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  • We’re here to talk about the Code for America fellowship, aka the coolest people I get to hang out with everyday
  • before I dive into the details fellowship, want to share a little about Code for America as a wholeOur tagline: To us, that means a government that engages its citizens in a new way, that works more like the Internet, permissionless, open, and generativeA government structured for open collaboration – through coding and our technical skills, be believe WHAT THIS MEANS:We believe we must change the relationship between citizens and governmentFixing gov’t = fixing citizenshipThis means gov’t is no longer a vending machine where we put in taxes, get in services, or shake the machine when we’re unhappyGovernment MUST move beyond voices and Citizens must contribute with their handsCfA wants to change the culture of government to one where we’re active participants, a culture of DIO – doing it ourselves. Internet can
  • One way we accomplish that is through the fellowshipSupport to Build apps across content areas – mind’s limit, wide range of what you want to buildMentors Tim Oreilly, Caterina Fake, Harper Reed, DJ Patil, Jared Spool, and more – our national brand attracts the best and brightest to come share their knowledgeNot just colleagues but lifelong friends dedicated to your successGive back to your country using the skills that make you awesome – I have friends at Google and Facebook who often get recruited to do service like plant trees, tutor, all great – but how often do you get to use the skills you love to use to help your country? That’s what we offer If you’re looking to really push yourself, as a developer, manager, communication skills – this is the real deal. Its not easy. Provide a living stipend of 35k
  • Come from all backgrounds, ages, we need them allMost importantly, citizens who care and believe this:
  • thatOur fellows not only believe, they inspire city government officials to believe as wellWhat I like what Fundamental values to what we do, is so opposite of what we expect, creates delight
  • Flipping on its head: Lived the values in scott’s quote – that instead of a public town hall, wasting time, share feedback in a way that scales, makes them heard, and is simple, beautiful, and easy to useThis is Michelle Lee. Prior to her fellowship year she invented Google Forms. Lee knows about solicited feedback. In 2012, the City of Philadelphia Planning Commission enlisted Lee and 2 other fellows to fix their feedback problem. You might think she’d build an online form, but instead Lee and team chose to forgo an all web-based solution because: In Philadelphia, 41% of citizens reported they didn’t have broadband access but 90% had access to cell phones. They built Textizen:A service that allows citizens to text their feedback on specific issuesSigns are built into urban environment prompting that feedbackTHE RELATIONSHIP: LEE and the Fellows are Changing How Citizens Relate to Governments.
  • This is just one of many projects taken on by city, became a startup, or replicated by a brigadeCivic Insight – blightAdopt A Hydrant – adopt hydrants, shovel snow, save city Could definitely share these from our past – but wanted to give time for current fellows to share their experiences
  • Why they joinedWhat are they working onAnd why’d they’d recommend the fellowship
  • We invite Rackspace to join us, and Code for America!Make Gov’t Something Code for America and You Do Together…CALLS to ACTIONFor Developers, Designers, ResearchersJoin the fellowshipJoin the brigadeAttend an eventFor Gov’tApply for the FellowshipEnact Policies, Create New Depts., Add New PositionsJoin Peer NetworkFor StartupsJoin the AcceleratorDonors & SponsorsSponsor a Specific Event or ProgramDonateDesignate Us in a Giving ProgramAttend a Special Event
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    1. 1. Shaunak Kashyap 2013 Fellow @shaunak Dana Oshiro Senior Marketing Manager @danaoshiro Sophia Parafina 2013 Fellow @spara Alex Tran Fellowship Program Manager @alexstran
    2. 2. @codeforamerica The Fellowship
    3. 3. Code for America envisions a government that is by the people, for the people, for the 21st century
    4. 4. The Opportunity • Gov 2.0 Training • Professional Development • A Community of Awesome • Service • A New Challenge
    5. 5. Who are fellows? • Developers • UX Designers • Product Managers • Urban Planners • Citizens
    6. 6. “interfaces to government can be simple, beautiful, and easy to use.” - Scott Silverman, 2011 Fellow
    7. 7. Engaging Citizens Michelle Lee: • Builds Google Forms to solve for data collection • Joins 2 other Fellows for a 1-yr term helping the City of Philadelphia increase public feedback and data collection • The fellows use user-centric design, lean, agile and startup principles to build Textizen
    8. 8. Fellow Stories Shaunak Kashyap 2013 Fellow @shaunak Sophia Parafina 2013 Fellow @spara Team Louisville Team San Mateo
    9. 9. Shaunak Kashyap 2013 Fellow @shaunak Dana Oshiro Senior Marketing Manager @danaoshiro Sophia Parafina 2013 Fellow @spara Alex Tran Fellowship Program Manager @alexstran Have Questions? Hit us up.
    10. 10. Lets build some awesome together. Thanks for having us!