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Information Technology of Metro (MCC)- TQM


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METRO Cash & Carry, international market leader in self-service wholesale, plans its market entry into Pakistan. With this move, the retailer would expand both its international presence and its activities in the important growth region Asia.

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Information Technology of Metro (MCC)- TQM

  1. 1. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT We are grateful to Allah almighty, for enabling us to fulfill this tiring, but interesting job for the completion of our report. We would not be going to do justice in presenting this report without mentioning the people around us who have been inextricably related with the completion of this report. We would like to express our heart felt thanks to our course teacher Prof. Sajid for his support and guidance, which he rendered through out the study to peruse this report. It could not have been possible to accomplish this report without his thoughtful guidance and expertise. We would also like to thank the management of METRO CASH AND CARRY for permitting us to conduct the interviews from their I.T department and for supporting us in the whole procedure. Finally, for any all too fallible errors, omissions and shortcomings in the writing of the report only we are responsible for which we hope that all concerning regards of this report will forgive us.
  2. 2. CONTENTS • Synopsis • Company’s profile • History • Metro cash and carry principles • Metro in Pakistan • Mission statement • Facts and figures • Type of business • Metro cash and carry Pakistan wholesale centers • Up coming projects • Metro’s image as an employer • Metro’s guiding principles • Research proposal • Research design • Research questions • Brand of products or Product range • Location • Methods of business • Technology using • Role of IT in pricing • Trainers • Role of IT in Networking • Metro customer • Customers record • Role of IT in preservation of food • Security system and integration • Customer services • Staff recruitment • Metro post • Know how to modern technology • TQM at Metro • SWOT Analysis • Interpretation • Problems • Suggestions • Interview
  3. 3. SYNOPSIS METRO Cash & Carry – this name stands for one of the great success stories in modern commerce. A wholesale departmental store with two branches working in major cities of Pakistan. The unique wholesale business-to-business model of METRO Cash & Carry is focused only towards professional customers such as hotels, restaurant, and caterers as well as small and mid-sized retailers. METRO Cash & Carry offers this target group a greater efficiency than the multilayered supply chain thus helping them to improve their business: By offering them a one-stop solution for their purchases, by helping them to improve their assortment, by offering them high quality products at reasonable and transparent prices and by offering them a consistent supply source. The chief interest of our study is I.T department. So we have paid special attention on its networking, methods, technology, record keeping and other aspects of I.T department. The software used by the company is enough to meet the needs of the company’s set up. In order to get accurate and reliable information, we personally interviewed people from the I.T department. We asked them the role of I.T department in the working of METRO Cash and Carry, the method of training of there staff, METRO customers and so fourth. The company’s management is paying special attention to keep its technology up to date and hiring employees who are proficient in dealing with it. However the company’s data base is user friendly, even then, the company gives training to its employees with regular intervals. The department we have taken into consideration is paying a very important role in the success and development of metro cash and carry. The people working in this department are highly skilled and trained. People from different countries come to give training to the employees. The prices of the products at metro are affordable and wide variety of products is available as well.
  4. 4. Company’s Profile METRO Cash & Carry is a reliable partner for more than 20 million professional customers worldwide. It gives them a clear competitive advantage in their own markets. Professionals can purchase everything they need to run their business: A restaurant owner, for example, can buy food like fish or vegetables as well as kitchen equipment and office supplies. METRO Cash & Carry offers an exceptionally wide range of high-quality products under one roof. Depending on the size and type of wholesale center, the assortment includes up to 20,000 items in the food range and 30,000 items in the nonfood sector. As the name implies, METRO Cash & Carry customers select their own items and take them with them to their restaurants and shops. With this unique business-to-business concept, the company has grown to become a leading international player in self-service wholesale. After its success in Lahore, METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd. opened its second wholesale center located in Islamabad on 3rd April, 2008. Locations Lahore: Thokar Niaz Baig, Multan Road Islamabad: Sector I-11/4, Near Railway Carriage Factory Company’s Hierarchy • Managing director • Director(operation) • Director(administration) • Director(food) • Director(non-food) • Managerial staff • Other employees
  5. 5. METRO CASH AND CARRY PAKISTAN Pvt. Ltd. History METRO Cash & Carry was founded in 1964 with the first store opening in the German city of Mulheim an der Ruhr. METRO Cash & Carry is defined as a wholesaler because of the type of its customer base: exclusively professionals and businesses are allowed to purchase at METRO Cash & Carry centers. The “cash & carry” concept works on a principle where customers select their merchandize at the store, pay in cash and transport it themselves. This revolutionary sales concept is geared towards the specific needs of commercial customers and is the backbone of the company. In 2004, its jubilee year, METRO Cash & Carry International alone succeeded in increasing its revenues by 5.4 percent. This enabled METRO Cash & Carry to emerge as the biggest sales division of METRO Group, the third largest retailer worldwide. Today, METRO Cash & Carry is one of the largest international wholesale companies in the world, operating more than 600 outlets in 30 countries. METRO offers a high-quality assortment of products, ranging between 20,000 and 50,000 items, all under one roof. The entire range offers an excellent price-to-benefit ratio. 10 METRO Cash & Carry Principles The success of the company is based on the following principles: • Focus on professional customers • One-stop shopping • Efficient store concept designed for professional needs • Advanced customer service • Enhanced customers’ competitiveness • Excellence in supply chain and quality management • Strengthening of local suppliers • Development of national infrastructures • Career opportunities • Internationally, transferable concept
  6. 6. Introduction METRO in Pakistan METRO Cash & Carry announced its operations in Pakistan in January 2006. Since then, it has established itself as a potential market leader in wholesale. METRO is an international modern wholesaler offering a mix of food and non-food products to its registered card- holding customers through a national network of cash and carry outlets. This concept offers a wholesale solution to professional business needs. Under the supervision of Managing Director Mr. Giovanni Soranzo, METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan has opened its first store in the city of Lahore in October 2007. The company’s country head office is also based in Lahore and currently employs over 400 people in two offices. METRO Cash & Carry plans to invest in Pakistan on a sustained and reliable basis in the years to come. The company’s unique business model offers potential for a decrease in market prices and promotion of local goods and personnel. Mission Statement: METRO Cash & Carry, international market leader in self-service wholesale, plans its market entry into Pakistan. With this move, the retailer would expand both its international presence and its activities in the important growth region Asia. The goal of Supply Chain at Metro is to efficiently handle thousands of orders, shipments and deliveries and ensure that goods arrive at the right place at the right time. Supply Chain Management plays an important role in our high-performance logistics system and enhances our capacity to supply food and non-food products on a daily basis with consistent high quality, diversity and freshness. For the first time in Pakistan, Metro Cash & Carry offers a platform for Fruit & Vegetables equipped with modern accessories for product processing. This ensures hygienic, temperature-controlled, clean and packed fruit and vegetables as per international standards of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP). If all pre-conditions are met, the first METRO Cash & Carry store in Pakistan could be in operation late 2007. Pakistan would then become the 31st country where the METRO Group is active and the company’s 5th Asian location after China, Japan, Vietnam and India.
  7. 7. With this move, METRO Cash & Carry would further solidify its position as one of the world’s most international retailers. METRO Cash & Carry’s business concept of self-service wholesale will in particular benefit small and medium-sized businesses from the restaurant, retail and service sector which will be offered a comprehensive and high-quality product assortment at favorable wholesale prices. At the same time, METRO Cash & Carry also contributes directly to the establishment and further development of modern distribution structures. METRO Group has joined the aid program initiated by President Pervez Musharraf. METRO and Pakistan is growing together. Facts and Figures • Metro cash and carry is a whole sale departmental store with two outlets working in Pakistan. • There are 600 stores of Metro Group in 30 countries worldwide. • The competitors of the company are Makro and Car fore. • The company has a huge house of training in France. • The head office of the company is in Lahore (Thoker Niaz Baig, Multan road). • There are 2600 employees in the head office of metro cash and carry. • There are 200 employees in the I.T department of metro cash and carry. • The company is looking forward 30 stores in Pakistan. • The major customers of metro are business entities. • The company is earning the profit of 3.7 billion. Type of Business Each store is tailored to address the needs of professional customers. It offers a wholesale price that leaves the customer room for healthy margins and provides a one-stop-shop for the customer. It offers following types of items: > Food > Non Food
  8. 8. > Own brands In the food range, freshness is the first priority. This is guaranteed by the efficient supply- chain and quality control management they have in-place. In non-food, they offer only products that are up-to-date in terms of technology and design, and meet all safety standards. METRO Cash & Carry Pakistan Wholesale Centers Pakistan’s first wholesale center has opened in Lahore in October 2007, followed by a second store that has recently opened on 3rd April 2008 in Islamabad. This will soon grow into a network of countrywide METRO Cash & Carry wholesale centers. METRO Cash & Carry plans Pakistan market entry First wholesale store has been opened in last quarter of 2007 • Positive business perspective for self-service wholesale • Strong position in Asia’s growth regions
  9. 9. Upcoming Projects After the success of first two stores in Lahore and Islamabad, the company is planning to further move on to launch another store in Lahore. Moreover the company has also started to work on a store in Faisalabad. So the company is trying to cover Punjab first, and than other areas of Pakistan. Metro’s Image as an Employer METRO Cash & Carry is the international leading company in self-service wholesale. For over 40 years, the company has been supporting high-volume commercial customers. Today the company is represented in 30 countries and offers its commercial customers up to 50,000 different products (variable from country to country) under one roof. METRO Cash & Carry employs more than 1000,000 people across the world and in many regions is among the biggest employers. Qualified, highly-motivated employees create the foundations needed for successful expansion on an international level and sustained growth of the wholesaling company. A performance-driven approach, openness and international outlook are the corporate culture that we practice. MCC Guiding Principle 1. Trust and Respect • Everybody's opinion counts • Treat every person the same way 2. Open Door Policy • Avoid organizational barriers • Two-way communication • Encourage change and sharing of ideas
  10. 10. 3. Empowerment to Personal Responsibility • Allow people to take risks • Consider quot;making mistakesquot; as part of the game 4. Be a Role Model • Demonstrate commitment and enthusiasm 5. Setting Clear Personal Objectives and Tasks • Implement a management-by-objectives concept 6. Recognition and Reward • Consider honest and transparent feedback as a quot;mustquot; • Reward high performance (not only with money) 7. Team Spirit • Encourage maximum team engagement and knowledge 8. Positive Working Environment • Guarantee a safe and healthy working environment • Encourage innovation and creativity 9. Corporate Social Responsibility • Committed to the principles of social responsibility
  11. 11. Research Proposal 1-Background METRO International is world renowned for its departmental store. It is a very well organized multinational company, which operates in almost all over the world. The market in Pakistan is surely dominated by Metro. It is trying its best to prove itself to be the No.1 departmental store in Pakistan. 2- Literature Review We are conducting research on IT department of Metro to see the impact of IT on total quality management .In this regard we review many research articles related to this topic which help a lot us a research project a good literature survey provides the foundation for developing a comprehensive theoretical framework, from which hypothesis can be developed for testing. It ensures that no important variable are left out of the study and give clearer idea about the important variable. There are some important articles which we have viewed before conducting our research ARTICLE NO.1 Knowledge Management Using Information Technology: Determinants of Short-Term Impact on Firm Value* By:Sabherwal, Sanjiv : Date: December 1 2005 Subject: Information technology, Organizational learning, Knowledge management ABSTRACT: The importance of knowledge management (KM) processes for organizational performance is now well recognized. Seeking to better understand the short- term impact of KM on firm value, this article focuses on public announcements of information technology (IT)-based KM efforts, and uses cumulative abnormal return (CAR) associated with an announcement as the dependent variable. This article employs a contingency approach, arguing that the KM announcement would have a positive short- term impact on firm value. ARTICLE NO.2 MANAGEMENT OF TECHNOLOGY: MANAGING EFFECTIVELY IN TECHNOLOGY-INTENSIVE ORGANIZATIONS By Wellman, Jerry L : Date: March 1 2006 ABSTRACT: Management of Technology: Managing Effectively in Technology-intensive Organizations by Hans J. Thamhain has been written both as a reference book for practicing managers in high technology environments and as a textbook for courses in technology management. The appendices include policy and procedure. Examples and
  12. 12. listings of professional societies that would be helpful to the working professional. Thamhain's use of many real-world examples to frame the description of key points may be useful for both of the targeted audiences. Thamhain's overarching theme is that the management of technology involves ever more complex challenges including task complexity, rapid technology change, brief product life-cycles, complex cross- functional organizations, need for sophisticated people skills, and so on. He argues that although several of those challenges maybe evident in other business environments, the high- technology environment brings together a unique blend of challenges that place correspondingly unique demands on management. ARTICLE NO.3 Industry should help redefine the agenda for technology management education. By Wilemon, David Publication: Research-Technology Management Date: November 1 2004 ABSTRACT: Industry should help redefine the agenda for technology management education. (TM) education programs have kept pace with these changes. Given the importance of TM programs in preparing the next generation of our and business leaders, it is imperative that this question be addressed not just by TM educators and program directors in schools and universities but also by TM practitioners and senior business managers who are critical stakeholders of TM programs. The writer’s objective in this article is to set the context for a renewed debate on TM education in view of the above technology. Changes that have come to the global technology landscape, and more importantly, to call for the active participation of technologists and business managers who have largely been absent from this debate so far. ARTICLE NO.4 The role of information systems in total quality management. Date: September 01, 2007. By Jaak Jurison ABSTRACT: This article presents a conceptual model for describing the role of information systems in a Total Quality Management (TQM) organization and contrasts it with one for a traditional business firm. The model, based on systems theory, provides a framework for understanding the principles of TQM and their effects on information systems (IS). This article suggests that TQM introduces changes in the firm’s feedback loop and creates new requirements for the IS function. The TQM system model is also used for analyzing and comparing TQM with business reengineering.
  13. 13. ARTICLE NO.5 The Role of Organizational Climate in the Implementation of Total Quality Management Journal article by Charles R. Emery, Timothy P. Summers, John G. Surak; Issues date, Jan. 8, 1996 ABSTRACT: Total Quality Management (TQM) provides a paradigm shift in management philosophy for improving organizational effectiveness. TQM focuses the efforts of all members of the organization to continuously improve all organizational processes and increase value to customers, while relying upon a clear vision of the organization's purpose. This depends on the removal of barriers both within the organization and between the organization and its various stakeholders. TQM has been embraced by thousands of organizations as an important, new approach to management. Despite its theoretical promise and the enthusiastic response to TQM, recent evidence suggests that attempts to implement it are often unsuccessful. Wyatt, the human resources consulting company, surveyed 531 companies that had undergone restructuring in 1992. Only 41% of the 361 companies that started TQM programs as a part of restructuring considered them to have been effective. Similarly, a study by McKinsey & Co. revealed that, of TQM programs in place for more than two years, as many as two-thirds are considered failures by the employees. 3-Problem Definition The problem definition for our research program is to evaluate the role of IT in total quality management. In this regard we select Metro’s IT department for conducting this research. We will try to know about the following reasons: • What is the effect of IT on total quality management (TQM)? • How does the lack of skilled and technical people effect the development of company. 4-Purpose The purpose of doing this research program is to see the effect of IT for on the TQM of any business organization.
  14. 14. Research Type: In order to collect the primary data and meet the needs of our research program we are using Basic research and we will use surveys and conduct interviews to get the information because we are using basic research type and this type of research creates a body of knowledge. We will conduct the interviews in Metro. 5-Research Design a)-Data Source The researcher can gather primary data, secondary data or both. We are gathering primary data as well as secondary data for this management research program. We have also gathered secondary data because it is relevant, accurate and impartial. As secondary data cannot provide all the required information. We will use Primary data as well as Secondary data for this IT Research Program. The researcher can gather primary data, secondary data or both. We are gathering primary data as well as secondary data for this management research program. We have also gathered secondary data because it is relevant, accurate and impartial. As secondary data cannot provide all the required information, but the designing of primary data calls for number of reasons on the following points b) Research Approach We are using exploratory research methodology because this method can better describe its management situation. For this research we will conduct the interview for gathering primary data. Before gathering primary data, the researcher must be clear about the objectives. It can have three types of objectives: the objective of exploratory research is to gather preliminary information that will help define problem and suggest hypothesis. The objective of descriptive research is to describe things such as the market potential for the product and the attitude of the consumers who buy the product. The objective of causal research is to test hypothesis about cause and effect relations. But we are using exploratory research because it will address the following issue • What is the effect of IT on TQM? The research objective leads the researchers to collect the primary data and it can be collected in five ways: • Observational research
  15. 15. • Focus research • Survey research • Behavioral research • Experimental research But we are using Focus and observational research to gather primary data as it is widely used and best suited for exploratory research. c)-Research instrument We will use interview as a research instrument for our research because it is more flexible and give the precise information about the problem. We asked close as well as open ended and structured questions in our interviews. We will use close ended and open ended questions due to following reasons • Close ended questions are easy to administer. • Open ended questions give more comprehensive data. Interviewing An interview is a procedure designed to obtain information from a person through oral responses to oral inquires. Managers use several types of interviews which include structural and unstructured interviews. An unstructured interview is one in which the interviewer pursues points of interest as they come up in response to questions. A structured interview is one which involves a set sequence of questions. Different types of questions used in an interview include • Personal questions • Behavioral questions • Job-related questions • Education-related questions etc d)-Data Collection Data will be collected through interviews that have been used in surveys research. We can also use web site of Metro to collect the secondary data. . e)-Research Plan
  16. 16. The second stage of management research calls for developing the most efficient plan for gathering the needed information. Designing a research plan calls for decision on the data sources, research approaches, research instruments, sampling plan, and contact methods. 6)-Data Analysis At the end we will analyze the data in the light of what we observed in our visit to Metro and those interviews that which we conducted at Metro’s I.T department. Research Questions We ask the following questions during our visit to Metro. These are given bellow. Q-1: Name & Designations of the interview persons? Q-2: How many employees are working in your IT department? Q-3: Are they all fulfilling the requirement of Metro IT? Q-4: How much the Metro rely on its IT department? Q-5: Is Metro satisfied with its IT department’s performance? Q-6: What is the scope of IT in your organization? Q-7: How Metro expend on its IT department? Q-8: How IT department helps in running Metro? Q-9: What is the importance of IT in your organization success? Q-10: Do you hire the employees from some institution of IT or you train them in Metro? Q-11: How you train them and what should be there minimum qualification? Q-12: The people who train your employees what are there minimum qualification? Q-13: What types of software or latest information technologies are uses in Metro? Q-14: How do you maintain the records of your customers? Q-15: How your IT department helps in quality management?
  17. 17. Q-16: Do you think that the training given by Metro is sufficient and do your employees come up to the mark? Q-17: What do you think that the technologies use in Metro are according to the need of the modern period? Q-18: What is the hierarchy of IT department in Metro? Q-19: How your IT department maintain link with other department of Metro? Q-20: Are you satisfied with your IT department role in T.Q.M of Metro? Q-21: What challenges do your organization is facing in terms of IT? Q-22: What are the information quality issues in Metro? Q-23: What are means of communication use in Metro? Department The organization we have selected is composed of numerous departments like: • sales department, • managing department, • production department, • marketing department, • finance department, • Information technology department and so on. Each of these departments works for the growth and success of the company. We emphasized on the I.T department, because we are mainly concerned with this department for our project. The department of information technology mainly consists of 4 domain owners, country manager, networking managers and other employees. The department starts from the country manager followed by network specialist and then other employees. The networking managers are serving as building blocks for the whole department
  18. 18. because without networking no one could move up to make this world so closer. This field is very important to make the world from spread corners to more as global village. So it's very important in order to link up such a huge setup.
  19. 19. As far as future trends are concerned, the world will be more and closer and the best part of networking is communication and communication plays a versatile role in making the lives easier at the doorsteps of the best convenience. The base behind the communication is networking. Even the internet which is making the whole world together on a single platform is networking. So the company heavily relies on its networking in order to cater the whole system. Brand of Products/Product Range Food At the METRO wholesale center you can find a wide range of food products Dairy, Frozen METRO offers an all-new assortment of cheese and dairy products sourced from across the globe which includes a delectable range of fine cheese, rich cream, butter and other exciting gourmet products - all available to suit your needs. The range includes: • Yogurt • Cream • Cheese • Butter • Eggs
  20. 20. • UHT Milk • Pasteurized Milk • Yogurt • Chilled Ready Meals • Drinks • Ice Cream • Frozen Vegetables & Fruits and Frozen Ready to Serve All types of Halal meat (Fresh, Frozen, Processed) is available in a temperature-controlled environment. A variety of meats is available in different cuttings of Mutton, Beef and Chicken to cater the needs of our professional customers The assortment comprises a wide range of meat from local breeds: Mutton (bakra, chatra, dumba) Beef(bachra, katta, cow, buffalo) Chicken (Broiler, Desi) All meat products are packed in a hygienically controlled environment Fresh Fish & Seafood An assortment of high quality seafood, obtained through local and international sources, is available at METRO Cash & Carry.The seafood is offered in different forms such as alive, fresh, frozen (raw & marinated) and delicatessen.
  21. 21. Quality and freshness is guaranteed through proper handling at source and through strict temperature control all along the supply chain. The seafood is cleaned, graded and packaged conveniently and is consistently available throughout the year. Discounts are offered on bulk buying besides special promotions. Fruits & Vegetables Think METRO, Think Fresh! There is a wide range of local and imported products available under one roof. Fruits and vegetables sold at METRO are sourced directly from growers. State-of-the-art technology is used to maintain freshness and quality while availability is guaranteed by keeping the products under a cool chain. METRO has its own system for quality analysis and checks. Fruits and vegetables presentation and packing are designed to make life easier for our customers.
  22. 22. Edible Groceries, Canned Goods and Bakery Edible Groceries include all such items that are consumed in every part of Pakistan on a daily basis, such as Sugar, Vegetable Oil, Rice, Spices, Flour, Lentils and many other products. A wide range of grocery items are available under one roof at METRO centres with a mix of local and imported brands. The Canned Goods category offers Jams, Ketchup, Sauces, Canned Fruit and Vegetables, Pet Food, Canned Fish and other canned food products. In the freshly baked category, all kinds of breads, cakes, biscuits, etc. are available. Sweets and Confectionary The assortment includes: Biscuits, chocolates, toffees, chewing gums, candies, tea, coffee, cocoa powder, crispies, Nimko, powder drinks and dried fruits and nuts. General Grocery Under this category, the products offered include: Canned Goods Fruit, Vegetables, Meats & Meat Products, Pet Foods Edible Grocery Oils, Cereals, Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Spices, Seasonings, Sugar, Sauces, Pickles, Noodles, Soups, etc. Tobacco and Beverages The category offers a wide variety of Carbonated Soft Drinks, Bottled Water, Juices, Energy Drinks, Squashes, Syrups & Concentrates, Non-Alcoholic drinks and cigarettes.
  23. 23. Detergents Detergents include all products that come under Cleaning & Caring. METRO Cash & Carry offers a wide range of national and international brands are made available after understanding the needs of our customers. Cosmetics & Toiletries Cosmetics and toiletries included articles related to personal care and hygiene. Our focus on understanding the needs of our customer enables us to build assortment that becomes business solution for our customers. The articles in this category include: Baby Care Products • Bath and shower product • Colour cosmetics • Deodorants • Depilatories • Fragrances • Haircare products Men & Women grooming products • Oral hygiene • Premium cosmetics • Skin care and Sun care products Non Food METRO offers a wide range of Non Food products. Office Equipment METRO caters to the needs of modern business by providing a wide range of office equipment and materials.
  24. 24. These include: Computers, Accessories, Printers, Mobile phones, Fixed Line Phones, Faxes, School Products, Copy Paper, Packaging Materials, Office Supplies, POS material and Stationary. All major brands are available under one roof, such as HP, Samsung, LG, Motorola, Nokia, Aurora, Sigma, Max, Pelikan, Piano, Picasso, etc. Media , Radio & Accessories METRO offers all the famous brand names such as Samsung, Sony, LG, Philips, Olympus, Nikon, Yashica, Nobel, Fuji, etc. The product range includes TV sets, DVD Players, Home Theatre, Hi Fi , MP3/MP4 Players, Digital Camera, Camcorder, Game Consoles, Car Audio, Batteries and Chargers, Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Recorded, Unrecorded Media and Storage Media. METRO prides itself in bringing the latest technologies & innovations to its customers.
  25. 25. Home Electronics/House Hold A wide range of Home Appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, cookers, microwave ovens, air conditioners, built-in appliances, hand blenders, mixers, deep fryers, irons, vacuum cleaners and all small electric appliances. All leading brands such as LG, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Haier, Dawlance, PEL, Panasonic, Siemens, etc. are available at most reasonable prices. Household Goods The Household range includes products from pots and pans and chaffing dishes to commercial tableware and glasses for Hotels, Restaurants and Caterers. The selection includes brands in the following segments: Pots & Pans (Tefal, Sonex, Majestic, Prestige) • Tableware (Luminarc, Clayworks) • Glass (Pasabache, Bormioli Rocco, Toyonasic, Ocean) • Cutlery & Cutting Tools (Cocktail, Kiwi) • Kitchen Utensils & Serving Articles (Fackleman). • The range also include decoration products (Walther Glass), • Candles • Cleaning items. • Home Improvement Lamp fixtures, lamps & bulbs (OSRAM, PHILIPS) • Electrical items (BUSH) Bathroom & Sanitary (Faisal & ICL) • Flooring (Krono Flooring) • Paints and painting accessories (ICI,Master Paints) • General use and specialized hand tools (Stanley) • Power tools (BOSCH, Black & Decker) • Generators (Honda) and operating equipment. •
  26. 26. Home Textile/Home Decoration METRO offers a comprehensive array of • Bed Linen • Towel, Quilts • Cushions • Blanket • Table cloth • Carpets • Mattress and Office Furniture to suit domestic and commercial needs • Ladies wear/Men’s wear/Children’s wear/Shoes/Luggage The Apparels Division at METRO offers a wide variety of brands and high quality products at wholesale prices. The Ladies wear category offers both Eastern and Western wear. Men’s wear offers top brands such as Wrangler, Bonanza, Leeds, etc. for formal and casual wear. The Children’s wear section offers Skids and Colors and a modern collection of shoes under such brands as Servis, Bata, Starlet. Sports & Seasonal This section offers high quality Gym Accessories, Motorcycles, Sports Apparel, Swimwear and Sports Shoes. There is a complete collection of top brands is available at compatible prices, such as Puma, Servis, Cheetha, and Ihsan Sports, besides Pak Hero motorcycles. The section also offers a complete range of imported Garden Furniture and Accessories, Lawnmowers, Camping, Water Sports, BBQ, Decoration Items, Artificial Flowers and Planting Pots. Metro Location Metro cash and carry Address:thokar niaz baig Lhr pk Tel:042-7508001 Fax:042-7508094
  27. 27. Method of Business Metro Business Strategy The goal of metro business strategy is to increase the company’s value over the long term. This strategy’s fundamental principles are to continuously increase sales, to steadily optimize the portfolio and to constantly improve sales concepts METRO Group Business Strategy Group Portfolio Aligned with Capital Market’s Demands Metro focus is on business activities and capital expenditures exclusively on profitable market segments. Merchandizing Concepts Continuously Adjusted and Improved Metro is turning their sales divisions into distinctive retail brands, expanding their market position and achieving long-term customer loyalty for their company. Sales Growth Metro achieve consistent sales growth first and foremost by energetically entering foreign markets and extending their sales network.
  28. 28. Metro Cash & Carry is a leader in the sector of self-service wholesale. A mature & efficient concept guarantees the successful tapping of new markets. The assortment and services offered by Metro Cash & Carry are geared to meeting the specific needs of professional customers. Company offers a broad selection of high-quality goods at wholesale prices to customers such as hotel and restaurant operators and small to medium- sized retailers. The Concept The business of Metro Cash & Carry aims at professional commercial customers such as hotel, restaurant and kiosk operators, caterers and small food retailers, hospitals, authorities, and to an increasing extent also service providers. The Metro Cash & Carry concept is addressed to professional, commercial customers. quot;Cash & carryquot; means that the customers pick the goods themselves, pay cash and transport them with their own vehicles. The advantage as compared with conventional wholesale lies in the more favorable price- performance ratio, the scope of the food and nonfood assortment, the immediate availability of the merchandise and the customer-oriented opening hour . Favorable Prices, Large Selection, High Quality Metro Cash & Carry is offering a wide range of high-quality goods under the brand names Metro. One of Metro Cash & Carry’s unique selling propositions is its great competence in terms of freshness. They ensure that customers have a superb choice of fresh fish, meat, fruits and vegetables every day. Good value for money and the consistent availability of high-quality goods contribute to the global success of the Metro Cash & Carry sales concept. The arrangement of products is geared to the respective national demand and represents the result of a highly modern and efficient procurement organization. On a global level, professionals shop for commercial consumers or resellers, and select the goods based on their customers’ special needs. Moreover, easy accessibility of stores and longer opening hours make the stores even more attractive for commercial customers. By developing and implementing high quality standards, Metro Cash & Carry faces up to its special responsibility as a wholesale organization.
  29. 29. Technologies Used by Metro METRO Cash & Carry uses the very latest technology and develops complex logistics systems to meet customer demands irrespective of season or weather conditions. Shipping goods that are heat-sensitive is a huge challenge. Quality and freshness can only be guaranteed if the goods are constantly refrigerated from the time they leave the producer to the time they reach the customer. At METRO Cash & Carry, the warehousing and transport of frozen foods takes place at a constant minus 18 degrees, and at 2 degrees Celsius for fresh produce. Temperature monitoring is done manually or by computer, in the truck as well as in storerooms and freezers. The data is processed centrally – and the METRO employees in charge can respond immediately to temperature fluctuations. If the refrigeration in a truck bed should fail, the truck will be sent immediately to the nearest cold storage so as not to disrupt the cold chain. Supply Chain Management With IT-supported and integrated supply chains, METRO Cash & Carry ensures efficient supply chain management. It puts the wholesale stores in a position to supply fresh fish of the highest quality to customers in the restaurant business on a daily basis, to name just one example. The company avoids stocking large amounts of seafood at stores; instead, the buyers responsible send their orders to the distribution center every morning – the goods arrive at the store before it opens its doors to customers. Customer Demand No. 1: Freshness Day after day, METRO Cash & Carry faces the challenge of efficiently handling thousands of orders, shipments and deliveries to ensure that the desired goods arrive at the right place at the right time. For this reason, the company has introduced a high-performance logistics system with the capacity to supply its customers with food products in consistently high quality, diversity and freshness on a daily basis. Binding quality standards prevent anything but immaculate quality from entering the sales area. METRO Cash & Carry selects Checkpoint Systems as their Exclusive Shrink Management Global Partner Checkpoint Systems , the global leader in product identification and shrink management solutions, has been selected by METRO Cash & Carry to launch a global shrink management and source-protection program
  30. 30. The global shrink management solution provides METRO Cash & Carry (under METRO brand name), with product protection throughout the entire supply chain, from manufacturing and distribution to the point of sale, where the RF tags on the item are deactivated. This eliminates the need for employees to spend time physically securing the tags in-store or removing them at point of sale A large proportion of METRO Cash & Carry's product range will be tagged and the security added to the product will be adapted to each country's specific needs. A variety of unique source tagging solutions from Checkpoint will be used by METRO, including high speed auto-apply labels, fully integrated hang tags, shoe and woven labels with or without variable data to be applied on apparel, within apparel or into the shoe items. This will help to increase the quality of Metro’s manufacturing phase, enabling products to reach stores much quicker and with the right level of product protection. Role of Information Technology in Pricing In any company or industry pricing management is of critical and growing important. A pricing strategy begins with a clear statement of goals and ends with an adaptive or corrective mechanism. It is integrated with a firm’s overall marketing program. METRO offers a high-quality assortment of products, ranging between 20,000 and 50,000 items, all under one roof. The entire range offers an excellent price-to-benefit ratio. METRO Cash & Carry increases its recenues by 5.4 percent by sharing methodologies to pricing its products for improved margin management and long term profitability. As the third largest retailer in the world - Metro can perhaps afford to experiment with new retail technologies, and the indications are that customers have been embracing many of the innovations. Scattered throughout METRO store are terminals providing extra information about any product, including sell-by dates, origin and menu ideas. Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA) One of the most popular technologies among customers has been the Personal Shopping Assistant (PSA), a touch-screen computer attached to a shopping trolley that provides up- to-the-minute information about special offers and products. This is loaded with software which, upon swiping the customer's loyalty card, gives information that is targeted to be directly relevant according to what the customer has purchased in the past. IBM specialises in this type of 'data-mining' and has been working closely with Metro and Future Store to develop these kinds of intelligent targeted marketing technologies.
  31. 31. The PSA is attached to the shopping trolley and allows customers to scan in their own purchases, and then lists the products in the trolley and the current total price. At the till, they return their PSA back to the cashier where it accesses the merchandise management database via a wireless LAN and displays an up-to-date total which is then debited from your account. Everywhere Display Technology Metro is using the technology Everywhere Display technology - looks to put paid to the wasted minutes spent searching for a particular product on shelves - as a simple directional tool. METRO has been investigating using cameras and intelligent software to monitor the positioning of a shopper and display salient information depending on their location. 'The Everywhere Display is a technology that allows people to interact with a patch of light, an augmented reality technology that does not require special goggles or equipment and so is ideally suited for a retail environment. METRO Management is confident that many of these technologies will make their way into non hi-tech supermarkets before long. Electronic Shelf Labelling Another technology that is being trialled - electronic shelf labelling - is also being echoed in the UK. The each item of the customers being purchased id scanned through a machine which electronically detect prices of all items. Pricing Softwares Pricing soft wares are used by business-to-business companies. METRO uses pricing soft wares for analysis of profitability through sales, e.g; Zilliant's pricing software enables manufacturers and distributors to adopt an end-to-end, data-driven approach to price analysis, optimization, price list management, quoting and negotiation. By addressing all facets of pricing, marketing, sales and pricing operations teams are empowered with the quantitative insights and process automation needed to achieve the best pricing possible on every deal—increasing profits 10%-15% and more. Plan and Manage Price for Maximum Profitability Even in the most complex business environments, ZPPS Price List Manager's price administration and analysis capabilities ensure that prices remain aligned with business strategy and market dynamics. By improving the accuracy and thoroughness of analysis,
  32. 32. and simplifying ongoing price administration, ZPPS Price List Manager streamlines overall pricing operations and enables profit-maximizing pricing decisions. Trainers at Metro Four Training Centers on Two Continents As an international trading company, Metro Cash & Carry promotes the international exchange and cooperation of its staff from various countries. Four new training centers – part of the so-called “House of Training” – create the best-possible conditions for these efforts. On time for its 40th birthday, Metro Cash & Carry in 2004 has opened one training center in Royaumont near Paris. Three centers will be opened soon in Shanghai, China, the German city of Düsseldorf and in Moscow, Russia. Trainers with Metro Cash & Carry expertise pass on knowledge about products and goods as well as customers and procurement across national borders. Using the best-practice principle, they create a network of national competencies and prepare employees for their further career in the world-wide self-service wholesale segment. METRO Group pays special attention to matters connected with the management of human resources. Its unique METRO project trains youth-future specialists in the field of commerce. The practical and theoretical training, sales, cashier and computer schooling organized by METRO Group – in cooperation with the German training center for the retail industry – is a significant contribution to the development of Polish trade. The group’s efforts to provide employees with the best possible working conditions were appreciated by Newsweek. METRO Group took first place in the ranking of quot;Best employers in 2003quot; in the TRADE sector. The criteria taken into account during the compilation of this ranking included e.g. stability of employment, attractiveness of remuneration, possibility of being promoted, friendly corporate culture and opportunities for professional development. Role of IT in Networking The METRO network infrastructure was installed in 2003. Speed, monitoring, security, admission control, wireless, Internet, cluster computing are just technologies and design practices that are used by METRO were not available or not mature in 2000 but are necessary today. . Components of a MCC Network
  33. 33. There are four major requirements for the design of a successful MCC network: accessibility, reliability, security and scalability. Accessibility Two major factors affecting accessibility are speed and quality of service. The other integral component of accessibility is Quality of Service, commonly referred to as Qos. Quality of Service is a policy-driven aspect of networking, and will involve integrating policies and companies objectives that are developed over time. In basic terms, QoS allows for the enforcement of policies that guarantee different levels of service for different applications. In The current network the planned improvements in speeds from the edge to the core to the Internet, as well as the implementation of QoS across the network, is one of the most notable features of the network, and that will enable us to meet increasing demands on the technology infrastructure. Reliability Reliability in networking generally refers to keeping systems and services up so that they are always available. Disaster recovery and business continuity are a part of reliability, but there are also components of networking reliability that are more focused on daily access to systems and keeping those systems running under heavy loads, system failures, upgrades, replacements, etc. Redundant systems are a critical component of a reliable network. From the core to the Internet edge, switches, routers, servers, and systems are designed with fail-over capability that would allow for higher reliability. Planning process involved an analysis of what systems need to be highly reliable and at what cost. From a basic network infrastructure view, the cores will be redundant—a network with increased reliability is a much more robust network. A highly available and reliable network infrastructure has environmental requirements. Power, emergency power generation, heating, cooling, and security all play a role. The last component of a reliable network is a network monitoring system. Such systems enable network staff to gain intelligence about trends in network use, bottlenecks, and growth. The type of information gained from network monitoring plays a crucial role in developing QoS policy, continued network development, and strategic planning for technology, and will be a critical component in the success of the project.
  34. 34. Security Any good network design should incorporate multiple layers of security. One major and highly visible layer of security is admission control, the term given to a system that helps determine whether a device attaching to the network is clear of viruses and vulnerabilities and belongs to a known user. In order to gain access to the network, a device must pass a posture validation which (for example) would be able to verify that operating system and application patches are up to date and the approved virus scanner is installed and up to date. Once a device passes the validation, the user or device must authenticate, or demonstrate her/his/its identity. In this way devices can be assigned a QoS dictated by roles associated with their users. Even known users and devices with reasonably up to date systems sometimes misbehave or become victims of attacks. Using security devices that work in concert with each other, security events can be correlated, making incident handling easier and thereby reducing exposure. Security breaches and data theft can often lead to negative publicity as well as legal action. No matter how well planned and executed the network security strategy, no network is completely immune to security breaches. When breaches occur, they must be identified, reported, and acted upon, and evidence must be available for post-event forensics. The absence of any ability to do this today is perhaps the highest risk factor with our current infrastructure and a primary driver for the swift completion of the upgrade from both IT support and business/legal perspectives. Scalability Any good network is designed for longevity and growth. A properly executed plan can make the initial investment last much longer and includes a clear upgrade path as well as a thoughtful approach to network expansion. The new network will be able to grow to meet user demands without requiring a redesign of the entire network. A best practice is to implement a modular design in which the whole network is built out of smaller pieces, each containing its own specialized function. These smaller modules are connected together, creating a larger, scalable whole. Managing the day-to-day operations of the network as well as troubleshooting problems becomes easier using this design method. This is a time- tested design methodology dating from the earliest days of microcomputer.
  35. 35. Electronic Communication The Internet The internet is a world wide network of computer networks. It began in 1969 as a means of exchanging data. Anyone with a computer connected to the internet has the ability to give other users access to the data stored on that computer. Autonomous agents or search engines are used to determine all those locations that contain a particular requested subject. Web site information on the products of entertainment, health, food is available on the site of METRO. Intranet Within Company, local area networks (LANs) effectively share data among users by keeping large amounts of transactions data on large central computers, while concerning personal computers to them. LANs facilitate data sharing such as e-mail messages, transactions, decisions, calendars, scheduling, teamwork, and access to the internet. Messages send through e-mail provide efficient organizational information to co-workers. Software programs as Groupware are used to share data for teamwork and authorship. Document Management Globally integrated, paperless documentation is being used by the company. Applicable groupware software such as QSET makes remote paperless assessment possible. The software must be capable of: • Ensuring that audit trials track the history of all documents and actions and enable remote auditing • Supporting multiple companies, customer and supplier sites and mobile users in multiple countries • Reliably managing organizational knowledge by means of workflow between individuals and groups or teams • Providing powerful security and access control features • Integrarting many kinds of information in mixed media • Offering schedule management with alarm set to trigger when data approach • Linking to other software, such as gauge management package Remote auditing is particularly attractive because a single individual can interpret standard and guidelines in a uniform way for all of organizations sites.
  36. 36. Website Design Designing a good website is no different than designing a good product or service. It begins with stating the objectives such as increasing sales, gaining more customers, providing information to stake holder, selling product directly, or reducing cost. Next, define the customer segments that will use the web site. The critical issue in selecting the hardware and software is maintainability, it should be easy to manage the site; update it; and respond to questions, orders, complaints and other inquiries, performance measures is needed to check the effectiveness of the site and if any changes are necessary. The site of METRO Cash and Carry Pakistan Pvt. Limited is designed in such a way that users can be able to obtain the desired information with a few clicks of mouse. Contents are written according to the desire of the online readers: very short and with liberal use of bulleted lists and keywords. The local navigation system to move the users around the site are very simple with few global; navigation features. Measures use by the site is: • Number of hits • Transactions • Length of stay • Navigation • Sequences • Dead ends • Failed links • Customer complaint management Metro Customers Metro accept credit card payment for online orders. They provide the billing address exactly as it appears on credit card billing statement. During online, real-time authorization process they will validate that the billing information customers provided matches the information on file with customers credit card issuing company. The processing of order may be delayed if they cannot verify the billing information or the information does not match the address information on file. The credit card will not be
  37. 37. charged until they provide the goods or services you ordered. The merchant name that will appear on credit card statement is Metro Internet Store. Security Metro is sensitive to customers concerns regarding the security of using their credit cards to purchase products and services through the Internet. Safeguarding customers privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance Metro . Metro site uses Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) which encrypts data while it is being transferred over the Internet. This makes it very difficult for someone to steal credit card information. Processing and Shipping Orders received on weekends and holidays will be processed on the next business day. If order cannot be shipped within 30 days of the date of order, Metro will be given the option to cancel the order. Orders are shipped via the U.S. Postal Service. How to Change Order METRO process orders very quickly. If customer find that they have made an error in their order, notify Metro immediately by sending e-mail to If order has not yet been processed, Metro may be able to correct it. However if the merchandise has already been shipped, Metro will be unable to modify any portion of order. Returns and Exchanges If customers have received damaged, defective or incorrectly shipped merchandise contact metro customer service department at 503-797-1742 immediately or send e-mail to Metro credits full refunds for returns, no questions asked. Customer Record at Metro
  38. 38. Records stored with Metro Records Management will be made available only to the department that transferred the records. All other parties requesting records will be referred back to the department’s Records Officer. Departments should notify Metro Records Management as to which departmental staff will be making requests. It is helpful to limit this number to less than four employees. Every effort will be made to retrieve records as soon as possible, generally 24 hours notice is needed. To assist us in this effort, it is essential that the requestor provide the barcode number (and, if possible, the location) for each item requested. Requested information may be faxed, delivered through Metro Mail, or picked up by departmental staff. Metro Records Management staff can make deliveries as scheduling permits for departments that do not have access to Metro vehicles. Developing Request 1. Clarify what records are being requested. This may include understanding the type of document, dates in question, unique identifying numbers related to the file, and/or parties related to the file. 2. Customers can find the barcode number for the appropriate box by using their records transmittal paperwork or their cumulative holdings list to identify the relevant record series and the sequence and/or dates corresponding to the request. 3. If possible, customers can find the location for the box by using their cumulative departmental holdings list. Submitting Request Customers have two options for submitting a request for records to Metro Records Management: Intranet form Print and fax a hard copy request form Completing the Request Form
  39. 39. 1. In the Customer Information section, customers should complete at least their department name, first and last name, and telephone number. (The fax number will be necessary if they choose to have the results of their request faxed.) 2. In the Records Information section, they should complete all fields with the red *. 3. They should enter the complete six-digit barcode number under “Barcode.” 4. If possible, complete location number should be entered under “Location.” 5. Under Item Description, they should enter all relevant details so that Metro is able to identify exactly what they are requesting. For example, if they are looking for: A case file, then include both the case number and the style of the case An employee file, then include the name and social security number. 6. There are several choices for Delivery Method—then they have to click the down-arrow next to that field to see and select their choice. Delivery Choice: Metro Records Management receives one daily pickup by Metro Mail about 9:00 a.m. Full boxes and certain large files are not suitable for transfer through Metro Mail. Files or boxes that are being picked up have highest priority for retrieval. 7. Select Yes or No in the final field, depending on whether or not the file or box will be returned to Metro Records Management for continued storage. 8. When they have finished entering the information for their first (or only) item to request, click the Add Container button at the bottom of the form 9. The result of clicking the Add Container button will look much like the following. Note that additional lines have been added to the bottom of the form, summarizing the request(s). 10. If they need to make changes to any of the request information click Edit next to that item. You may make the necessary changes and add the container again.
  40. 40. Role of Information Technology in Food Preservation Food preservation Food preservation is the process of treating and handling food in a way that preserves its value as food. The main effort is to stop or greatly slow down spoilage to prevent foodborne illness (e.g. salting, cooling, cooking). However some methods utilise benign bacteria, yeasts or fungi to add specific qualities and to preserve food (e.g. cheese, wine). While maintaining or creating nutritional value, texture and flavour is important in preserving its value as food. METRO offers a high-quality assortment of products, ranging between 20,000 and 50,000 items, all under one roof. . They offer a wholesale price that leaves the customer room for healthy margins and provide a one-stop-shop for the customer. It offers following types of items: • Food • Non Food • Own brands In the food range, freshness is its first priority. This is guaranteed by the efficient supply- chain and quality control management they have in-place. In non-food, we offer only products that are up-to-date in terms of technology and design, and meet all safety standards. For the first time in Pakistan, Metro Cash & Carry offers a platform for Fruit & Vegetables
  41. 41. equipped with modern accessories for product processing. This ensures hygienic, temperature-controlled, clean and packed fruit and vegetables as per international standards of Hazard Analysis of Critical Control Points (HACCP).
  42. 42. Food Preservation Methods Method Effect on microbial growth or survival Low temperature to retard growth Refrigeration or Low temperature and reduction of water activity to prevent Freezing microbial growth Reduction in water activity sufficient to delay or prevent Drying, curing and conserving microbial growth Low oxygen tension inhibits strict aerobes and delay growth of Vacuum and oxygen free facultative anaerobes modified atmosphere packaging Reduction of the intracellular pH of micro-organisms Addition of weak acids Cooking in high sucrose concentration creating too high Sugar preservation osmotic pressure for most microbial survival. Addition of preservatives such as Inhibition of specific groups of micro-organisms nitrite or sulphite ions Delivery of heat sufficient to inactivate target micro-organisms Pasteurization and appertization to the desired extent Delivery of ionizing radiation Food irradiation Pulsed electric field processing Short bursts of electricity for microbial inactivation (PEF treatment) MCC Preservation Process Preservation processes include: Heating to kill or denature organisms (e.g. boiling)  Oxidation (e.g use of sulphur dioxide)  Toxic inhibition (e.g. smoking, use of carbon dioxide, vinegar, alcohol etc) 
  43. 43. Dehydration (drying)  Osmotic inhibition ( e.g use of syrups)  Low temperature inactivation (e.g. freezing)  Ultra high water pressure (e.g. fresherized, a kind of “cold” pasteurization, the  pressure kills naturally occurring pathogens, which cause food deterioration and affect food safety.) Drying One of the oldest methods of food preservation is by drying, which reduces water activity sufficiently to delay or prevent bacterial growth. Most types of meat can be dried therefore it is difficult to keep without preservation. Many fruits can also be dried; e.g , the process is often applied to apples, pears, bananas, mangoes, papaya, apricot, and coconut. Drying is also the normal means of preservation for cereal grains such as Wheat, Maize, Oats, Barley, Rice.  Canned Goods: Fruit, Vegetables, Meats & Meat Products, Pet Foods  Edible Grocery: Oils, Cereals, Coffee, Tea, Biscuits, Spices, Seasonings, Sugar, Sauces, Pickles, Noodles, Soups, etc Smoking Meat, fish and some other foods may be both preserved and flavoured through the use of smoke, typically in a smoke-house. The combination of heat to dry the food without cooking it, and the addition of the aromatic hydrocarbons from the smoke preserves the food. Freezing Freezing is also one of the most commonly used processes commercially and domestically for preserving a very wide range of food stuffs including prepared food stuffs .Cold stores provide large volume, long-term storage for strategic food stocks held in case of national emergency in many countries. All types of Halal meat fresh, frozen processed are available in a temperature controlled environment, availability of premium quality meat is ensured through reliable supply chain procedures and strict quality assurance measure. Variety of meat is available in different cuttings of mutton, beef and chicken to cater the needs of our customers. Vacuum packing
  44. 44. Vacuum-packing stores food in a vacuum environment, usually in an air-tight bag or bottle. The vacuum environment strips bacteria of oxygen needed for survival, preventing the food from spoiling. The canned Goods category offers Jams, Ketchup, Sauces, Canned Fruits and Vegetables, Pet Food. In the freshly baked category, all kinds of breads, cakes, biscuits are available. Salt Salting or curing draws moisture from the meat through a process of osmosis. Meat is cured with salt or sugar, or a combination of the two. Nitrates and nitrites are also often used to cure meat. Quality and freshness is guaranteed through proper handling at source and through strict temperature control all along the supply chain. The sea food is cleaned, graded and packaged conveniently and is consistently available throughout the year. Sugar Sugar is used to preserve fruits, either in syrup with fruit such as apples, pears, peaches, apricots, plums or in crystallized form where the preserved material is cooked in sugar to the point of crystallisation and the resultant product is then stored dry. This method is used for the skins of citrus fruit (candied peel), angelica and ginger. Pickling Pickling is a method of preserving food in an edible anti-microbial liquid. Pickling can be broadly categorized as chemical pickling (for example, brining) and fermentation pickling (for example, making sauerkraut)
  45. 45. What will Metro do with customers Protected information? The information METRO gathers is shared within the company to help to maximize the services they can provide to their customers. Company will only disclose the protected information as is necessary for them to provide the insurance products and services which the customers expect from them. METRO does not sell protected information to third parties, nor does it sell or share customer lists. They may also disclose all of the information described above to third parties with which they contract for services. In addition, they may disclose protected information to medical care institutions or medical professionals, insurance regulatory authorities, law enforcement or other government authorities, or to affiliated or nonaffiliated third parties as is reasonably necessary to conduct our business or as otherwise permitted by law. Security Procedures METRO has put in place the highest measures to ensure the security and confidentiality of customer information. Metro will handle the protected information received by restricting access to the protected information about those employees and agents of their who need to know that information to provide with Metro products or services or to otherwise conduct our business, including actuarial or research studies. The computer database has multiple levels of security to protect against threats or hazards to the integrity of customer records, and to protect against unauthorized access to records that may harm or inconvenience customers. They maintain physical, electronic, and procedural safeguards that comply with federal and state regulations to safeguard all of protected information. Privacy Promise METRO provides this notice, their customer, so that customers will know what they will do with the personal information, personal financial and health information (collectively referred to as the quot;protected informationquot;) that may receive from directly or receive from health care provider or receive from another source that have authorized to send to Metro protected information. Legal Use of Information METRO retain the right to use ideas, concepts, know-how, or techniques contained in any nonpublic personal information provide to them for their own purposes, including developing and marketing products and services. • Right to Review Records • Right to review the protected information
  46. 46. • Request the corrected, amended or deleted any inaccurate information by writing Transfer and availability of Record Every time the company opens its new store, the record is provided to that branch in order to maintain the connection between the departments. In this way the record of one branch is available to another branch and its departments. The whole network is established to link up the entire database system of the company. This shifting of record is mainly done by network specialists of the I.T department. Apart from that the record of customers is also maintained through buyer card. In this way the record of each and every transaction is available whenever required. Security System Integration Installation of identity-management systems alarmed doorways backed by thousands of cameras increases the requirement for personnel to monitor them and presents a challenge for security systems integration. Advances are being made in automated problem recognition; for example, a breach of a secure zone automatically brings camera to focus on the site of the breach and alerts a security official at the operations center. Fortunately, technology is moving fast in this area, offering cost-effective solutions. e time during emergencies Metro is committed to the safety and security of our patrons, performers and staff. For 20 years we have worked to ensure not only that everyone has a great time, but that everyone is safe and secure. Metro would like to let you know about the safety measures we have in place here at Metro. Emergency Exits • Metro’s main floor has 4 emergency exits to an exterior fire escape as well as 3 main floor exits. • Metro’s balcony has 2 emergency exits to an exterior fire escape, 2 main floor exits, and 2 back stairway exits. • METRO has 1 main exits leading to Clark Street, 1 emergency exit to the main lobby, and 1 emergency exit to the Racine fire exit.
  47. 47. • Before each show, there is an announcement directing patrons to take note of the location of emergency exits • All emergency exits and emergency exit signs are checked every day by security staff. Fire Extinguishers • In the Metro building, there are 24 fire extinguishers located throughout the building, as well as 4 backup fire extinguishers. • All fire extinguishers are regularly inspected. Emergency Lighting • In the Metro building, there are 63 illuminated lights, including exit signs, stairs signs, and fire escape signs. • Metro has 23 emergency battery back up lights. Security Staff • Metro security staff is well trained, and some are licensed security officers with the State of Illinois, possessing professional employee regulation cards and having undergone a special 20 hour training course. • Metro security staff have received numerous awards from the state of Illinois for excellence, including numerous commendations from the Secretary of State for our cooperation in deterring underage drinking. • Metro security staff does not use any weapons of any kind, including mace, pepper spray or any other toxic air-released compound.
  48. 48. Customer Services 1. Teach them to SMILE. 2. Say their Name. 3. Use Courtesy. 4. Ask for feedback from the Customer. 5. Invite your Customer to come back. Staff Recruitment * Excellent leadership skills. * Broad understanding of financials functions * Excellent communication & interpersonal skills * User knowledge of PC work (MS Windows), * Cross cultural competence * Flexible for traveling and working across the country. Metro Cash & Carry is the international leading company in self-service wholesale. For over 40 years, the company has been supporting high-volume commercial customers with over 600 wholesale centres worldwide. The company’s annual revenue in 2006 was 30 billion Euros. Metro Cash & Carry employs more than 100, 000 people across the world and in many regions is among the biggest employers. Qualified, highly-motivate employees create the foundations needed for successful expansion on an international level and sustained growth of the wholesaling company. A performance-driven approach, openness and internationality are the corporate culture that we practice. Store Manager (FOR LAHORE, FAISALABAD & KARACHI) Responsibility for overall operations and management of a Store. Role * To be responsible for achieving sales & cost targets, maintain stock levels through compliance of corporate operating procedures and effective management of store
  49. 49. personnel. * To implement corporate policy and take all strategic decisions in the store. * To effectively manage the external relationships with customers and other parties such as governmental bodies and communities to enhance the image and reputation of the company. * To take responsibilities for the store compliance with health and safety regulations to protect both employees and customers. * To provide professional training in order to develop qualified and motivated staff for managerial positions within the company. Requirements * MBA or specialized degree in wholesale / retail management. * Minimum 5 years managerial experience, preferably in a service oriented business, such as a hotel, fast food outlet, department store or supermarket, managing sizable workforce in meeting sales target. * International Work Experience will be a plus. * Excellent leadership skills. * Broad understanding of financial functions. * Excellent communication & interpersonal skills. * User knowledge of PC work (MS Windows) * Cross cultural competence. * Flexible for traveling and working across the country. Metro Post A brochure named “METRO POST” or “METRO MAIL” is issued with regular intervals of 15 days in which selected products are offered at subsidized/discounted rates. Generally, two types of metro posts are issued:  Food metro post  Non food metro post
  50. 50. The products on metro post keep on changing according to the needs and interests of customers. These products include: • Electronics • Beverages • Edibles • Shoes • Garments • Utensils • Office items • Toys • Interior • Other households The purpose of metro post is to provide customers with products at reasonable rates so that the buyers may get quality goods conveniently. Know how to Modern Technology Metro cash and carry has equipped itself with technology required to cope up with its huge setup. It has a large number of skilled people who are working to run the operations of the business in an effective way. Moreover, the company is paying special attention on up date and know how of modern technology. The company has a separate panel that is responsible for update of new methods and techniques that are vital for the success of the company and to upgrade of the I.T department as well as the whole company. TQM at Metro Quality Management Within Metro Developments Ltd company Total Quality Management is a cultural philosophy, a way of working and a way of thinking, which is based upon a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. Metro Developments quality management approach encompasses: - • Emphasis on leadership style and organisation culture.
  51. 51. • Aspiring to achieve excellence in all aspects of business. • Quality is defined as satisfying the needs and expectations of customers. • Emphasis on teamwork and continuous improvement. • Quality designed into the process rather than inspected out. • Success is measured through improvements in customer satisfaction, performance and business results. • TQM within Metro Developments begins with the Managing Director, Mr. ................ and extends to every person within the company. Highly committed senior management lead the way and provide support at all levels within the company. Metro a commercial company that is based in the Metropolitan area. Metro also doing work in the surrounding areas in metro. METRO provide value to customers by doing quality product work, being prompt, and always courteous. They have been trained in TQM (Total Quality Management), Seven Habits of Highly Effective People and one of team members has been trained as a Six Sigma Black Belt. Metro has been trained using those management tools to increase quality of service to customers. Metro's Mission To continually advance customer's lives by providing skillful, passionate, customer oriented TEAM MEMBERS to the metro market and utilizing technology to lead industry through the millennium. Role of IT in TQM For handling the industry they use many management techniques. These techniques are known as Management Technology. This is the internal matter of the industry and especially relative to them so it can’t be told to anyone especially customers that what procedure they adopt or how they works for Metro for betterments. From business point of view they use Black Berry for communication at very high level. There is no interaction of customers with IT.
  52. 52. SWOT Analysis Strengths • Conveniently available products • Pure and natural products • Qualified staff • Strong financial backup • Good network • Fulfill the international quality standards • Effective market research campaign Weakness • Due to high rate of taxes the prices of some products are higher • Stores are at located at remote areas • Tax evaders sell product on much less prices and retailers blackmail for better profit margins. Opportunities • Expansion of business • Diversification of products • Addition of new varieties • Modification according to present requirement Threats • Discounts offered by competitors • Instable political conditions • WTO • Less awareness of Pakistani market
  53. 53. Interpretations To the best of our knowledge, we found the company has a sound financial background and it is in the position to expand its business. METRO Cash and Carry opened two consecutive stores in Pakistan within a year. The first one was in Lahore and the second store was opened in Islamabad. After the successful opening of these two stores the company is aiming to open a chain of new stores nationwide. This series of stores shows the success of METRO Cash and Carry in Pakistan. The head office of the company is in Lahore (Thoker Niaz Baig).We visited the office by our self and interviewed people from the I.T department, but the employees were intensely busy because of the opening of store in Faisalabad and most of the executives and managers were working on that. Even then the environment of the department was professional enough. We found that the company has huge reliance on I.T department because it has to maintain a network support to create a link between stores. The company is hiring employees who are capable to give boost to the company. The company has the motto “Fast development of our company compels us to constantly search for unique, talented, hardworking people. If you are an innovative person seeking success, METRO Cash & Carry is the place for you!” However the company has equipped itself with tactics and techniques to compete the today’s world of cut throat competition. The overall environment of the department is very professional and basic emphasize is on the work. Although it has not been a full year but metro is considered as a profitable and successful company. They came with us to describe terminologies of whole industry. Their behavior was good and they told us much information about different working areas. They were totally cooperative persons. We went to all areas of industry and learned many things about Metro and IT of Metro. We raised many questions about the working style and they gave us answers. The things which we didn’t know, asked from them and they told us in brief. In all sectors of Metro all workers were busy in their work but all were cooperative and helped us to understand the management of Metro. They told us about the IT system of Metro and the benefits of IT.
  54. 54. Problems Lack of Advertising The company’s management is not paying attention towards advertising due to which the company is likely to loose its share in the market. Currently there is no marketing campaign running for METRO, nothing been added to enhance its image Less Scope for Individual Consumer METRO cash and carry is a Wholesale departmental store. So the customer ship of the company is limited to business community and there is very limited scope for individual buyer. Presence of the Staff Although the company has highly skilled and trained staff, but we found that the number of employees is less to cater the entire system and the lack of presence shows this drawback of the company. Location The stores of METRO Cash and Carry are usually located in remote and less populated areas. As a result the company fails to create good impression in the minds of the consumers. Less Awareness of Local Market METRO Cash and Carry has newly entered the Pakistani market and it has less awareness of the taste and demand of local market. Shopping Limit The company does not allow to shop less then Rs.2000 per visit, due to which the customer has to be bound to buy up to this limit. Competitors of Metro Write now the competitors of the company are CAR FORE and MAKRO. But there operation and nature is quite different from metro. So there is a chance that metro create a monopoly in the future.
  55. 55. Tax Issue METRO Cash and Carry is a wholesale departmental store and the prices of its products are generally low but because of high tax rates the prices of certain products are higher which does not satisfy its image as a wholesaler.
  56. 56. Suggestions  Maximum importance should be given to the cold chain to ensure that fresh products such as meat, fish, fruits, vegetables and dairy items, are produced, handled and transported to store through the cold chain and proper records of temperatures .it is verified by recording the internal temperature of the products at the time they are received.  Metro should be extra cautious about the hygiene and sanitation conditions to be ensured by suppliers especially for fresh food items .  Special care should be taken in handling, storage and maintaining freshness of products throughout their shelf life.  Freshness of food products should be checked on a daily basis to make sure that no product is left on the shelf that does not fulfill standard requirements of quality and freshness.  Ultra fresh products such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables should be given special attention because of their delicacy and sensitivity. These products are presented with guaranteed freshness while maintaining the natural texture and flavour of the products through strict inspections and controlled temperatures.ially for fresh food items.  The company’s management should pay attention towards advertising due to which the company is likely to loose its share in the market.  METRO cash and carry is a Wholesale departmental store. Metro cash and carry should enhance the customer ship of the company which is limited to business community.  The number of employees should be increased to cater the entire system because lack of presence shows drawback of the company.  The stores of METRO Cash and Carry should be located in more populated areas. So the company successes to create good impression in the mind of customers.  METRO Cash and Carry should have more awareness of the taste and demand of local market.  The company should allow to shop less then Rs.2000 per visit, so that the customers have not to be bound to buy up to this limit.
  57. 57. Interview Metro Cash & Carry (I.T Department) Name: Muhammad Faisal (IT Specialists) Qualification: MBA Designation: Previously worked for Mobilink Name: Mazhar Dar (Network Specialist) Qualification: MCS Designation: Previously worked with Warid Telecom Q-1: When did you start your operation in Pakistan? Ans: We started our business 9 months ago from Lahore and has recently open Metro’s new store in Islamabad. Q-2: Which services are provided by management? Ans: The management provided with financial services from the company. Q-3: Which technologies you are using right now? Ans: We are using modern technologies like • SAP for improvement of I.T • ORACLE • G.M.S (Good Management System) • S.Q.L • Pin software Because they provide big platform and they are vast enough to meet the needs of such a vast organization’s system in order to keep the record of bulk of products these software are sufficient and internationally recognized for keeping the large amount of information’s. Q-4: Which I.T facilities are provided management to staff? Ans: We have given our managerial staff Black Berries and equipped them with all facilities to cope up with the international standards.
  58. 58. Q-5: How do you maintain your customer records? Ans: We have cards system for entrance in order to maintain the record having their identities to know how much they buy and how often they come. Q-6: Which software is helping you in maintenance of customer records? Ans: We are using customer database pin software and point of sale system. Q-7: How do you train your I.T staff? Ans: We train our employees with regular interval and company has a large training house in France. Q-8: Do you think that your staff able enough to cope up with the I.T system you are using? Ans: We also invite trainer from different countries to train our staff in other words there is hardly a day without training so we are satisfy with our staff. Q-9: How many employees are workings in your I.T department? Ans: Currently 200 employees are working in our department. Q-10: How do you cater the whole system of networking? Ans: In order to cater the whole system which includes: • Metro legislation • Metro buying • Metro Cash & Carry We setup a large and up-to-date network system. Q-11: How do you perform your duties? Ans: We perform our duties thorough • One line stock taking • Inventory control system • Order level system Q-12: How do you keep your record on daily basis? Ans: Every night when store is close we have a system called night run which prepare financial records of all departments,
  59. 59. Inventory levels, Price, how much inventory sold and how much inventory we need more in this way the whole day transactions are summarized. Q-13: What are the criteria for recruitment of employees at Metro? Ans: The recruitment is based on technical rather then their academic background we prefer people, who are proficient in computer skills and have basic knowledge of, • Ms Word • Ms Excel • Web Designing etc. Q-14: Do you have any foreign guiding unit? Ans: Yes we have big data center in Germany managing the I.T department and provide guidelines to MGI (Metro group of information technology). Q-15: Where is your Head Office & How many employees are working there? Ans: There are 2600 employees in our head office and our head office is located at Thoker Niaz Baig, Multan Road, Lahore. Q-16: How much does the company spend on its I.T department? Ans: Our Company is spending billions of euros on its I.T department to keep it up-to-date and meet the international requirement. Q-17: How do you rate the customership of Metro? Ans: The store is purely for business entities and there is lees scope for Individual buyers, therefore customer cards are issue to keep the record of buyers. Q-18: Are the Prices of products at Metro affordable? Ans: The prices at which we offer the products are feasible for business class even then the company has equitable margin of profit. Q-19: How do you upgrade your system? Ans: The I.T department does not has direct link with users/customers so in order to keep their system strong we have establish computerized system instead of manual system.
  60. 60. Q-20: Do you hire I.T professional from others I.T institutions/organization? Ans: We hire employees from other org/institutes in order to our successful platform in the I.T department employees are also train from some other organization like warid, Total.etc We also train our employee our self through different programs. Q-21: How much the company relies on I.T department? Ans: Company rely very much on its I.T department because there are many chances of success for the whole company because of I.T department. Q-22: Does the company’s system is efficient? Ans: We are using customize software’s for record keeping which are efficiently working. Q-23: What is your approximate turnover? Ans: our approximate turnover is 37.1 billion euros which is triple in the size of Pakistan’s budget. Q-24: Who are the competitors of Metro? Ans: The competitor of Metro is Carfore which has not formally started its business yet. Macro is also generally taken its competitor but there system/operations are some how different from Metro because Macro is retailer and Metro is wholesale departmental store. Q-25: How do you know about customer satisfaction in context to I.T department? Ans: The marketing department is mainly concerned with I.T department. Which keep the records of customer’s satisfaction. Q-26: How does I.T department plays role in Total Quality Management? Ans: I.T plays very important role in T.Q.M of any business organization. Such as to preserve the food products properly, suitable temperatures are maintained. Even -18 degree centigrade temperature is maintained for requiring food products. For total quality management proper godowns are maintained, stocks are preserved, maximum efforts are made to fulfill the requirements and improve the quality.