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Presented live at Joomla Chicago meetup for web designers, Dead Simple Web Design 3 focuses on helping web designers keep focused on simplicity, in an ever-increasing complex task, designing websites and apps.

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  • Keep it simple and everything will be just great! Thank you for amazing tips!
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Dead Simple Design 3 - For Web Designers

  1. Dead Simple Web Design 3 Confessions of a Forty-something Design Guy Living In a Hipster World. ! John Coonen The FINAL >
  2. “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” Albert Einstein
  3. But First… ! Let’s introduce you to various creative types: fine artists, graphic artists, graphic designers and you: web designers ! …
  4. Fine Artists:
 They create works to
 please themselves.
  5. Commercial Artists:
 They create works to
 please their clients.
  6. Graphic Artists:
 crossover fine/commercial artists,
 with a bigger mortgage to pay.
  7. Graphic Designers:
 are graphic artists, with
 a serious case of OCD
  8. Web Designers:
 are a mix of all that, plus code!
 Which means…
  9. …We are seriously messed up.
  10. So, if designers were
 were personified
 by dogs…
  11. Fine Artist: A Breed Apart
  12. Graphic Artist: Everyone’s Favorite
  13. Graphic Designer: Perfect Showdog
  14. Web Designer: The All-Purpose Mutt
  15. Web Designers are today’s design, code & project management pros;
 Jacks & Jills of all trades, and masters of none.
  16. The way to stay within your skillset, and keep customers coming back is through “dead-simple design.”
  17. “Graphic design is a creative process that combines art
 and technology to
  18. Dead-simple design delivers maximum information with a minimalistic style.
  19. “I didn’t have time to write a short letter, Mark Twain so I wrote a long one instead.”
  20. Dead-simple design: ! Communicates Engages Clarifies Economizes 
 to MOVE the User Along
  21. Design is not User Experience, but design helps dictate UX.
  22. This is NOT
 Dead-simple design:
  23. Neither is this:
  24. But this is:
  25. There’s dead-simple,
 and there’s
 dead on arrival…
  26. (OK, take a deep cleansing breath)
  27. God likes things 
 simple for us.
 He said:
  28. “Just follow these 
 ten simple rules.” ! - God
  29. But did we listen?
  30. “OMG. That’s not so good.” “Only TEN Laws? It can’t be that simple.
 We need MORE!”
  31. IF/AND/THEN:
  32. IF
 90% of communication
 is non-verbal,
  33. AND
 Design is non-verbal,
  34. THEN
 you can communicate
 90% better through
 great design.
  35. we may be living 
 ! ! ! in a hipster world
  36. but don’t worry, most hipsters can’t design either. but
 now, you can too!
  37. These dead-simple design techniques & tools will have you designing like a hipster in no time. !
  38. • Don’t use more than 2 fonts or variations • Don’t break the grid • Don’t let your client dictate design • Don’t view templates first • Write first • Embrace the grid • Coordinate colors • Use paper & pencil • Use Photoshop or Fireworks Do This. Not That.hipster approved
  39. ! • Don’t ignore accessibility • Don’t forget to “kern” headlines ;) • Don’t mix design styles, no matter how tempting • Embrace photos • Choose classic fonts • More line space! • Be consistent • Hire a designer (seriously) Do This. Not That.hipster approved
  40. Also: • Make the point early • Know the rules before you break them • Focus on benefits, not features • Be reserved in your art direction ;) hipster approved
  41. • Edit, edit, edit • Question every step, remove if unsure • Check final against goals • Get input before going live • Show it to a 5th grader hipster approved
  42. Read up on
 Saul Bass & 
 Paul Rand,
 kings of dead- simple design. hipster approved
  43. Saul Bass Saul Bass
  44. Paul Rand
  45. “Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.” Paul Rand
  46. These design resources 
 will give you a 
 head start: hipster approved
  47. RocketTheme YooTheme JoomlArt ThemeXpert Gavick Bang2Joom hipster approved
  48. PHOTOS:
 Veer flickr Instagram
 Jupiter hipster approved
 Smashing Mag Dribbble Envato
 CSS Tricks ! hipster approved
  50. hipster approved DIY DESIGN:
  51. And Finally,
 My “Never Evers” ! • Never Ever: estimate under 40 hours to create a website or app • Never Ever: estimate under 60 hours to fix someone else’s
  52. CREDITS: ! Bass, Saul Budweiser Canter, Mitch Dannaway, Adham Da Vinci, Leonardo Einstein, Albert Fairey, Shepard ! God King, Phil Lautrec, Henri de Toulouse Leroyer, Philippe Levie, Aaron Matisse, Henri Miedaner, Eke Miller, Alyssa Miller, J. Howard Monet, Claude Petrovski, Vase Rand, Paul Rebsch, Sadi Roscover, Dylan Twain, Mark Warhol, Andy Williams, Sean Logos & brilliant quotation Budweiser poster Clever tweets Web design / Coder iIllustration The Mona Lisa Quotation, the e=mc2 thing & crazy hair Smashing Pumpkins album cover 
 Obama Hope poster 10 Commandments, plus like, everything Sweet mutt photo 7 Dance at the Moulin Rouge Wicked tattoo artist CEO of Box, smart Tweet on UX Isn’t in this. I just like Henri. Photo of the “fine artist” dog “Rafa” the Golden Retriever portrait “We Can Do It!” poster Monet Reading The Newspaper Wizenheimer photo Quotation & awesome logos Typography poster with Super Mario Steve Jobs illustration Quotation + great sense of humor First “selfie” ever Bob Marley poster
  53. Contact Info: ! ! John Coonen Partner, Coffee Group Inc @CoffeeGroup !