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CodeMyMobile Intro

  1. 1. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  2. 2. We are Codemymobile We're not just any mobile app development company. We work exclusively on projects that inspire us. We convert your awesome ideas into entertainment or productivity apps. We provide comprehensive business solutions to address the mobility needs of your customers and employees. We believe in sheer performance and strive to build you apps that your audience loves. We also help you with marketing your app! Vision We harness the power of brilliant minds to solve complex technology problems and deliver outstanding customer satisfaction. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Mission We combine passion, innovation, and inspiration to build a technology company in which employees, customers, and investors pursue excellence in all the products we create.
  3. 3. We Mobilize Your Ideas into Revenue Opportunities. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  4. 4. Services Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  5. 5. Our Clients We have excellent client references because we have a proven track record of converting awesome ideas into entertainment or productivity apps that users love. We provide comprehensive business solutions to address mobility needs. Our clients include start-ups, small businesses, and global brands of all sizes. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  6. 6. Analysis Planning Design Development Analysis It is extremely important that we understand your vision. Listening is our first priority. We offer a free 30minute session to listen to you and understand your objectives. We also help refine your requirements. Then, we write a project specifications briefing that includes key milestones. We discuss our questions with you and also make suggestions. Once all the details are agreed upon, we provide a statement of work, which includes timeline and costs. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  7. 7. Analysis Planning Design Development Planning After you green-light the project, we develop our project plan. Your project manager will allocate the best-suited designers and developers for your application based on the devices you choose, and other characteristics such as -- typical usage patterns, number of screens and interaction points. We will proceed only when you are satisfied with the overall plan. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  8. 8. Analysis Planning Design Development Design Maybe you want your app to match your company’s existing personality. Maybe you want your app to have its own unique brand identify. Maybe all you have in mind is a specific color pattern. Whatever the case may be, our team of world class UI experts will design your app’s visual style. We will design the most intuitive callsto-action and create an engaging user experience. Easeof-use will be at the crux of every design decision. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  9. 9. Analysis Planning Design Development Development Once you are happy with the design and navigation of the app, we will begin to code. Our mobile gurus will choose the best algorithms from our proprietary database to give your application the best performance. Our 10+ years of experience means your app will be seamless and responsive. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  10. 10. Analysis Planning Design Development Quality Assurance After your developers finish the project, the independent quality assurance team steps in to conduct multi-device, multi-browser and multi-platform testing. Their job is to test the app aggressively to ensure that it meets global standards. We will deliver the app for your review only after the QA team certifies your app as pixel perfect. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  11. 11. Analysis Planning Design Development Delivery Finally, your app is complete! Well, not quite. We first deliver a test-build and wait for your feedback. During your review, if you have any questions, want to make any minor changes, or are dissatisfied in any way, your project manager and team will attend to any concerns. Then, we will help you deploy your app into the iTunes or Google Play stores, or any other marketplace. We also include a free basic marketing package. Of course after your app is live, we will be here to help with future updates. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  12. 12. Analysis Planning Design Development Marketing Together, we have created something beautiful, something that we want people to know about and use. Your app will speak for itself, but give us a chance to crank up the volume! At CodeMyMobile, marketing is just as important as design and development. Our marketing gurus have years of experience to give your app maximum reach. From optimizing your app description in the app store to contacting top reviewers and relevant bloggers from our database, they use the latest industry knowledge every step of the way. Choose one of our Marketing Packages and watch your download rate sore! Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Quality Assurance Delivery Marketing
  13. 13. Engineering Best Practices + Engaging UX = Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  14. 14. Portfolio: Car Experts India        Client: Erfolg Technologies 4.5 / 5 stars on Google Play Store Approx. 500 ratings Approx. 50,000 downloads in less than 5 months Best app to search cars in India -Detailed info on all car models available in India Connects users and car dealers, enabling buyers and sellers to exchange useful information Tools such as Car Maintenance Tracker, Fuel Estimation Tool and EMI Calculator Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  15. 15.     Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at Latest Car News from across the world Allows users to rate cars with top 10 cars featured. Dealers can choose from regular and premium options for ad placement, can login to see impressions, Click, etc. Learn more on Google Play Store.
  16. 16. Client: HugoMinds This simple app allows for profitability comparison of 3 companies in a peer group based on 3 key profitability ratios -gross profit margin, net profit margin and operating cash flow per share. You simply have to enter the ticker symbols of a company and 2 of its peers, and the app does the rest. We will be introducing a premium subscription version of this app in the coming months which includes the following features: Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  17. 17. Comparison of the stock vs. the local market benchmark index Social can compete against other virtual portfolios for spots at the top Top stories and news bulletin Calculation of major nine ratios and show the average ratio of each peer with trend lines Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  18. 18. Who We Are? We are a 20 person team of passionate developers, designers and marketing specialists who are out to make a difference. We have 10 years of Mobile, Web and Cloud Development Experience. We are a world class team with deep expertise in native application development and cross platform mobility solutions. We have deep experience in Android application development, Android SDK and APIs, Java, C/C++, Objective C, iOS application development for iPhone/iPad, Big Data, Hadoop MapReduce, Distributed Computing, experience with large data sets and various data formats (XML, KML,CSV), web services and APIs, AWS, Google Cloud, MySQL, MongoDB, and various other database architectures. • Math Processor Development – ISRO’s Flagship Mars & Moon Mission • Automation & testing using Python at ISRO • Location Based Profiles • Device Tracker Application • Car Experts India • Stocks -- Profitability Comparison • Enjoyye Social Networking App/Web Portal Ankit Khatri Director of Product Engineering Ankit Khatri has 10+ years of IT experience in the field of Mobile Application Development across all major platforms. His software engineering experience includes the Flagship Moon and Mars Mission at the Indian Space Research Organization. Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  19. 19. • Magnet SDK (Awarded the best app World-wide among Samsung R & D Centers) • Car Experts India • Stocks -- Profitability Comparison • Device Tracker Application at SEL.India • Language Test Automation (IME Testing Automation) • Location Based Profiles • Centralized Push Execution Framework Aman Gautam is an Android developer with 10+ years of experience including 3 years working on dozens of enterprise mobility projects at Samsung Electronics. Aman Gautam Mobility Products Guru Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  20. 20. Why Choose Us? Save up to 60% on Development Cost On-Time Delivery No Compromise on Quality Adherence to Transparent Development Understanding of Requirements Technical Competence Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003, write to us at
  21. 21. Reach Us We are brewing coffee at our office. Visit us to talk business. Send us an email or visit us at: CodeMyMobile CodeMyMobile 261 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA Phone: (917) 597 9767 E-mail: A-7, Sector-10, Noida, Delhi-NCR India Phone: +91-120-4164003 E-mail: Got Questions? Shoot! Have an App idea? Challenge Us. Do you have questions or want world class professional advice on your app idea? Are you looking for a reliable partner for mobile solutions for your business? Do you have a great mobile app idea in your head? Call us directly at +1-917-538-9538, +91-120-4164003 Write to us at