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  1. 1. About leadership What I would have loved to learn (about leadership) when I started out as a junior
  2. 2. Disclaimer
  3. 3. You don’t have to be in charge of anything to lead! • Inconstient sau nu, toata lumea cauta modele de leadership • Notiunea de autoritate
  4. 4. ? Leadership? • Don’t wait until you get to senior to understand what this is about • How would you recognize a good leader? • How knowing this would have helped me during my first years starting as a dev
  5. 5. Trust : giving trust (don’t let the other do it himself) – Overload – stress, munca, le faci munca celorlalti mai putin interesanta (less challenge, no ownership, stagnare) – ? Si, nu asta ar trebui sa faca un senior/lead? – diff btwn setting the direction and giving out the final solution – ? Eu lucrez intr-o firma in care totul e urgent sau foarte urgent – "Remember, teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." Patrick Lencioni
  6. 6. Communication • Challenge: Ca si membru al unei echipei, tb sa fii aware ca nu toti vor avea capacitatea de a face pushback – incearca sa faci skip la un nivel, deschide canale de comunicare (step it up for your team) • Inside the team • Outside • Choose the right message/ the right person to talk to • Leaders are humans so they might not always get your cues about things that you worry (?!) about. This is the time when you need to communicate them. (doina vs veronica) • Feedback – giving and receiving ?
  7. 7. Assumptions
  8. 8. assumptions
  9. 9. The sense of belonging + Everybody counts • As a junior your sense of belonging will increase as long as you contribute. Constantly. Either by being given tasks or by proactively requesting me • Produsul este definit de fiecare membru al echipe – no lesser or better man, you’re just as good as the end product • There might be juniors who grow fast and can contribute more to the growth of the product. If the leader doesn’t notice you need to communicate. • PS: if the leader misbehaves on more slides? :D
  10. 10. Perception of others • Intimidare – change your mindset! Fine tuning – cand te opresti din incercat singur, si stii ca e momentul sa ceri ajutorul? • Picture with ciocanelul dat de bila
  11. 11. Getting to know yourself • Homus erandus (omul care greseste)
  12. 12. expectations
  13. 13. Knowing the bigger picture
  14. 14. Don’t do comfort • Poza cu cerc care se extinde prin iesirea din comfort zone. You do something, the circle extends in that area, you do something else, the circle extends again. People start following you (yeah, you are a leader at that point), the circle extends and gets a new, bigger radius.
  15. 15. Local IT communities
  16. 16. The ripple effect • Imagine a pond. With perfect still water. • Imagine a drop of rain falling in the center of the pond. • Now see how the ripples made by that drop spread until the margin of the pond. And at the margin of the pond you find your friends, family, loved ones, teams, clients. • How do you feel now, knowing that, depending on the drop that you put in the pond you can affect the life of everyone around you? • PS: imaginea cu would the world rise and applaud you? • PPS: improve and clean up metaphor