Communicating With US Blogs


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Tips and tricks for a startup on how to maximize your chances for being covered on US blogs and sites.

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Communicating With US Blogs

  1. 1. Coverage on US Blogs
  2. 2. Embargos • Forget it! • An embargo will always be broken, no matter what • better: give pre-release access to a lot of blogs • let them know, when you start • no exclusives either, these destroy trust with other blogs
  3. 3. Target • think of smaller blogs, your niche • TechCrunch, Mashable are great, but they don’t review each product/site • smallers might, if it fits • are your customers (not early-adopters) readers of the blog you target?
  4. 4. First Contact • choose & write to a single writer • add your direct (!) contact details and full name • send from your email address, not • personal / “Du” text form is okay
  5. 5. Beta Accounts • include a link to create an account • track the usage of this account • invites for the blog’s reader • readers love testing stuff • track these users as well
  6. 6. What To Include • include links to screenshots • include link to a high-res logo • briefly explain what your product does, quotable • make sure you have an about-us page
  7. 7. No Goes!! • Hi Tom, please review and write about it. Thanks, Stefan • Hi Tom, I saw you reviewed our competitor Z. Our product is much better. Please update your post with a link to us! • Do not mass-email! Personalize each email by hand
  8. 8. Remember ... • no guarantee for coverage • your product / history must be interesting for itself • make the writer’s life as easy as possible
  9. 9. • more questions? • • swiss writer for us blog CenterNetworks
  10. 10. Sources • Statue of Liberty • ajagendorf25/4012265423/ • US Flag • 1480392893/