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Code95 Corporate Profile

  2. 2. History backgroundIt all started with a passion of its founders who hadenough knowledge and enthusiasm of creating pureEgyptian technology firm that can lead the internetindustry in MENA.Back in 2005 Code95 started with 1=10 concept, wewere 4 acts as 40.The first website that was developed extended fromjust a website development to designing the companyID, and presentations, they even played the role of a ce sin 05photographer for some time. Even though it was thefirst project, but it was very successful in terms of 20ROI.
  3. 3. Code95 team exerted their maximum effort toshow up in most of the web service events, andshow rooms. From here they started building agreat network in the field, especially after thegreat success of the first project.A great word of mouth started to spreadamong the network, and they started toreceive calls from different clients with differ-ent needs.That’s when they decided that they are in need Since the projects increased and thefor hiring new employees to help in developing demand over the services increased, a critical decision had to be made, that’sthe new projects. when the company was converted fromNew developers were hired and they entered a partnership to a private stock com-the growth phase. pany in Aug. 2010. Since then the company is growing; in number of employees, number of depart- ments, and in achieving the vision. The hunger for success is still there and we are still planning to lead the web service industry in the Middle East and North Africa. Service Ineffectual Service Service Service Business Business Neutral Aware Capable Aligned Driven Service Aggressive
  4. 4. Vision We will lead the web industry in the MENA region, translating the latest web technologies into value to our clients.MissionUtilizing the latest technologies to design and develop pro-fessional online solutions and E-Marketing activities thataccelerate our customers ROI on their web projects.To create a positive and faithful environment for our teammembers that foster creativity, personal growth, and innova-tion that allows our team perform at their best.
  5. 5. Keys to Our Success A) Offering unique high-end Web services to medium and large businesses that are understandable and afford- B) Unique Business able for the customer. driven approach. C)Balanced, systematic and D) Strategic partners, flexible management. Vodafone and Trend.
  6. 6. Inside Culture Code95 is led by a team of youthful, enthusiastic and talented entrepreneurs. We nurture a culture of con- tinues learning and innovation amongst our employ- ees. The atmosphere we strive for is a positive and faithful atmosphere for the team members that foster creativity, personal growth, and innovations that allow the team to perform at their best. Client Relationships Foremost to our business is the long term relationships we build with our clients. Many of our clients have been working with Code95 for several years based on the relationships that we built. Our aim is to fully understand your needs, not just technically, but from a business point of view as well. This enables us to offer suggestions on how you can make your web presence successful.
  7. 7. Service Details Code95 is a full-service online solutions provider. We focus mainly on the Web, offering the following services: Custom-made Website design E-Marketing CMS and Back Mobile Applications Company Branding web solutions and developing office administration DevelopmentFacebook Applications Forums Hosting and Portals SAAS development Development network solutions
  8. 8. Clients trusted Us
  9. 9. Vodafone Forum:Vodafone Egypt, part of the UKs Vodafone Group, is a mobile net-work operator in Egypt, formerly known as Click GSM.Vodafone wanted to have an online customer support on a socialmedia network (Facebook). This is when Code95 developed anonline forum that is integrated on Facebook. The forum is a solutionprovided for Vodafone users to facilitate the communicate processwith the customer support team. What’s different about the forum,is that it has the same look and feel of Facebook with all the socialinteractions, and that it has mobile interface(iPhone/Android/Blackberry)
  10. 10. Daily News Egypt:Daily news Egypt is Egypt’s only daily independent newspaper inEnglish.Daily news Egypt wanted to have an extension of the newspaperonline, the challenge was that they needed the newspaper in a week.This is when Code95 accepted the challenge anddeveloped/designed, and launched the newspaper in the expectedtime.The newspaper was designed in a very sophisticated yet simple taste.The look and feel are classy and comfortable for the eye. Also, theusability of the website is really easy; users can navigate from anarticle to another without facing any difficulties.
  11. 11. Al Borsa News:Al Borsa news website is a website specialized in providing thelatest/daily Egyptian economic and stock market information andindications.The website provides full information about the Egyptian mutualfunds, The Egyptian stock market and detailed market reports.The challenge was, Al borsa owners wanted the website to be devel-oped and launched within two weeks. That was one of the biggestchallenges because the website is huge in terms of data entry andupdates.
  12. 12. HEPCA:HEPCA, is a web application that serves the aquatic life in theRed Sea. The application is created to collect information aboutthe marine life. The system was divided in to two maincategories, Scientific side and Mooring management side.The scientific side of the system helps scientists to count thenumber of aquatic animals such as sharks, dolphins and Coralreefs under water, it also help them create detailed scientificreports. The other side of the system is the Mooringmanagement, where scientists can manage the mooring, storesand track divers as well.
  13. 13. Isakan:Is an online real state portal and an integrated offline databasesoftware.The project is divided in to two main parts, portal, and an offlinedatabase.The portal; where realtors use it to upload details about realstates, for selling or rental purpose.The offline database; is a software used also used by realtorswhere they can upload and keep all database about the real sateand publish it online whenever connected to the internet.This portal serves different categories of users; Realtors, indi-viduals, developers and directories
  14. 14. 57357:The CCHE 57357 Vision and Mission articulate clearly their de-sires for a center of excellence. The Patient and family rights andresponsibilities address the collaborative partnership that theybelieve is necessary to achieve the highest quality care for theirpatients.CCHE wanted to develop and design a website that reflects theinner environment of the hospital, they wanted colors that showshope and passion about life, thats why we chose the sky colorsand other cheerful ones.The website was developed to ease the users life in navigation,specially easing the donation process.This was one of the huge projects that took time in developmentand design.
  15. 15. Lafarge (mySafeRoad):Lafarge is the world leader in building materials; Lafarge extractsresources from the heart of the earth to make materials to bring to theheart of life.Lafarge is always keen of being environmentally friendly, and wantedto serve the community but didn’t know how. This is when they con-tacted Code95, where we came up with the idea of raising road safetyawareness by creating a Facebook application.The application is basically for raising road safety awareness in theMiddle East. The application is under the name of “ ” and mainlytackles different aspects where users will learn different things: suchas, all road signs, road rules and regulations, and traffic laws, after-wards users can test their knowledge by taking a simple quiz found inthe application.Through this application; users can share their tragic stories with theirfriends, post videos, photos, and text and post advices/notes
  16. 16. Egypt History:Egypt History’s website owner had a dream of documentingEgyptian’s Modern and Islamic history but didn’t really know how, thisis when they contacted us and decided to document the historythrough by a documentary website.The website states details about Egypts Historical Covenants cover-ing topics about Islamic and modern Egypt. The website also talksabout Egypt events of old age, interesting historical stories, famoushistorical characters, discussing common historical errors, andimpact stories.The website was developed, designed, and launched within forty five
  17. 17. HiWave:Hi Wave is the leading event organization agency in Egypt andthe Middle East. They professionally plan and implement alltypes of events. HI WAVE Events prides itself at specificallycustom designing every event to fit each company’s specialneeds. They have a full range of resources, which give them theability to offer their clients an infinite number of ideas and con-cepts.
  18. 18. Azur :Azur is an innovative hospitality management service companyestablished in 1997 that operates and manages a portfolio ofall-inclusive resorts, cities and luxury hotels in some of the mostbreathtaking destinations in Egypt’s coastal cities.Azur wanted to develop a website that reflects the high qualityservice that they provide in their hotels and resorts.
  19. 19. TedxIsmailia:TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas worth Spreading.Started as a four-day conference in California 25 years ago, TEDhas grown to support those world changing ideas with multipleinitiatives. The annual TED Conference invites the world’s leadingthinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes. Their talks are thenmade available, free, at
  20. 20. London Business Forum:Building the Great is “London Business Forum” - Middle East.Their aim is to build an online and offline community and creatingopportunities for thoughts, experiences and knowledge to be ex-changed.LBF wanted to expose their thoughts, experiences and knowledgeonline. That’s when they contacted Code95 to create a profes-sional website, that reflects their Value that they provide to themarket
  21. 21. YallaNShop:Yalla N Shop is a Social branded E-Commerce Software as a Servicesolution owned and operated by Code95.Yalla N Shop is an online store on Facebook in a form of applicationpage tab, and a website with a mobileinterface.Yalla N Shop is a full featured social Ecosystem that provides you withthe applications and resources needed to enhance your e-commercebusiness model, and increase your profits by generating sales.
  22. 22. online marketing steps More Content Even More Links More LinksStartup Even More Traffic More Traffic 1 2 3 Website SEO Facebook Application
  23. 23. project life cycle@ Customer Input & Review Analyzethrough the project life cycle, secode95 will Customer a Qu rove Input & Review le Ap Re ote- Understand and discuss the underlying technology. p &- Translate client needs, content, and branding into structured concepts.- Translate projected visitor needs into structured concepts.- Translate concepts into appropriate, technically executable color comps. Sta t- Design navigation elements. Tes ge- Establish the look and feel of the project including typography, up & graphics, color, layout, and other factors. ck Mo- Organize and present content ina readable, well-designed way. Create mer Custo view & Re I nput
  24. 24. Contact us Portfolio 0127 9595950 visit us at