Coffee 1652 and Kimbo Coffee


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Coffee 1652 and Kimbo Coffee

  1. 1. Welcome to the world of Kimbo Coffee Distributed by
  2. 2. Introduction• Caffe Kimbo History• A Success Story• The History of Coffee• Cultivation• Caffe Kimbo Brands• Equipment Types• Range of Beans• Merchandising Products• Caffe Kimbo Mission• Contact Us
  3. 3. Napoli, the world capital of espresso coffee, is where Cafè do Brasil, the producers ofCaffè Kimbo and Caffè Kosè, started out.It’s one of the great Italian success stories, that started in the ’50s in the historical centre ofNaples where a small roasting plant was set up for the sale of roasted coffee to coffee barsand coffee shops.At the height of the exhilarating economic boom of the sixties, the coffee market reacheda significant turning point: new packaging systems allowed the product to be sold in tins.The founders of the company understood the importance of this innovation, which offeredbetter preservation of the product and a wider distribution. They created the brand name,Cafè do Brasil, to supply coffee with a unique quality and taste to households and coffee bars.Thanks to the expertise gained in the field, the company grew exponentially and is today oneof the leading roasters in Europe, continually capturing new markets worldwide.The ability to understand and anticipate trends in consumers’ tastes is reflected in theprominent market share achieved: Cafè do Brasil, with the brand names Caffè Kimbo andCaffè Kosè, have held second place since 1994 on the Italian retail market forpackaged coffee.Success achieved thanks to a steadfast customer fidelity policy based on one concreteelement: the quality of the products.
  4. 4. A Success StoryThe parent company of Caffe Kimbo, Cafe do Brasil, are a massive exporter ofgreen beans, not just for their own Caffe Kimbo brands, but for other roasters too.Caffe Kimbo has grown to be amongst the world’s top coffee retail brands –known and loved by all in Italy.Caffe Kimbo have, over recent years, introduced with great success, the trueNeapolitan espresso experience into 37 different countries, including the UK.We in the UK, with our love of coffee shops, are benefiting from the expertknowledge Caffe Kimbo can share with us.Caffe Kimbo exists to ensure you can enjoy your perfect coffee just the way youand your customers like it.
  5. 5. The History of CoffeeDespite the countless legends that surround the origin of coffee, it is still uncertainwhen the berries of the plant were used for the first time to make the drink with theintense flavour and energising properties.The tale held dear by the lovers of coffee tells of an Abyssinian goat herder, Kaldi,who noticed that his goats had become particularly lively after eating the leaves andred berries from a certain plant.He therefore picked a few berries and took them to the nearest monastery where,with the roasted beans mixed with water, he prepared a hot invigorating drink,which helped the monks to stay awake during their prayer vigils.Coffee, which had been popular in Arabia since the 13th century, was shipped toVenice at the beginning of the 17th century and from there began its conquest ofthe western world.
  6. 6. CultivationGREEN COFFEECoffee is grown in the belt between the two tropics, Cancer and Capricorn, andproduction is divided into four geographical areas :- South America: Brazil, Colombia and Peru are the leading countries in theproduction of coffee worldwide. The quality of the coffees from these countries ishigh.- Central America and the Caribbean: the area from Mexico to Panamaproduces high quality Arabica coffee.- Africa: many of the countries in the tropical belt of the African continent produceRobusta coffee and some types of Arabica coffee.- Asia: comprising the regions of India, Indonesia and Vietnam, which producemainly Robusta coffee,some of excellent quality.
  7. 7. Cafe Kimbo BrandsCafe Kimbo distinctive logo’d bags can be seen widely in many coffee barsthroughout the world.Their green beans mainly Arabica and also Robusta are frequently sourced fromBrazil where large flat plains and excellent weather is very much suited to goodcoffee cultivation.However in order to produce such fine blends other flavour characteristicsare often required and for this reason specialist varietals are also brought in fromboth Africa, Asia and North and South America.The true skill of the blend lies in knowing the right recipe for each blend and alsoroasting each bean individually to exploit the full flavour characteristics beforemarrying these flavours in an espresso
  8. 8. Bean to Cup DispenserA machine on pushing one button will dispense a finished milkycoffee drink (The machine will either use fresh milk or powder milk) Traditional Espresso MachineThis type of machine either uses fresh coffee from a bean grinderor special coffee pods. Handles inserted into the machine allowespresso to be brewed.Fresh milk is steamed using steam wands on the machine and byadding milk to an espresso coffee can create a full menu of drinksPod MachineThis is a small inexpensive machine that uses coffee pods toproduce espresso Milk is then added either using fresh orpowdered
  9. 9. PRESTIGE EXTRA CREAMA blend of fine Arabica coffees Sweet Flavour –expertly combined for their The result of a careful selection ofdifferent qualities. The result of raw materials, KIMBO EXTRAcareful processing and a precise CREAM strikes a perfect balancedegree of roasting. KIMBO between sweetness and acidity. APRESTIGE is a premium blend with persistent crema and well-a delicate flavour , the expression balanced body round off thisof love in coffee blend, making it appealing to all palates. TOP FLAVOUR Smooth Flavour – A refined blend of 100% Arabica coffees selected by our experts directly in the place of origin, KIMBO TOP FLAVOUR is a perfect combination of sweetness and acidity.
  10. 10. Tins 1 cup PodsIndividual Capsules 1kg Pouch
  11. 11. Merchandising Products Take OutCoffee Break Elegant Glassware Accessories Internal Neon Signs
  12. 12. Caffe Kimbo Mission StatementTo work with commitment and passion to guarantee coffee of excellentquality and unmistakable flavour, in the finest Neapolitan tradition; to offerthe market a wide range of products to meet the diverse demands of theconsumers and the evolution in technology; to spread the cult of espressoall over the world. This is the mission that has accompanied Caffè Kimboin its 50 years’ activity.
  13. 13. Contact Us:Coffee 1652Refreshment HouseKetterer CourtSt HelensMerseysideWA9 3AHT: 01744 762919F: 01744 762910E: