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Introduction to internet of everything


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100 seconds introduction to internet of everything

Published in: Technology
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Introduction to internet of everything

  1. 1. Internet of Everything
  2. 2.  PHASE-1 “The Era of Static web”  Typical Use-Case User-Agent (Browser) SERVER hosting html pages SERVERUser-Agent (Browser) Html page
  3. 3.  PHASE-2 And the web became dynamic  Type a search query and get information from around the world
  4. 4.  PHASE-3 Virtual Reality became a reality  Facebook started competing India and China in terms of population  Cloud and Big data takes shape
  5. 5.  Phase-4 iPhone and Android  Our Health, Fitness, Banking, Productivity through cloud connected apps  IFTTT is another good example Source: SINTEF 90% of world’s data is Generated from 2011-2013
  6. 6.  The Internet of Everything, we make our life more productive by connecting and managing things through internet
  7. 7.  We are about to learn what are the building blocks of the Internet of Everything  And we’ll be looking at a “Hello World” app in context of the Internet of Everything