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Better Flood Management


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Better Flood Management

  1. 1. Better Flood Management<br />Saving lives through technology & innovation<br />
  2. 2. Better Flood Management<br />G<br />A<br />P<br />Texas has the highest number of flood deaths per year in the US – three times more than No. 2.<br /><ul><li> “Floods have caused a greater loss of life and property and have devastated more families and communities in the United States than all other natural hazards.
  3. 3. Flood damages continue to increase and every year billions are spent in response to flood disasters.”</li></ul>From President Obama’s Draft Executive Order on Floodplain Management, April 2010<br />
  4. 4. Better Flood Management<br /><ul><li> Better flood warning and emergency management
  5. 5. Better flood modeling and mapping</li></li></ul><li>Better Flood Management<br /><ul><li> Continuous, real-time flood mapping everywhere
  6. 6. Common data language that supports web services
  7. 7. A hub for real-time flood data and computation
  8. 8. New flood apps and devices </li></li></ul><li>Better Flood Management<br />Leverage the infrastructure and technologies we develop to convey timely and accurate data to critical audiences<br />
  9. 9. Better Flood Management<br /><ul><li>The Center for Research in Water Resources (CRWR) is a global leader in water information systems
  10. 10. The National Academies’ assessment of FEMA’s flood mapping program was led by UT Austin
  11. 11. Unique combination of expertise across campus to create real solutions that help citizens</li></li></ul><li>Better Flood Management<br />Saving lives through better flood warning, emergency management, modeling and mapping.<br />