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Film Storyboard

  1. 1. FilmStoryboard
  2. 2. The first thing we see is the productionname logo, this being “Knifes EdgeProductions”. This will be on a blackbackground. As we see this, we hearthe sound of the train, crossing over tothe next scene.
  3. 3. Long shot of Mark stood (with hisback to the camera) on theplatform. We see the train come in.There is diegetic sound of thetrain.
  4. 4. High angle shot looking down onthe train, travelling under bridgeshowing the train is on the move.There is diegetic sound of thetrain. It zooms then is thenfollowed by transition.
  5. 5. Medium long shot of Mark sat onthe train showing no expression.Here there is diegetic sound of hismusic .
  6. 6. There is then a close up of anewspaper, in which Mark sees.
  7. 7. The train then goes through atunnel and the scene fades out.
  8. 8. The flashback shows a group ofsoldiers walking through a forest.Mark is there with his best friend,Matthew.
  9. 9. A medium shot of two men pinneddown.
  10. 10. The scene then fades out again.
  11. 11. We see Mark holding his friend who hasbeen shot. He dies in Mark’s arms.
  12. 12. The scene fades to an intertitle.
  13. 13. This is the intertitle reading,“The death of a friend”.This is on a background of theforest.
  14. 14. Here is then a close up ofMark’s face, looking sad.
  15. 15. This is a long shot of the livingroom. Here we see Marktalking to himself where hethinks he is talking to his friendthat died.
  16. 16. Over the shoulder shot of Markapproaching Lisa.
  17. 17. This is a medium shot of Lisa. Herfacial expression shows she isworried, as if she is expectingsomething bad.
  18. 18. This is a medium two shot of Mark andLisa showing their uncomfortable bodylanguage.
  19. 19. Here is a medium shot of Lisa. Sheremains silent for a little while, and thefinally tells him.“I’ve been having an affair, I’m so sorry – ”She is then cut down by Mark.
  20. 20. This is a medium shot of Mark whichshows him speechless and with ablank expression. We then see himturn to leave the room.
  21. 21. A medium long shot of Mark leaving theroom.“Can’t we just talk about it? Mark!” – thedialogue of Lisa bridges onto this shot.
  22. 22. Intertitle:Pushed over the edge
  23. 23. A medium close up of drawer. Wesee Mark grab his clothes to pack.
  24. 24. A medium shot of Mark stood sideways,looking puzzled.He then says, “Wait, I didn’t pack these”.
  25. 25. Close up of knife and rope on the bed.Diegetic dialogue – “I know” - of hisfriend.
  26. 26. Medium long shot of Mark leaving thehouse. We see the door slam shot. Wehear the diegetic sound of this.
  27. 27. This is a medium shot of Lisa, wherewe see her dial the phone and waitsfor Matthew to pick up.“Thomas, he knows!” – Lisa.
  28. 28. Here is a close up of a message onthe fridge reading, “Scared of thedark?”.
  29. 29. Here we see Matthews phone drop insurprise.
  30. 30. As he goes to pick up the phone hehears running and the lights go out.
  31. 31. Here is a close up of Matthew as hebreaks free of his bindings.
  32. 32. Fade to black.
  33. 33. As the lights come on wee seeMatthew backed into a corner saying,“God, no, turn it back on!”He sees the door slam and the powerreturns.
  34. 34. Fade to black
  35. 35. “Since you had no problem … one ofyou dies”A medium two shot of Lisa and Matthewtied up.
  36. 36. Fade to black
  37. 37. Mark and his friend talk and he tellshim, “ Thomas will pay, I’ll see tothat”.
  38. 38. There is then a flash transition.
  39. 39. A close up of Mark’s face as he wakesup gasping.
  40. 40. There is then another flashtransition.
  41. 41. A birds eye view shows a circle carvedaround him with the words, “Die.Suffer. Pay.”
  42. 42. Here is a medium shot of Lisa, ringingMark, furious of the games hesplaying.
  43. 43. Mark replies confused, stillangry of the break up. Heexplains he has been asleepthe whole time, before hangingup. This is seen through amedium shot.
  44. 44. There is then a close up ofa message reading, “Imcoming for you”.
  45. 45. Fade to black
  46. 46. A long establishing shot of the woods.
  47. 47. A long shot of Lisa and Thomasrunning through the woods.
  48. 48. A sideways shot of Lisa ant Thomasrunning.
  49. 49. There is another fade to black.
  50. 50. This is a low angle shot of a man in thecar boot, his back to the camera so thatthe audience is unable to identify who itis.
  51. 51. Here is a long shot of Lisa andMark, where he pushes her to thefloor causing her to hot her head,knocking her out.
  52. 52. A medium shot of Mark grabbing Thomas.
  53. 53. This is a close up point of view shot ofMark being hit.
  54. 54. A close up shot of Thomasuntying Lisa.
  55. 55. A medium long shot, where we seeThomas push himself off the ground,running towards Mark.
  56. 56. This is another long shot of Lisaand Thomas running throughthe woods.
  57. 57. Here is a close up point of view shot of amans hands gripping onto a sink,covered in blood.
  58. 58. There is then a quick cut to amedium shot of Mark looking into amirror.
  59. 59. When Mark looks at himself in themirror, his reflection actually showshis friend that died, Matthew.
  60. 60. The title of the film doesnt appear untilthe very end of the trailer. This will be ina red font, on top of a black background.
  61. 61. Billing Block