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Question 4


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Question 4

  1. 1. EVALUATION – QUESTION 4 By cody hardy
  2. 2. DECIDING THE AUDIENCE! Before we began to create our media final product we had to think aboutcertain things that would attract certain audiences and who we would want ouractual audience to be so that we could decide what age group we would aim at being our target audience. however me and the rest of my group all decided that we wanted our thriller to appeal to a younger audience as they wouldenjoy watching our thriller as it is based around teenagers and is slightly creepy which teenagers love!! So from there we had decided that we would wanted our target audience to be around a young age, mainly teenagers.
  3. 3. FINDING OUT ABOUT WHAT TEENAGERS LIKE! I decided to put out a questionnaire on to my Facebook page ( where my friends are teenagers ) to find out what kind of thrillers my peers liked and what different conventions they enjoyed seeing in thriller films (E.g villians,heros, MaGuffins ). Choosing teenagers as a target audience was definitely our best option as our peers are all the same age it was easy to find out what the age group liked and what they would want to see and enjoyed about various different thriller films.
  5. 5. As we had decided on our target audience of teenagers we had to research inmore depth into what the certain age group would enjoy to see in thriller filmsand their openings. As we chose teenagers we realised that our target audiencewas the same age range as myself my group and our peers so it was alot easier than we thought it would be to find out the likes and dislikes of whatteenagers like in thriller films. We looked at various different thriller films that we had enjoyed watching to get lots of ideas for our own production. Wealso made a audience profile of our two friends Ella and Leo to show the age range and what they enjoy