How to Launch a Successful $10K/month E-commerce Store with No Experience


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Learn how serial entrepreneur Jun Loayza ( successfully launched his first online e-commerce store with no technical background, no experience, in his spare time, and got it to the point of making $10,000 per month within just 4 short months! This free Lifestyle Business / ecommerce webinar is brought to you by and Digital Nomad Academy

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How to Launch a Successful $10K/month E-commerce Store with No Experience

  1. 1. How to build a successful e-commerce store withno technical backgroundPresented by Cody McKibben (Thrilling Heroics) and Jun Loayza (RewardMe) Cody Jun
  2. 2. Background• UCLA 2007: B.A. in Economics and Philosophy• Left the corporate world after 3 months• Failed 2 companies from 2008 - 2009• Successfully sold 2 companies from 2010 - 2011• Closed deals with Whole Foods Market, Sephora, Levi’s, and Activision• Raised over $1,000,000 in Angel funding• Current full-time startup: RewardMe• Current lifestyle business: Minted Republic |
  3. 3. Minted Republic Overview• Launched in February 2012• Currently generates over $10,000 in revenue• 5 hours of work or less per week• 2 partners |
  4. 4. How to get started The 1st steps to take
  5. 5. Why did we choose an online boutique forwomen’s apparel?
  6. 6. Establish partners that compliment each other1. Joseph (Equity): Advertising and Operations2. Rees (Equity): Development3. Jun (Equity): Accounting, legal, overall management4. Christine (Commission): Stylist5. Kevin (Paid): Photographer |
  7. 7. Find the manufacturer and negotiate• Joseph (partner in Los Angeles) ➡ Met with 10 companies in the garment district ➡ Set up meetings for me to negotiate and close a deal• Terms negotiated ➡ We hold no inventory (drop-ship model) ➡ We get access to their entire collection (sold to LA boutiques) ➡ We pay wholesale prices ➡ Manufacturer ships product to customers ➡ Manufacturer receives 10% of the profits |
  8. 8. Build and design the e-commerce store• Platform: Shopify Professional ➡ $60/month• Theme: Shopify premium theme ➡ $200• Customized the premium theme ➡ Joseph: designed based on premium theme structure ➡ Rees: coded the design |
  9. 9. Model + Photography Catalog and Lookbook shoot
  10. 10. Core principle: Copy what works
  11. 11. We modeled our site after Nasty Gal
  12. 12. Model: Lauren• Found on Model Mayhem• Cost: $400/day• Utilized Kevin’s account to reach out to her
  13. 13. Photography• Team • Stylist ➡ Kevin and Felix: lead ➡ Christine: founder of the photographers manufacturing partner company ➡ Christine: Hair and makeup ➡ 10% of profits (from terms)• Cost • Clothing + Accessories ➡ $3,500 per day ➡ Manufacturing partner gives us samples for the shoot ➡ $5 per final image ➡ Christine brings accessories• Location from her closet ➡ Studio: Kevin’s house ➡ Buy and return from stores |
  14. 14. Drive Traffic: advertising and SEO
  15. 15. Advertising: what did NOT work• Google Adwords• Facebook Ads |
  16. 16. Advertising: what DID work• Banner ads on fashion blogs• Sponsored reviews with fashion bloggers• Giveaways with fashion bloggers Giveaway spike |
  17. 17. Advertising: cost breakdown Type Cost Payment Type Banner ads $50 - $200 per month Sponsored review Free - $200 per review Giveaway Free - $100 per giveaway |
  18. 18. Prime placementNegotiated with fashion bloggersto get prime placement on site
  19. 19. Search engine optimization• Anchor text on all sponsored reviews and giveaways• Get links from popular fashion sites: ➡ ➡ Chictopia• Alt tags for all product images |
  20. 20. Improve conversions + How to make the sell email marketing
  21. 21. How we improved conversions• Free shipping and 365-day return policy• Grapevine reviews• Featured items on the home page that were mentioned by fashion bloggers• Gave fashion bloggers a widget to embed our product on their blog |
  22. 22. How we use emails• Platform of choice: Mailchimp• How we collect emails: ➡ Fashion blogger giveaways ➡ On-site: customer can opt-into our newsletter• What we send via email: ➡ Style inspirations ➡ Announcement of new collection ➡ Promotions |
  23. 23. What’s next for Minted Republic
  24. 24. Upcoming projects• Hire social media manager• Launch Minted Republic blog• Create a network of fashion bloggers• Expand manufacturing partners |
  25. 25. Jun LoayzaPresident of Minted Republic