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  1. 1. TTTTRAVELRAVELRAVELRAVEL UNRAVELUNRAVELUNRAVELUNRAVELFor Private Circulation to Educational Institutions only A CODE initiative June 2013HOW TO GO ABOUT STARTINGInternational Tours in your SchoolAfter having travelled within India and showing students thearchitecture, history and ethos of the country, it is everySchool’s dream to travel abroad and acquaint their studentswith the culture, heritage, lifestyles and technology of theInternational destination/s and give them a perspective of thebest of both worlds. However every time an international touris announced and forms are distributed, the response is verypoor and it is difficult to even form a group of 15 students.Either the destination is not seen as a viable proposition bythe Parents or the cost seems to be very high. After tryingout a couple of times, the School then tends to give up andconcentrates on Indian Tours. There is always more thanone solution to a problem. A school in Powai tried a differentstrategy. It gave out survey forms to the Parents giving thedestinations, schedule and the cost for its Indian andInternational Tours. A few days later the School collected all the Survey forms. The tour to Rajasthan received maximumresponse amongst the Indian tours, in the International segment; the tour to Bhutan was the firm favourite. Perhaps starting witha low cost International tour could slowly initiate confidence and goodwill amongst the parents and later pave the way for toursto Europe and Africa. An experiment that met with great success is the story of St. Gregorios School in Chembur, whoannounced an International Tour (Euro-Art) to London and Paris. In that year the School did not find any takers. Realizing thatan expensive tour could not bring in the numbers, it brought the Parents together on a consensus to a tour to Egypt and thenheld a Power Point Presentation. Fifty nine parents attended the presentation. There were sixty students on the tour. That’s notall. The School has done nine international tours including destinations like Malaysia, Singapore, Turkey, Spain, Switzerlandand hold your breath, the dream Euro-Art tour to London and Paris (though not at the same time) The process initially could beslow and taxing but once it takes off, you could be flying to Sri Lanka .Mauritius ..Kenya or perhaps heading to Europe or theUnited States of America.____________________________________________________________________________________________________HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW YOUR CITYA One day picnic to a Water Park is top priority orperhaps a visit to a Nature Park as part of EnvironmentStudies has to be on the agenda for 2013, True, bothare important from the education and enjoyment point ofview to a student. After the picnic or the excursion asksthem a few questions and they will answer all correctly.However how well do they know their own city -Mumbai? Ask them a few questions and you will realizethat our students hardly know the landmarks andmonuments of our illustrious city. Creative OutdoorDevelopment Education Pvt. Ltd. (CODE) has taken theinitiative to organize three one day excursions that willhelp the students in knowing Mumbai, its history,important buildings, landmarks and monuments. Each tour is of one day duration and can be organized with refreshments. Our firsttour is KYC – Walking Heritage Tour that starts at CST Railway Station (UNESCO and World Heritage Site) and takes you walkingto the Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya,, explaining the Victorian Architecture (General Post Office, Buildings at BallardEstate, Port Trust Memorial, the Mint House and the Reserve Bank Building, Town Hall, St. Thomas Cathedral, Flora Fountain, theMumbai High Court, Rajabai Tower, Gateway of India and concluding the tour at the Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrahalaya. TheSecond one day tour is to Elephanta Islands (by boat from Gateway of India) to see the Hindu and Buddhist Cave architecture. Thethird one day tour is to the First Century Kanheri Caves, Borivali. All three tours will be featured in the coming issues of TRAVELUNRAVEL in the coming months.OPENING A WINDOW TO THE WORLD
  2. 2. TRAVEL UNRAVELVishnubaaug – The Environment Theme ParkMan has lived off nature for centuriesHe has made use of the surroundings around him for his growth, development and prosperity.But whatever he does, he has been unable to conquer “Mother Nature”The environment is a gift to us by the Almighty.Let us pledge to sustain it for generations to come.A few years ago a barren land in Badlapur touched the Ulhas River. The location wasscenic but unused till Professor Solanki put the 12 acres of land to good use. Like ascientist he designed an open air laboratory, an institute of practical learning, an eco-system that could now sustain itself. Unknowingly he weaved a thread that sewed thefibre of excellence and named it Vishnubaaug. As per Hindu mythology Lord VISHNU isthe protector of nature and the universe. BAUG means a garden. Hence the nameVishnubaaug.We conserve what we loveWe love what we understandwe understand what we are taughtWe teach here with a healthy mix of education and enjoymentVishnubaaug has been catering to the need of educational institutes of thousands of students across the country sinceJune 2008, designing special educational programs which allow schools & colleges to customize their schedule to theirspecific interest in environment education. The special interest range from interactive sessions with slide show,workshops, guided tour of the park, gardening, natural art and drawing and Treasure Hunt. The Park also providesstudent groups with authentic Maharashtra breakfast and lunch and a fun filled afternoon after all educational programs,to beat the heat, students can chill and let their hair loose under the cool showers (rain dance) and shake a leg on thelatest catchy tunes that makes Vishnubaaug innovative, imperative and perhaps irresistible.Durshet – Farming and Adventure Program by Nature TrailsEvery year during the monsoons students embark on a one day trek to Khandala,Karnala, Malavli, Rajmachi, Matheran and other places that offer new challenges to thechild. This year go off the beaten track and head for Durshet, near Kapoli for anawesome combination of Rice planting and Adventure in the Durshet Forest.Our great-great-great ..grandfather while roaming in the forests with his mateson hunts more than 10000 years ago would possibly have come across this variety ofwild grass. His great-great-great ..grandson harnessed this wild grass, discoveredit could be edible and became a farmer. We can hardly blame them for not guessingthat this grass would one day enable us his progeny to become urban animals. 6000years of framing instinct cannot be wiped out by three generations of city dwellinghence Nature Trails, an adventure cum camping company has designed a programtaking you back to your roots.The programme rightly called Aamchi Maati…… Aamchi Manasa gives a call to allstudents to experience rice planting in knee deep water and under pouring rain in thefields of Durshet. You are also welcome to try your hand on the Plough and the tractor.The other activities apart from Rice Planting will be Waterfall Rappelling, Kayaking andFlying fox. Breakfast, lunch and Evening tea will be served at the venue to allparticipants. Few dishes to die for in the wet conditions are cutting chai with hotpakoras, baigan curry and jhunka with bhakri. Whether your group size is 50 or 500,leave it to Nature Trails to organize this dazzling oops ..drizzling activity.ONE DAY EXCURSIONS
  3. 3. TRAVEL UNRAVELMAHARASHTRA UNLIMITEDThe Summer Holiday break has seen many student groups heading to Shimla – Kulu - Manali and many similar hill-stations inNorth India . Two additional nights by III Tier AC train are added to the itinerary since the journey from Mumbai is long.The journey to reach the destination is undertaken by road and takes approximately eight hours from one hill retreat toanother hill-station. Yet long tours are preferable. The very next year the student groups will travel to hill-stations inSouth India with very few changes in the above organizational details. The coming year will see students travelling toCentral India or hill stations of Madhya Pradesh .. this has been the trend since the last decade with studentstravelling outside the State to enjoy their Summer holidays. Our State, Maharashtra remains in the background, fit onlyfor one night tours or field trips and our hill-stations Lonavala, Khandala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani,Panhala, Amboli, Bhandardara and Malshet Ghat never figure on the itinerary. Creative Outdoor DevelopmentEducation (CODE) in its quest to promote Maharashtra has designed two itineraries called the Hill Queen Express(05 Nights and 06 Days Tour) and the Sahyadri Hills Escapade (06 Nights and 07 Days) to encourage students totravel within Maharashtra. Travel time within the State would be less than eight hours by road and the time taken bytrain to reach hill stations outside the state could be used in visiting an additional hill-station spending quality time &enjoying the cool locales rather than undergoing long distance train travel.Both tours start at your doorstep (School) Travel is by air-conditioned coaches with sightseeing and stay is arranged at3-4 Star Category hotels with all meals. Guides at Historical monuments. (For outstation Schools, we can pick thestudents at your doorstep and even book your train tickets.) Embark on the Hill Queen Express or the SahyadriEscapade and experience the difference.Hill Queen Express is a magical journey in theMatheran Toy Train into the mystic mountains ofMatheran. As you move upwards from Neral RailwayStation, enjoy the panoramic views, changinglandscapes, sparkling waterfalls and the fresh mountainair. Explore the tiny hill-station on foot; as you treadupon Louisa Point, Sunset Point, Chowk Point, One treehill, Lumley Seat and the Echo Point. The holidaycontinues as we visit Lonavala & Mahabaleshwar. Visitthe Karla Buddhist Caves and the Wax Museum, whilsttouring Lonavala and Khandala. While touringMahaabaleshwar visit Shivaji Maharaj’s famousPratapgad Fort and the Panch Ganga Temple. Explorescenic Mahabaleshwar on a walking tour and take inthe beauty as you admire Arthur Point, Malcolm Point,Kate’s Point, General Lodwick & Elephants Head Point.The Sahyadari Hills Escapade unfolds as you arrive atPanchgani, the tiny but all seasons’ hill- station ofMaharashtra. Explore the pristine Lingmala Waterfalls. Visitthe Sydney Point renowned for offering beautiful views ofthe Krishna Valley, Take a break at the Parsi Point knownfor its views of the Dhom Dam backwaters Trek up to TableLand, enjoy horse riding on the plateau and shootphotographs of the breath-taking Sahyadri mountain ranges.From Panchgani travel to Amboli, one of the worlds "EcoHot-Spots" and therefore abounds in a variety of fairlyunique flora and fauna. The hills of Amboli have housed theShiva temple for decades and offer prayers, visit the mainattraction for tourists is the numerous waterfalls and mistduring the monsoons. Travel to Sawantwadi and enjoy abackwater boat ride in the waters of Tarkarli. Drive toPanhala and revisit the battle of Pawankhind Also visitKolhapur to see the New Museum of Chatrapati SahuMaharaj, pray to Goddess Mahalaxmi in the huge templecomplex and take a peek at life in Kolhapur a 100 years agoat the Kanheri Math.
  4. 4. TRAVEL UNRAVELKENYA – A natural world unchanged by the passage of timeThis October clamber on a Safari to Masai Mara, LakeNakuru and the Amboseli National Park.Few African countries can boast of such an extraordinaryrange of panorama, exclusive geographical features andinnumerable species of wildlife. A safari into the junglesof Kenya is a journey into nature at its purest.Everywhere you look there is a profusion of wildlife. Thepopular parks visited by tourist to spot the big five (Lion,leopard, elephant, bison and rhino) are the Masai MaraNational Park, Lake Nakuru Park, Amboselli NationalPark, Samburu National Park, Tsavo East National Park,Tsavo West National Park, Aberdares National Park toname a few.Masai Mara is the most famous wildlife conservation areain Kenya and indeed in the world. This game reserve ishome to a rich variety of wildlife from the big cats like the Lion and Leopard to elephant, rhino and vast herds of herbivores such aswildebeest, zebras, giraffes to name a few. The scenic Lake Nakuru National Park is situated in the Great Rift Valley, in Kenya, andis home to a variety of wildlife but the popular animals for tourists here are the two horned rhinos and the wild buffalo. Lake Nakuruis a world heritage site famous for its million plus flamingo population, is also an ornithologist’s heaven with over 450 plus birdspecies. Amboseli is famous for its big game and its great scenic beauty - the landscape is dominated by Mt. Kilimanjaro. Largeconcentrations of wildlife occur here in the dry season, making Amboseli a popular tourist destination. Take a holiday to Kenya andexperience the diverse cultures, equatorial forests, mighty snow-capped mountains, exotic history and endless opportunities toexplore shop and relax.MAGICAL MAURITIUSWHY IS IT THAT YOU CANNOT SEE MAURITUS ON THE MAP – BECAUSE IT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD.Mauritius will fascinate you; will uplift your soul, making you feelthat you belong to the select few. Every visitor is a royal guest onthe island. Every outing is an opportunity to discover a friendly faceand make acquaintances. With each passing day lies the promiseof a unique holiday. Mauritius has a rich history as the Island wasunder the Dutch, French and British Rule for 330 years. The Dutchcontributed in giving it a name and set up Sugarcane plants (fromJava). The French established Port Louis, the capital city ofMauritius as a naval base and a shipbuilding centre. The Britishabolished slavery in 1835, this brought in Indian immigrants whoarrived in the 19th century to work as indentured laborers onsugarcane fields. With the advent of the Indian community inMauritius they modified the social, political and economic ethos ofthe island.Thanks to its natural beauty, Tourism became one of the key industries. Port Louis became a major stopover for the tourist. Whilstat Port Louis visit the Le Caudan waterfront, definitely the most elegant and popular destination for tourists for its shops, bankingfacilities, cinemas & restaurants. Whilst on the Port Louis tour also visit the famous Botanical Pamplemousse Gardens. It ispopulated with more than 650 varieties of plants among which are the famous Baobabs, the Palmier Bouteille, the ineluctable GiantWater Lilies, dozens of medicinal plants, a large spice garden and 85 different varieties of palm trees brought from different cornersof the world. The most popular place in Mauritius is the Ile aux Cerfs where the tourist spends a full day on its picture PostcardIsland and benefit from the range of facilities and activities offered on the island. Water skiing, snorkeling on the coral reef, bananaboats and glass bottom boats are a few of the water sports the island offers apart from restaurants that fill every palate, catamarancruises to the island and even a 18 hole golf course. Other places of interest are visits to the Model Ship Factory, Volcanic crater,Shiva Temple, Black River George and the Charmarel Falls.TRAVEL UNRAVELis the official newsletter ofCreative Outdoor Development Education Pvt. Ltd.(A Magnum Group of Travel Company)For all Travel Inquiries and bookings contact:Frainy Villa, 10 Henry Road, Colaba, Mumbai – 400 001.Tel: (022) 61559771-75; Fax: (022) 61559701; Email:; Website: www.codeindia.comCODE GLOBAL