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3) Slacktivism: monster or myth? - ‘Emerging Digital Trends & Opportunities for Charities’


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From the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to Stephen's Sutton's $7 million individual fundraiser, social giving – often referred to as ‘slacktivism’ – is on the rise.

In this session, Jonathan will be discussing what charities can do to turn ‘likes’ into donations, increase the distribution and click-through rate of the stories published about their cause, and better cater to the needs of mobile supporters.

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3) Slacktivism: monster or myth? - ‘Emerging Digital Trends & Opportunities for Charities’

  1. 1. #socgiving Jonathan Waddingham - @jon_bedford Social Product Manager @JustGiving
  2. 2. #socgiving Jonathan Waddingham - @jon_bedford Social Product Manager @JustGiving
  3. 3. Brrrrrrrrrrr! Credit: @benrmatthews
  4. 4. “Slacktivists” are more likely to give #socgiving @jon_bedford
  5. 5. #socgiving @jon_bedford
  6. 6. Mobile users are even less “slacktivist” #socgiving @jon_bedford
  7. 7. #socgiving @jon_bedford
  8. 8. What’s the value of a Facebook share? On average, £5!
  9. 9. Growth hacks for Twitter & Facebook sharing #socgiving @jon_bedford
  10. 10. Make what gets shared as interesting as possible #socgiving @jon_bedford
  11. 11. Title: needs to be eye catching and include a strong call to action #socgiving @jon_bedford
  12. 12. Description: needs to add context, emotion and urgency #socgiving @jon_bedford
  13. 13. URL: adds trust #socgiving @jon_bedford
  14. 14. Use good images #socgiving @jon_bedford
  15. 15. A custom story helps this even more #socgiving @jon_bedford
  16. 16. Custom story makes the content more interesting
  17. 17. Ensure tweets are 140 character stories #socgiving @jon_bedford
  18. 18. Include a call to action Mention your account or relevant hashtag Ask for Retweets
  19. 19. Use Twitter cards to pull more information into Twitter More calls to action and context Add tracking codes to your URLs
  20. 20. No extra info Expanded content
  21. 21. Twitter cards
  22. 22. Try a donate CTA card
  23. 23. Why bother? #socgiving @jon_bedford
  24. 24. Pre-populated tweets doubled click through rate (CTR) Twitter card integration increased CTR by >50% Facebook shares have higher CTR than likes Custom Stories have double CTR of likes or shares #socgiving @jon_bedford
  25. 25. #socgiving @jon_bedford
  26. 26. How do you get more shares? #socgiving @jon_bedford
  27. 27. A little A/B test… #socgiving @jon_bedford
  28. 28. 3 assumptions around sharing to look good to your friends to help raise more money to get more friends involved #socgiving @jon_bedford
  29. 29. 5 copy variations # 1: You’re an amazing person. Share your donation. # 2: Want to get more people involved? Share your donation. # 3: Share your donation to raise even more for this cause. # 4: Help your friend raise even more money by sharing their page… # 5: Think your friends might care about this too? #socgiving @jon_bedford
  30. 30. The winner: “raise more money” 28% increase in sharing (36% on mobile) #socgiving @jon_bedford
  31. 31. But wait, there’s more… #socgiving @jon_bedford
  32. 32. Do bigger buttons = more clicks? #socgiving @jon_bedford
  33. 33. Big buttons… #socgiving @jon_bedford
  34. 34. …Or huge buttons? #socgiving @jon_bedford
  35. 35. Bigger buttons = more clicks  #socgiving @jon_bedford Tripled sharing to Facebook Doubled sharing to Twitter
  36. 36. Winning data/data winning #socgiving @jon_bedford £1 million more raised in 3 months
  37. 37. Takeaways #socgiving @jon_bedford # 1: in the right context, social is awesome for fundraising # 2 “slacktivism” does actually have an impact # 3: Think about the content people share # 4: Test ways to encourage sharing
  38. 38. Jonathan Waddingham - @jon_bedford Social Product Manager @JustGiving Download the white paper at #socgiving