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Fair Dinkum Flamingos Chapter 9


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Fair Dinkum Flamingos Chapter 9

  1. 1. G’day mates and welcome back to my little corner of the outback. Where the flies outnumber people and Vegemite rules. Last time my founder Bazza and his simself wife Tina passed on to that great sim outback in the sky ...or their back garden. *sniff* The three kids of generation two; Laura, Peach and Rolley became teens.The heir poll was held and surprise surprise not at all Rolley, the bad apple won! Another bad apple heir, but at least he won’t have to have the three mandatory pregnancies. No indeed, simselves are lining themselves up in droves for that honour; they just can’t resist the elf ears.
  2. 2. My bowling is as elegant as my notes ~which you can translate into something resembling spaghetti mauled by crocs.
  3. 3. But as we say out here, she’ll be right mate, because these things always seem to work themselves out in the end.Before we start I’d like to say thank you to karima for altering my cover.  If you look closely you will find another old character on there.Secondly apologies if the pictures are smaller. I just use the in game camera when playing my OWBC because it’s easier and I play this as a break from all the plotty scene set up of my legacy.
  4. 4. It was an ordinary day. Chewy and Opal were off doing what Opal and Chewy do ~stalking each other.
  5. 5. Laura was busy chasing boys down at the club house...
  6. 6. When she wasn’t being chewed out for her bad service. Laura: “I was busy?” “Tonsil hocky is not a job description!”
  7. 7. Rolley went and made grilled cheese dinner for everyone.
  8. 8. While poor Peach was doing her best to not only do her own and her brothers homework, but also catch bugs before it was time for bed. She has a tendency to disturb a lot of bees. The bug hunt is so far only around 14. We have a l-o-n-g way to go.
  9. 9. When suddenly... “I’m gonna steal back my rooster.”Oh yeah the new rooster I had decided to place since Norm hadn’t come back had been stolen ~big deal.
  10. 10. “And you better not try and stop me!” Yikes! I’ll definitely leave you to it.
  11. 11. But that’s not all.... “Mwhaha”Oh no not two roosters? Also Rolley looks way to sweet here to be on a reconnaissance mission.
  12. 12. Norm!! “Who are you?” “No, the question sir should be just who are you?” Standoff at the Woop Woop corral.Oh yes, Rolley, dear Rolley brought back Norm! I now have my original gnome back after being gnomeless since I think Rolley was a baby, so base points back to me! Having the rooster stolen must have been the trigger, so if your gnome has been gone a long time and you haven’t replaced it, try it.
  13. 13. “My brigade” “No, it’s mine!” “I beg to differ since you are a deserter”“Are you a few crumbs short of a bickie or someth’en? I was stolen, s-t-o-l-e-n, so it’s my flock and you can catch the next plane back to pommy land.” “Your so called flock is a disgrace and I am not moving” “Well I’m not either!” “Humph” “Humph!”
  14. 14. However good things often come with a price.The next time I entered the lot I wondered what the white patches down the hallway floor were...
  15. 15. Picked them off the floor and this is what many of my photo booth pictures have turned into.Luckily I still have the pictures of Bazza and Tina. It mostly seems to be the first generation pictures affected. I’ll try and get the rest again if I can, even though they don’t actually live at the main house any more.
  16. 16. “Cheese, cheese glorious cheese; ooey and gooey it’s all that one needs.”The girls bought the town’s 50’s diner. Okay so it had to be nearly stripped to the ground for them to be able to afford it, but now it is all theirs.
  17. 17. “So follow me follow, down to the diner; and there you can wallow in glorious cheese.” The rather bad wallpaper you see here was made by me. It’s supposed to be melted cheese. Why yes I will be doing beyond cheesy next time I do an OWBC. With the amount of cheese Chewy and Rolley serve up it nearly feels like I am doing it anyway.
  18. 18. “Still working on that advertisement jingle I see... don’t quit your day job Peach.” “But I don’t have a_ hey let’s see you come up with something better Laura!”
  19. 19. “We’re even trying out fish flavoured grilled cheese Gillian, want to try some?” “I think I’ll stick to the water.” The recipes might need working on.
  20. 20. “A grilled cheese restaurant with robot chefs; who’s ever heard of such a thing. Doomed to failure if you ask me.” Yeah, that’s why you’re spying. The NPC’s guild is running scared.
  21. 21. Across the road at the Boolprop Clubhouse; ‘Splish Splash Splosh’, we are open for business again. Apart from selling some garden produce at home this place is their main source of income. I find ticket buying faces and bowling faces an endless source of amusement ~yes I am easily amused. Simselves just make it all the more amusing.
  22. 22. *large red ticket machine* Ah no Tracy, that would be mystery’s simself. *Must.Buy.Ticket*Just put the coin in the actual machine, not down Mysteries ear and I’m sure all will be well.
  23. 23. Amylu pulls the best ticket faces.While Shadey pulls the best bowling ones.
  24. 24. “Rat’s!” Fuzzy’s son Cooperpulls a very cute one though.
  25. 25. “Oh my gosh, what is that?!”“A rare native Australian species?”
  26. 26. “Rare species, my bad hair day! She just won’t go play my house and fix me up!” Hehe, it’s too funny to keep you that way.
  27. 27. I have to say Shadey wins the award for most entertaining simself. Shadey your simself is into everything the club has to offer. She is the most frequent visitor and hardly ever leaves. I think I know why... “Happy hour!”
  28. 28. “Heeey down there, would youu like a drrink?” “Beep-beep?” “Well suuure they are Flo, see they’re just very very thin, ahmm” “Beep!”“Now theeen none of that Flo, skrinny people should be served too.”
  29. 29. I’m not sure just what is in those cocktails, but I think they are very strong.“Won’t you take me to >hic< funky town, oh won’t you take me to funky town.”
  30. 30. “Come on boys let’s get on down, won’t you, >hic< take me to funky town.” Caffie: “You sing it Grandma!”
  31. 31. >hic< “Heeyy who moved the flooor?”
  32. 32. I decided to start selling hot tubs as a quick revenue earner. ~It’s what helped the girls buy the diner, plus it gave the servos something to do.
  33. 33. “They said they had a hot tub for sale, where ever could it be?” You might want to try looking right behind yourself Sawyer.
  34. 34. “Buzz-a-beep?”“A hot tub? Why yes I can think of some...ah therapeutic uses for one of those.”
  35. 35. Fuzzy was the first simself to buy a hot tub. Kerching.
  36. 36. You may have noticed the pervy mammoth is still here, He, she, it? just got moved across the yard. Those eyes watch you all the time...
  37. 37. “I’m not the one wearing the budgie smugglers.”
  38. 38. Shadey: “I predict that someone will get fried in the hot tub tonight.” Townie >stalk stalk<
  39. 39. Ani-Mei: “I agree, fried like an egg.” Townie >stalk stalk<
  40. 40. “Arrrgghhh!!”Except I didn’t think it would be Sawyer, I was hoping it would be stalker boy.
  41. 41. No wonder he didn’t buy a hot tub.For the amount of time Ani-Mei spent in there she should have been parboiled.
  42. 42. Back at home Flo adopts a cat, Kim. Some people know that Kim is my favourite stray and I adopt her in, in nearly every neighbourhood. However with all the uncontrollable and partly controllables I have, it may not have been the best idea to add a critter to the household.I adopt in strays very often ~Er kind of resembles real life here lol. The secret to it is to line up ‘play, give love’ multiple times while changing it to a new interaction as often as you can. So as soon as they start to play cat teaser you cancel it. Most times I adopt in, in one try.
  43. 43. *Ahh, so satisfactory, that feeling of splintering word, shredded vinyl and strewn stuffing.* Thanks Kim...just thanks. *No trouble, what else would you like me to destroy today?*No one controllable has the time to train her and the servos I now keep powered down until I have a need for them.
  44. 44. This place is uncontrolled bedlam.“Finished my homework did you Peachy? Here’s your reward!” “Errmph!”
  45. 45. “Rolley! Eww have you had a shower all week!”
  46. 46. “A shower? >snort< Who bothers with that?”
  47. 47. Actually Rolley is very tidy; he’s mopping this puddle up at 3am.However with soaring desert temperatures it doesn’t take long for someone to smell like they showered a week ago.
  48. 48. Bazza and Tina decided to make an appearance on the same night together.
  49. 49. Bazza went around checking on things like his bed.
  50. 50. And his garden. *Tsk tsk, just look at this pathetic garden*Don’t worry Bazza, I got Flo and Mingo on top of it.
  51. 51. Tina was quite content to just float around outside.
  52. 52. Somewhere in here we also got a second lamp, Yah! Now I can wish some more platinum.I still have two unused wishes on the first lamp as I am keeping them for wishes for peace.
  53. 53. A number of birthdays were due to come up, and Chewy is a long way from eating 200 grilled cheese sandwiches, so I had him wish for peaceright away. I’ll still attempt the 200 sandwiches, but it’s a slow deal when he’s only on eight commands per day. I think he’s only up to about 50 right now.
  54. 54. I threw Laura a birthday party, inviting all the simselves she knew.
  55. 55. Yah for the first of generation two to become an adult! It’s a long teenagerhood without Uni.
  56. 56. “Not bad at all.”
  57. 57. Of course disappearing guests mean only one thing here.... “Yes take the snob and be done with it!”“I’m sure you would much prefer that cheap knockoff that calls itself a gnome my good lady.”
  58. 58. “Actually a rooster would look good in my garden.” “She obviously knows class when she sees it!”“Oh, pull your lip over your head and swallow! ~deserter! Hahaha!”
  59. 59. Now that Laura wasn’t available to do any of Rolley’s homework ~Not that she ever did it much as her fun was always too tanked and shewould refuse. I had her try and save the garden. She is now the only one with a gold gardening badge, so I had her talk to the plants all day, only stopping for desperate needs, and hoped it wouldn’t take too long for the servo’s or Peach to get theirs. Peach: “Laura your bum is ringing.” Laura: “I would answer it, but somehow I feel compelled to talk to the eight plants in my queue.”
  60. 60. Since she was also the only fully controllable adult I had her encourage Peach to activity. “That’s it Peach! Hut, two, three, four!”
  61. 61. “Oh come on Laura I’m bushed. I can’t >pant< take all this activity!”Twice was all she got and Peach is still on two active points. Those eggplants are more important.
  62. 62. This is such a normal house...“Did the dunny truck go past or something?” “No >gag< That’s just mum.”
  63. 63. >sniff sniff< “Ahh, that’s just my natural aroma; like cheese.”
  64. 64. Parents cuddle on the ground outside the house.“Do you guys really have to do that in front of the school bus?” >cringe<
  65. 65. Teenage brother jumps on the couch while his naked mother dances with his father.
  66. 66. O_o I am not surprised they have issues.
  67. 67. A few days off Peach’s birthday we had a lightning strike. “Aahh roast flamingo!” “I know and we forgot the seasoning!”
  68. 68. “Thank you Norm!” “No worries pinky” “You can thank the rain not him.” Everyone “Ah shut-up!”That began to sizzle out and I realized we had more flames...
  69. 69. Someone had run outside and left the dinner unattended.
  70. 70. The fires dropped Peach’s and Rolley’s aspiration right down. Nothing I can do about Rolley because he’s the bad apple and I can’t look at his wants and needs. The kid just has to fend for himself.
  71. 71. So being both mean and grumpy he started picking fights with kids who came home with them off the school bus.
  72. 72. Rolley beats them all to a pulp.
  73. 73. They in turn started stealing the paper, kicking over the bin...
  74. 74. And stealing Norm!“Stupid Wonglepong’s, I’ll get you!” “Ah fair go mate, I’m sick of this.”
  75. 75. You can never be too sure who might bring the gnome back.
  76. 76. They don’t have to be mean. Opal has 10 nice points and this is the second time she has brought back Norm.
  77. 77. “What do you think you’re doing?” “I was on a stroll?”
  78. 78. “Scat and don’t come back!”
  79. 79. Great face Chewy. You tell her!
  80. 80. “We’re the bad apples and you don’t mess with us!” Ah bad apples, I do love em.
  81. 81. While there was nothing I could do about Rolley, Peach was due for her adult birthday in a couple of days.She didn’t have any high point wants so I decided to give her a date. We had 7,000 in the kitty so I went the full hog and paid out $5,000 for what I hoped would be a wonderful date.
  82. 82. We got... Gallagher Newson. Ugg, ugg, ugg! These Newson kids are like a pestilence. Then Opal and Chewy decided to get all squishy right behind the dating teens. *One, two, three, when I open my eyes my parents will be gone* No such luck.
  83. 83. But things just went from bad to worse.One bolt and they didn’t even get on that well. This is why I don’t normally shell out much for matchmaker dates. I’m sure the old crone takes fiendish delight in setting up badly matched couples.
  84. 84. “Boogabooga!” “Grandma!”“I won’t have you dating those terrible Newson boys!”
  85. 85. *I strangely liked that*Meanwhile Gallagher gets noogied from Rolley. Fun date yeah?
  86. 86. Somehow though we managed an okay date and a first kiss, so all was not lost.
  87. 87. After that she rolled up the want to max all skills which she did thanks to the eggplant juice. So Peach was well and truly plat for her birthday.
  88. 88. I think she grew up lovely. I’ve decided red will be her colour.
  89. 89. Time for Laura to move out. Both Peach and the servos have their gold gardening badges and Laura wouldn’t be staying after Rolley comes back with a simself wife anyway. “So Kim looks like you’re coming with me.” *And just who are you?* I’m sure they will get on great...
  90. 90. Opal then topped creativity and finished her novel for the family scrapbook.
  91. 91. Got the dodad this time.She also has her gold robotics badge. So she is free to stalk Chewy now as much as she likes.
  92. 92. Umm guys? I know it’s a quiet road, but still...“If a cattle truck comes through we won’t have to have this birthday.” Aughhh!
  93. 93. Thankfully the cattle truck only comes through on a Wednesday. “So old and crusty?” “Looks like it.”
  94. 94. *Pop*Opal ages up in Opal style. ~wearing very little.
  95. 95. I think she looks good.
  96. 96. Poor Chewy didn’t fare so well in the clothes department. “Hey Dad are you going to a 70’s disco?”
  97. 97. Much better.
  98. 98. Now Rolley was also due to age the same day. But instead of being red, I noticed he was in the gold Yah!I’m guessing he earned either a heap of points for gaining a body skill or for getting fit again. Whatever it was it came right at the right time. I also discovered when he first jumped on the sphere that his hobby is fitness.
  99. 99. He aged up in the hall interesting ensemble.
  100. 100. This is sad though, I recently noticed that Bazza’s tombstone has disappeared. Does anyone know how to get it back?
  101. 101. Next morning...“Hello? Oh hi. The house is ready? Great! I’m looking forward to it. No I don’t think he has any idea. See you then, bye.”
  102. 102. “Frabbin nabbit!”
  103. 103. “I hate bugs!!”See you over at the BC.
  104. 104. I think this may be his underwear...  Aussie Glossary Are you a few crumbs short of a bickie? - Are you stupid? budgie smugglers – Male Speedo swimwear.Oh, pull your lip over your head and swallow – Oh go away and shut-up. Bum – butt Bushed – very tired Like Cheese -- A Strong Smell