YesLogo on CMS Expo Site Yes YesProgram Book Print Ad Full Page Color Half Page Black & WhitePrice $14,500 $6,500 2012 CMS Expo Featured & Spotlight CMS Comparison Grid
  11. 11. Additional Options Creative ways to generate even more buzz for your organization!Item Description PriceGENERAL OPTIONS:Exhibit Booth – 8’ x 10’ Mainstage Floor - Includes 1 Registration $2,450Lanyard Your company logo on our official lanyards* $1,600One Hour Demo Presentation In CMSX Evaluation Track (limit 2) $950Meeting / Boardroom Day Rental Great for private meetings & demos* $950Shuttle Bus Sponsor Your logo on lobby signage, plus live mentions $850CMSA Spotlight Awards Supporter Online ad, awards program book ad & mentions $650Attendee Goodie Bag 3” x 3” logo on one side $550Additional Registrations Discounted price for CMS Expo sponsors* $550Lightning Round Presentation 5-minute recorded live product demo on Mainstage $375Vertical Banner Display 33.5” x 80” (banner supplied by sponsor) $350Ice Cream & Snack Sponsor Sponsor for caffeine & goodies (per day) $275ADVERTISING OPTIONS:Square Button Ad on CMSX Site 125 x 125 pixels – Runs Aug ‘11 – June ‘12 $450¼ Page Program Book Print Ad Black & White (Program Book is also posted online) $275¼ Page Program Book Print Ad Color $350½ Page Program Book Print Ad Black & White $550½ Page Program Book Print Ad Color $700Full Page Program Book Print Ad Black & White $1100Full Page Program Book Print Ad Color $1400 2012 CMS Expo Additional Options | * For CMS Expo Sponsors Only
  12. 12. 2012 Order Form (For Sponsors & CMSs)Fill out this order form and send back to the CMS Association via email, fax or mail. Terms: Aninvoice will be sent for half due in advance; the remainder is due on or by February 1, 2012.1. Make your selections.2. Fill out your contact information.3. Send this form to The CMS Association via email, fax or mail..............................................................................Options: Select Featured or Spotlight CMS, plus Additional Options & Advertising:☐ Featured CMS: $14,500 ☐ Spotlight CMS: $6,500Additional Options:☐ Exhibit Booth / Mainstage Level ..... $2,450☐ Lanyard (SOLD OUT).................... $1,600 CMS Expo Program Book (Print Ads):☐ One Hour Presentation Session ....... $950 ☐ Program Book - Full page color ad .... $1,400☐ Meeting / Boardroom Rental .......... $950/day ☐ Full page black & white ................ $1,100☐ Airport Shuttle Bus Sponsor ........... $850 ☐ Half page color ad ....................... $700☐ CMSA Spotlight Awards Supporter .... $650 ☐ Half page black & white ................ $550☐ Attendee Goodie Bag .................. $550 ☐ Quarter page color ad .................. $350☐ Additional Registrations ............... $550 ☐ Quarter page black & white ........... $275☐ Vertical Banner Space ................. $350☐ Lightning Round Presentation......... $350 CMS Expo Site (Online Advertising):☐ Ice Cream Sponsor/day ................ $350 ☐ Banner Ad (rotates thru 8/1/12) ..... $450............................................................................. Your Name: _______________________________________ Your Phone: _____________________________ Position: _______________________________________ Email: _____________________________ Company: _______________________________________ Fax: _____________________________ Address: _______________________________________ City: _______________________________________ Send To: 2012 CMS Expo State/Prov: ______________ Country: _______________ Zip: _______________________________________ Fax: (815) 455-2975 Date: _______________________________________ Email: Sponsor@CMSExpo.net Mail: CMS Association Inc. P. O. Box 2067 Signature: _______________________________________ Crystal Lake, IL 60039-2067