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Rolley's BC: days three four and five


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Rolley's BC: days three four and five

  1. 1. The afternoon of day three was meant to be a nice pool barbeque type party. Between calling people over and swapping some doubled togs around. It got dark before I knew it. I did get a few pictures. *Togs- Aussie for swimwear.
  2. 2. Jessie: “Call me hot stuff.”
  3. 3. I put out a whale sprinkler which only Esme bothered with.
  4. 4. I also put out a log rolling game which nobody tired at all. Sribal did get a dance in with Rolley.
  5. 5. Rolley then made a beeline over for the girls around the pool. Esme *Maybe I should ask him over...*
  6. 6. And went straight over to Jess for another dance.
  7. 7. Only to be interrupted by Holley... Jess: “Holley what are you doing?!”Jo: “Holley where did that knife just disappear to?!”
  8. 8. It appears Holley left the knife safely back in the bedroom, phew for a minute I thought Rolley might have had a sex change. The other ladies horror has a lot more to do with Holley’s hygiene then the possible dicing of his *Jatz crackers... Holley *Who needs a knife to knock out the competition when my natural aroma has them all choking for their lives!* *Jatz crackers- I’m sure you can guess this bit of Aussie slang.
  9. 9. Jessie: “My friend the bar!”
  10. 10. Scribal: “Don’t you think you’ve had enough Jessie?” “Nope, I tried and failed and he hasn’t noticed me at all today!”Esme: “What about me? I’m hard to miss and he went straight on by.”
  11. 11. Three and counting.
  12. 12. “Wherever you go Whatever you do I will be right here waiting for you” >hic< “Whatever it takes Or how my heart breaks I will be right here waiting for you” >hic<Poor Jessie... yes if you’re in my game you’ll have to sing 80-90’s songs and like it! ^_^
  13. 13. Some people are just trying so hard- to not gain any points!
  14. 14. Cee: *I wonder how karima is?*Jess and Ashley: *I wonder what that nose and jaw would do for an uglacy?*
  15. 15. Peach cooked up one serving of ribs, and one serving of veggie burgers for the vegetarian simselves and I waited to see who would get a seat at Rolley’s table. Holley, Jill and Scribal with Rolley on table one.
  16. 16. Lark, Jess, Song and Cee on table two.
  17. 17. Others stood or sat on a beach ball. Amylu: >Burrp!< “Better out then in!” Jessie: “Ugg that’s disgusting Amylu!”Ani-mei: “You should be locked away for air pollution.”
  18. 18. Holley proceeds to do her party trick.
  19. 19. Knife swallowing.Jill prefers to see if she can fling her food far enough to reach Rolley’s plate.
  20. 20. Aww, now who just made besties?
  21. 21. Lark “Wow now we’re best friends Holley!” Cee: “Lark are you sure you don’t need to see a shrink?”Lark: “Shh Cee, don’t you know they say keep your friends close but your enemies closer.”
  22. 22. Scribal “Hic” >bo-ing!< Of the overeating variety.Poor Scribal is the first to suffer the effects of all this holiday food.
  23. 23. After dinner I noticed Rolley hanging around, he had a sweet talk lined up for Song. Song wasn’t paying much attention though.
  24. 24. Preferring to talk about what was on the telly with Scribal.Scribal: “Do you know they have a show down here called ‘Farmer Get’s A Wife’? A whole heap of woman trying to marry a hot farmer on national TV, how desperate can you get?” Song: “Who would sign up for that?!” Ani-mei: *Better ensure my place* They really do:
  25. 25. Right before I was going to send Rolley off to bed, Ani-mei swoops in again.
  26. 26. Ani-mei *Eat my dust ladies*
  27. 27. A quick game of ‘Don’t wake the lamas’ next morning ensures a few more points before elimination time.
  28. 28. I actually looked for bacon and eggs and couldn’t find any, so Eggs Benedict will have to do instead.Peach cooked up one serving for the fast and hungry. Because there is only so many times I can watch a group of sims eat turkey and salad for breakfast without needing a spork for my eyes.
  29. 29. Lark “Time for two of you to leave.” Jill “Thanks for stating the obvious lark.”Rolley “Here are the scores. Ani-mei 135 friends and a crush, Holley 122 friends, Lark 101 friends, Song 61, Jess and Scribal 42, Jo 39, Esme 28, Cee, Jessie and Amy all tied on 26, which leaves Ashley and Jill tied on 16. Sorry ladies but you’re going to have to leave the bachelor house.”
  30. 30. Jill: “I knew I was a *cellar dweller. No pointy eared loving for me this time.” *Jill’s own words.
  31. 31. Ashley: “I really thought I had more points than that. Oh well see you all later.”
  32. 32. Thanks for playing guys. Now we are down to eleven.
  33. 33. Day four is the first of the hot tub dates. Seeing we still have a lot of ladies; I did two, two hour hot tub opportunities.After using one of Rolley’s commands to ‘get in’ he asked everyone to join. (Which I am not counting towards his eight)
  34. 34. Lark, Amylu and Esme make it to the tub. Good to see some of the lower score’s making this. Rolley: “So Ani-mei is really hot.” That goes down well... *I sent Scribal for a swim.
  35. 35. Love the faces.
  36. 36. Lark: “Don’t make us hit you Rolley.”
  37. 37. They also had ‘fascinating’ conversations about theatre and art. Okay, next round!
  38. 38. Scribal got out, but got distracted by her bo-ing back in and went off to eat again...
  39. 39. Jess decided dancing was more fun and also looks to have gained a few pounds. Dancing should count as exercise!
  40. 40. Jo was more interested in learning to do the xylophone shot.
  41. 41. Holley, Jessie and Cee made the hot tub, while Song stalked Holley for most of the two hours for chats and hang outs and goodness knows what else. Holley: “So Rolley, going to play violin for us? Hint, hint.”
  42. 42. Rolley: “I hope when this is all over that we can all remain good friends.”
  43. 43. Cee: “That would be nice, because I don’t know anyone else here.” Holley: ”friends! Who wants friends! I plan to win at all costs!” And other yawn worthy conversations...
  44. 44. I also sent Jess for a swim and she got slim again too. If it was only so easy in real life.
  45. 45. Holley: “Psst Ani-mei, guess what Jo did?” “What?”
  46. 46. “She totally messed this whole BC up! Oh yeah and she lost Tina as a best friend too.”
  47. 47. “Shh don’t tell anyone, but she let Tina get old and die, can you imagine.” “Oh my.” “Just think, one day that will be you too if you win!” Rolley: “That’s my dead Grandmother you’re talking about you know.”
  48. 48. I don’t think Ani-mei is really listening Holley.Holley: *It just needs time to sink in, that’s all*
  49. 49. Holley: *Yes Ani-mei will be running scared*
  50. 50. Day five and the table is starting to look a little more empty.
  51. 51. Esme: “Must you eat like that?”Jess: “Yes, it might be >fling gulp< My last meal!”
  52. 52. Rolley: “Okay it’s 10am and we all know the drill; the ladies with the lowest two scores will be leaving. From highest to lowest we have Ani-mei crush andfriends 147, Holley friends 140, lark friends 118, Song 80 friends, Jo 66, Amylu 53, Cee, Jess and Scribal 38 which leaves Esme on 24 and Jessie on 22. Sorry ladies, but your time is up.”
  53. 53. Esme “What?” Jessie: “I knew we chose this end of the table for a reason.”Esme: “But we made the hot tub date, doesn’t that count for something?” Jessie: “Apparently not.” >sigh<
  54. 54. Sorry guys, I expected higher scores from that hot tub session. Actually both of your scores went down not up.
  55. 55. Jo “I’ll be next I just know it!”*Note I decided to try Pescado’s Romance hack. I’m hoping that will prevent jealousy between the contestants. ‘Boingings’ and slap feasts are kind of fun, but not very fair really. I’ll pull it after this as it’s probably against the ‘Whose Your daddy’ Challenge rules which I am doing with Olinda.