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Code campiasi qa-in-agile-projects-ana-figher-embarcadero


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Quality Assurance and Testing in Agile Projects
Ana-Maria Figher,

Published in: Technology
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Code campiasi qa-in-agile-projects-ana-figher-embarcadero

  1. 1. Quality Assurance and Testing in Agile Projects Ana-Maria Figher,, Embarcadero, Ia i, 8th of May 2010
  2. 2. Agenda QA , QC, Testing What is Agile? Quality Assurance in Agile Projects Quality Focused Culture Measuring success
  3. 3. QA, QC, Testing Testing: It’s process of executing a system with the intent of finding defects. Quality Control (product oriented) : Measuring & Monitoring the quality of software after completion of every phase Quality Assurance (process oriented) : It’s a set of activities carried out to provide adequate confidence that processes are established and continuously improved in order to produce products that meets the quality requirements Quality assurance Quality control Testing
  4. 4. QA, QC, Testing QA QC Testing Quality control (QC) Testing Unit Procedures Static testing & Integration Management reviews reviews System Documentation Internal audits Acceptance Training Maintenance Tests & measurements
  5. 5. What’s “Agile?”
  6. 6. How Traditional Test Practices Evolved With great optimism and the best of intentions, The Project Plan is announced:
  7. 7. How Traditional Test Practices Evolved Inevitably, The Project Plan is revised:
  8. 8. Agile = Continuous Stream of Value Iterative approaches mean we can trade features for time instead of sacrificing quality.
  9. 9. SCRUM Product backlog – A prioritized list of tasks to be completed on the project Sprint – A time period (typically 2–4 weeks) in which development occurs on a set of backlog items that the Team has committed to Story - A very high level definition of what the customer wants
  10. 10. Calling It “Agile” Doesn’t Make It So This is NOT Agile: Compress the schedule Toss out the documentation Code up to the last minute Less testing The organization may gain short term speed but at the cost of long term pain.
  11. 11. Assuring Quality in Agile - How we make it happen?
  12. 12. Quality Assurance in Agile Projects
  13. 13. Testing Focus in Sprint Provide effort estimates during sprint planning and establish the testing priorities Focus on test automation Focus more on exploratory testing Provide continuous feedback to the team Participate in sprint review meeting
  14. 14. Quality is a Team Effort In agile organizations, all team members share quality ownership Involve developers in test Share ideas regarding how a feature can be tested They DO care about the results. A good way to share ownership, is have them run your tests Demo testing and test results Metrics based reporting that developers can act on Involve product owners in test Share and discuss test results with team to promote shared ownership
  15. 15. QA “Tools” High Level QA Plan Example: DBArtisan patch test plan Functional Test plans and Acceptance Test plan Quality dashboard Example: DBArtisan QA dashboard Product Quality Support report Example : DBArtisan Quality status Others Works with Development management at the Project Sprint burn down Example: DBArtisan 9.0 Sprint report
  16. 16. QA main challenges Planning accordingly Risk analysis and mitigation plan Implementing and reassessing the plan Reporting the right information
  17. 17. Try…
  18. 18. Quality Focused Culture Champion the Customer Continuous introspection Are we doing things right? Are we doing the right things? Documentation Project Role Reporting Defect Management Test Coverage Test Automation Beta Training Define and track a standard set of quality metrics Communicate the value of Quality - $$$!
  19. 19. Quality Assurance Value Early bug identification means easier fixing Short testing cycle allows more features to be implemented Providing quality metrics helps management makes the right decisions High product quality results in product success Frequent automated testing ensures product quality stays high
  20. 20. Measuring Success 1. Customer satisfaction 2. Test effectiveness 3. Objective test metrics
  21. 21. 1. Customer Satisfaction Beta surveys Public product surveys Newsgroups Support calls Defects found after release
  22. 22. 2. Test Effectiveness
  23. 23. 3. Testing Metrics Test results Code coverage Bug find/fix rates Bug categorization – type/frequency Customer satisfaction ratings Product performance Product stability Metrics allow you to measure where you are in relation to your product goals.
  24. 24. Constantly Seek To Improve
  25. 25. Engage! Attitude towards Quality is something YOU control Customers include Developers, Product Management, Support and Sales Engineers Have fun – testing is a challenge, a puzzle and the results are a meaningful accomplishment.
  26. 26. Resources Agile Manifesto: “Agile Software Development Quality Assurance” , Ioannis G. Stamelos and Panagiotis Sfetsos Software Quality Assurance: Principles and Practice , Nina S Godbole
  27. 27. Q&A
  28. 28. Please fill the evaluation form Thank you very much! Ana-Maria Figher,, Embarcadero,