Beyond Rounded Corners: SSIS Changes for the Developer


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Unlike SSIS 2008, there are a number of developer improvements in SSIS SQL Server 2012, beyond the rounded corners and new icons. Microsoft has significantly improved the development, deployment, and execution capabilities of Integration Services with this release. I will focus on changes that directly affect development and deployment in this session including script debugging in dataflow tasks and deploying with parameters.

Steve Hughes is a Practice Lead at Magenic, working with Microsoft’s SQL Server stack to deliver data and BI solutions. He has worked with technology for over 15 years and is passionate about helping customers understand that data is valuable and profitable. Over the past 6 years, he has delivered more than 30 presentations on SQL Server and data architecture. In 2010, he received Consultant of the Year honors at Magenic. Steve leads the Minnesota SQL Server User Group (PASSMN) and is a PASS Regional Mentor for the Northeast. You can read his insights from the field at

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  • scriptingRemember when using the Script task - always ask yourself If this is the right thing to do. SSIS is the only tool that uses the VS 2010 shell for scripting (VS macros use 2008) There are performance improvements in scripting. The assembly binary is now included in the package Debugging now available in the data flow script task. Breakpoint support. Full debugging support in the data flow component. Auto and watch windows are functional Data viewers are now grid only. Less that 1% of users were using any of the other choices. System variables are now filtered out of the variable select list. (NOTE: bug - variables with expressions will show up. Not likely to resolved before RCO
  • Beyond Rounded Corners: SSIS Changes for the Developer

    1. 1. Beyond Rounded CornersSQL Server 2012 Integration ServicesSteve HughesPractice
    2. 2. Steve Hughes» Practice Lead – Data and Business Intelligence» Minnesota SQL Server User Group Board Chair» Professional Association of SQL Server (PASS) Regional Mentor for the NorthEast Region» Twitter: @DataOnWheels» Blog:
    3. 3. Why Rounded Corners?
    4. 4. Advantages of Rounded Corners» Reduces number of pixels on the design surface, reducing memory consumption» More aerodynamic, so data moves faster
    5. 5. Conclusion:Rounded Corners Are Pretty
    6. 6. Changes that MatterWhat is changed and why should you care
    7. 7. Microsoft’s Focuses for SSIS Denali» Enhanced usability for the developer » Debugging SSIS Data Flow Script Tasks » Shared Connection Managers » Undo and Redo» Improved deployment, configuration, and management of SSIS projects » SSIS Server and Catalog » Parameters
    8. 8. Developer Experience» Design Surface - WPF with Zoom» Annotations blocks support ENTER» Variables scoped for project by default» Decorated not painted» New toolbox – better organization and assistants» Data viewer is a grid, there was something else?» Project and package level connections and parameters» Debugging works» Right-click task, parameterize!
    9. 9. Some Notes on Script Changes» Scripts now use VSTA 3.0 – Visual Studio 2010 shell» .NET 4.0 Support» ReadWrite variables are filtered» Script component debugging
    10. 10. Working with Visual Studio 2012Developer experience demos
    11. 11. SSIS Server and Catalog» SQL Server Management Studio » Manage Projects » Run Packages » Server Environments» Scheduling packages» Logging and Reports» Data Taps
    12. 12. Working in SSMSSSIS Server and Catalog demos
    13. 13. Deployment Improvements» Projects or Packages » Combine all packages into a single deployable unit (.ispac – “Ice Pack”)» Server Environments » Environments support different runtime values » E.g. dev, test, prod» Configuration files no longer necessary » Parameters » Shared Connection Managers
    14. 14. Upgrading SSIS Packages» Project Conversion Wizard» From Configuration Files to Shared Connection Managers, Parameters, and Expression Tasks» Unsupported: » ExecuteDTSPackage task » ActiveX Script task
    15. 15. Some other improvements» Flat files data source now support for varying number of columns (ragged right delimited)» Improved column mapper in data flow tasks» RowCount task has UI, simpler to use
    16. 16. Other Resources» Matt Masson’s Blog »» Jamie Thomson – SQL Junkie »» Microsoft SSIS Blog »
    17. 17. Thanks for AttendingQuestions?