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  1. 1. KathmanduNaran Macià CasanovasTeacher : Teresa PietxCourse: 2013- 2014
  2. 2. What I want to explain isKathmandu● Where is Kathamandu?● How is Kathmandu?● How to move around Kathmandu?● Places to visit and practical things.● How are the nepalese people and whatlanguage do they speak?
  3. 3. Where is Kathamandu?Kathamandu is in Nepal. Its is a very small country inAsia between India and China.Kathmandu is Nepals capital.Population: 1.442.271 people.Its in Kathmandu Valley and its surrounded by big
  4. 4. How is Kathamandu?Its lively and there is always movement, it isvery crowded and busy.There are interesting places to visit. Peopleare very kind and always ready to helptourists. Its a very cheap city.
  5. 5. How is Kathamandu?There is a lot of pollution andpoverty. Its also very dirty.There are many childrenliving in the streets and loadsof dogs.There arent any trafficlights and the traffic isdangerous. The city isvery noisy, cars play thehorn all the time.
  6. 6. How to move around Kathmandu?Airplane to enter and leave the country and to travel tothe himalayas.The bus is the main transport in the country, prices arevery cheap.Minibuses are very cheap and reach every corner of thecity; ideal to visit Kathmandu.
  7. 7. How to move around Kathmandu?There are manyrickshaws, verytraditional inall Asia.Most of thetourists use taxis,they are verycheap.There are manymotorcycles andbicycles in thecity.
  8. 8. Places to visit and practical thingsKathmandu is a city with many places to visit,especially buddhist and hindu temples.The tourist spots are:Stupa of Swayambunath Thamel
  9. 9. Places to visit and practical thingsDurbar Square The Kings palace PashupatinathChangu Narayan Patan Bhaktapur
  10. 10. Places to visit and practical thingsThe Nepelesecurrency is therupee.Never drinktap waterand alwayshave atorchready.Duringmonsoonseason youneed anumbrella.Stupa of Boudhanath
  11. 11. How are the nepalese people and whatlanguage do they speak?There are two cultures; buddist and the hinduism.The Nepalese people are very religious.buddist hinduism
  12. 12. How are the nepalese people and whatlanguage do they speak?In Nepal there are casts; in Kathmandu there areloads of Newars, the Newars are hinduist andcraftsmen.
  13. 13. How are the nepalese people and whatlanguage do they speak?The typical Nepalese dishis rice with lentils,chicken and vegetables. Becarefull, its spicy and hot.The traditonaldressing is thesari for womenand the kurtafor men.
  14. 14. How are the nepalese people and whatlanguage do they speak?The official language of Nepal is the nepali but manyyoung people also speak English.Public schools only use nepali languague, private schoolsteach all in english. There are areas in Kathmandu wherepeople can speak newar language.Nepali alphabet
  15. 15. eeeeTHE END