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linkedin EFT Group


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An EFT group in action

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linkedin EFT Group

  1. 1. EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques
  2. 2. Overview • Explanation of EFT • Working with a group • What people are saying • Contact details
  3. 3. Explanation of EFT • Like acupuncture but without the needles • Meridian therapy • Based on the connection between emotions and health • Often works where nothing else can
  4. 4. Explanation of EFT • Tapping on points on the face and upper body while “tuning in” to problem • Stimulates meridians • Releases emotional blocks to progress (eg fear or phobia) • Often works when nothing else will
  5. 5. Working with a group • Fiona explains what the system is • Teaches the tapping points • Makes sure everyone is clear on what they are to do
  6. 6. Working with a group • Fiona works with a volunteer from the group while everyone else “borrows benefits” on their own blocks • In this way everyone can make significant progress
  7. 7. What People are Saying “ It is obvious that Fiona's experience of “ Very friendly and different practices and welcoming atmosphere her intuition and and the feeling perceptiveness makes afterwards is good ” her a very skilled —Dina practitioner and lend support to imparting this technique. ” — Emma
  8. 8. What People are Saying “ I was surprised at how effective this technique is. Fiona is a very good “ Any one who is guide who talks struggling to lose animatedly and checks in weight should come with the class to see if and try this she should expand on anything or answer any technique. ” questions. ” — Micheline — Caz
  9. 9. Contact Details • Email • Website • EFT – Emotional Freedom Techniques Meetup Group • Weight Loss with EFT Meetup Group