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Agile in Action Webinar


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Willie Wang will shows you how Codesion does agile development, including defining and grooming the product backlog, running sprint planning meetings, doing daily sprints, and reporting. Get simple, actionable steps you can implement today.

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Agile in Action Webinar

  1. 1. Agile in Action!How Codesion Does Agile Development! Willie Wang, VP Products and Services!
  2. 2. Agile in Action!•  Goals! –  Quick Intro of Agile SCRUM Methodology! –  How Codesion uses SCRUM to build great products!•  Takeaways! –  Basic SCRUM knowledge! –  Manage Product Backlog! –  Run a Sprint!
  3. 3. Codesion Cloud Services!•  Codesion FrogSAFE V4 Platform!•  Distributed Product Management and Engineering Team!•  Self-Organization is Key!•  Multiple Methodologies!•  Product has multiple themes!
  4. 4. Agile SCRUM!Artifacts – Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Burn Down, Shippable Increment!Meetings – Sprint Planning, Daily SCRUM, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective!Roles – Stakeholders, Product Owner, Scrum Master, Team!
  5. 5. Product Backlog"(Product Owner)!
  6. 6. The Product Backlog (PB)!•  List of prioritized features, PBI!•  Prioritized using stack ranking!•  Answers the question, what will be built!
  7. 7. Three C’s of User Stories! Card! used for planning, notes reflect priority & cost (story points)! Conversation ! follow up cards with a discussion & documents! Confirmation!acceptance test that outlines how the product owner & team knows something is done!
  8. 8. User Story Example! As a user, I want to be able to pick and choose resources from multiple pages and then save so that I can save time!
  9. 9. Acceptance Criteria!•  The user selects one, or many or all resources from any results page!•  The users selections persists as the user navigates from page to page!•  If user does not click on any result and clicks "Save" then it saves resources only the current page!•  If the user selects something in any of the results pages and click save on any of the pages, it saves only the selected results!
  10. 10. Codesion Product Backlog!•  We keep both user stories and defects in the same PB, they are both PBIs!•  We use planning folders to categorize our PB!•  PB with more than 100 PBIs becomes unmanageable!
  11. 11. Manage PBI!•  Associate detailed documents to PBI!•  Discussions and mailing list for PBI!
  12. 12. Product Backlog Grooming!
  13. 13. Product Backlog (PB) Grooming!•  PB Grooming happens before a Sprint can start! –  Product Owner (PO), Scrum Master (SM)!•  PB Grooming results in Sprint Backlog for the team to work on! –  PO, SM!•  PB Grooming requires participation of stakeholders, product owner, scrum master, and the team! –  All!
  14. 14. When to Start Grooming! GROOM!4 week sprint – start mid-end of 3rd week!2 week sprint – start beginning of 2nd week!
  15. 15. Key Concepts!•  Product Backlog!•  PBIs!•  Sprint Backlog!•  Story Points!•  Fibonacci Numbers (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34)!•  Affinity Estimation Technique!
  16. 16. Sprint Planning!
  17. 17. Sprint Planning Meeting!•  Team decides tasks required!•  Scrum Master facilitates the meeting!•  Product Owner clarifies user stories!
  18. 18. Task Management!•  Assigned Team Member fills out estimated effort!•  Sprint Starts – fill out remaining effort on a daily basis!
  19. 19. Sprint Starts!
  20. 20. Sprint Starts!•  Set Planning Folder Status (SM)!•  Set Start and End Date (SM)!•  Update Task Status (TM)!•  Update Remaining Effort (TM)!
  21. 21. Sprint In Progress!•  SVN Commit Association (TM)!•  Track Knowledge via Discussions (ALL)!•  Add Tasks and Defects as children of PBI (TM)!
  22. 22. Impediments! Product!Team! Organization!
  23. 23. Reporting!
  24. 24. Remaining Effort!
  25. 25. Burn Down Chart!
  26. 26. Try It Yourself!! training videos at!
  27. 27. Questions?"visit!