Working with WordPress themes


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WordPress makes it easy to maintain site using themes, but without the proper standards followed, themes become hard to update to the latest changes and developer who takes on maintaining the site has to face nightmares. Here I talk about use of Child Themes to minimize those horror stories.

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Working with WordPress themes

  1. 1. Working with Themes Utsav Singh @Rathour
  2. 2. Themes? • Are basically skins • Give customized functionality • Make our site look like they are supposed to • Make our site work like they are supposed to
  3. 3. Parent and Frameworks • A parent theme or Framework is a theme itself which is fully functional, but also gives you a base to create something new. • Has most of the things you would need.
  4. 4. Child Theme • A child theme is a theme as well but has a parent. • Takes all of its functions and styles from the parent theme • All the abilities that a regular theme would have.
  5. 5. What are Child Themes? • Easy to create • Inherit all the basic things from it’s parent. • Has most of the thing of it’s own, even while being empty. • Easy updating
  6. 6. Why this presentation? • People generally tend to work on the main theme they got, either it is premium or free. • Clients ask for something custom that needs to be worked on the original file. • Theme releases update. • Once updated all your changes are gone. (facepalm)
  7. 7. How does child theme come in? • Child theme lets you create your own theme under a base(parent) theme. • All your changes are under your theme. • Once parent is updated, nothing happens to the child theme. • Your theme works just as fine after updating (awesome)
  8. 8. Why this presentation? Out of frustation. :D
  9. 9. How to create a child theme? • As easy as adding style.css Just add /* Theme Name: Twenty Twelve Child Theme URI: Description: Child theme for the Twenty Twelve theme Author: Your name here Author URI: Template: twentytwelve Version: 0.1.0 */
  10. 10. Questions?