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Waste and Pollution Magazine


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Air Pollution
Water Pollution
Great Pacific Garbage Patch

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Waste and Pollution Magazine

  1. 1. Waste & Pollution Air Pollution Water Pollution Great Pacific Garbage Patch Air PollutionThere are many different types of air Sometimes when wepollution in the world. The most are traveling by groundcommon type of air pollution is smog. we see fire in theIt is a mixture of smoke and it is grass. The gas thiscombined with fog in the air that give damages ourcontaminates. The main producers of atmosphere. Whenthis are the factories, since they have people see this theythis huge and tall tubes that give out a don’t do anything, andmassive amount of smoke. This they should. Nopoisons the ozone more than it is. everyone here inThis cannot only be hurtful for the Venezuela knows howearth but also for humans. People us much our planet islike can suffer from awful diseases suffering, so they justthanks to this breeze. Cars and truck do whatever they want.are also immense pollutants. The people here as a community should contribute in helping, by not throwing trash and many other things.
  2. 2. THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 Water Pollution There are many forms of water contamination. Some of them are from: acid rain, industrial discharges, CO2 falling from the atmosphere, etc. The worst form of water contamination is the one in which the water gets sedimentation. Industrial discharges are when the contaminated waters that industries throw, go to the ocean and pollute it.Sedimentation: Sedimentation is a type of contamination is when all the garbage and other materials in water break down and makes the water looks foggy and become toxic. When this happens sunlight can’t pass through, so the plants (fishes’ food) can’t grow. Sedimentation not only makes water blurry but depending on the materials that have broken down in also makes it toxic. Now your mission is to start Nowadays scientists are using to do something for that. We should all raise awareness huge filters to separate de and clean the beaches, sediments from the water. because our ocean is the Also there are some robots biggest natural resource we that clean the ocean floor like have and it is non a vacuum. renewable. 2
  3. 3. THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016 The Great Pacific Garbage PatchMany people describe it as a trash island.This is because there is so much trash This is very dangerous to theaccumulated on the ocean in this specific environment because it causesplace that it looks as if it was an island. photo degradation,According to other people, it isnt true, entanglement, and indigestion.because not only there is trash over there,but over the time, it goes sinking so there is Photo degradation: With thea lot more in the deeps of the ocean. It heat of the sun, it starts meltingformed by the air current of the Earth; all down the plastic. Plasticthe trash from the shores of Japan and the contains a toxic chemical namedUSA is taken here. It is located in between ´biphenol- A´, and toxics likethese 2 countries in the Great Pacific these are accidentally ingestedOcean. by the marine life, causing their death. This bird saw all the plastic and thought it was food so it tried to eat it and eventually died by all the toxics inside his body. 3
  4. 4. THE LOREM IPSUMS SPRING 2016Entanglement: The majorityof the fishing nets that areabandoned (ghost fishing),later, marine animals areentangled in them. They getcaught in them and cantmove, they stay like this untiltheir bodies succumb.These nets also cause themto drown till death. Indigestion: When the plastic either sinks or breaks down, fishes and marine life underwater think it´s food and try to eat it, they choke on it and die. This also happens with animals that live on top of water. It might happen that they are able to digest it, but the plastic gives out toxics so they die intoxicated.What Can We Do?ReduceReuseRecycleClean Up Beaches 4
  5. 5. HELP US MAKE OUR PLANET A BETTER PLACE! EVERYTHING Visit Us! IS POSSIBLE.Website: http://pollutionatciplc.weebly.com/index.html