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  • Gartner –Microsoft –LiveRoute - LiveRoute is a privately held technology company focused on delivering IT solutions and services to its clients. LiveRoute is based out of Dubai and covers the entire Middle East region. LiveRoute is in the business of providing state of the art software solutions through "software-as-a service" (SaaS) delivery model to solve business needs of small, medium and enterprise companies as well as governments across the region. LiveRoute is the only powerhouse in the Middle East which is established to only offer SaaS value proposition of cost effectiveness, ease of use and quick implementation of mission critical business applications. By doing so, LiveRoute passionately believes in helping its customers focus on their core-competencies while taking the concerns of system management, security, integration and system uptime away from its customers and as a value proposition that it offers.Garaguru - An Asia Pacific Company who works with Channel Partners that analyze the individual business requirements and tailor a unique solution for each company to maximize the benefits of the Aplicor product.CRM Consulting - CRM Consulting Corporation is a sales and service company which helps business navigate the rapid and dramatic change demanded by today’s markets and economic climate. Our clients realize significantly greater return on their change portfolios by approaching management initiatives with business goals in mind and building from Aplicor’s flexible software suite.
  • CRM Idol

    2. 2. Overview<br /><ul><li>A Global Cloud-Based Software Company
    3. 3. Provider of a Cloud Business Management solutions to the SMB and divisions of Enterprise companies.
    4. 4. Cloud Suite 7 :CRM and ERP
    5. 5. Headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida</li></li></ul><li>Strong Board and Management Team<br />
    6. 6. Key Partnerships<br />
    7. 7. It’s All About the Cloud<br />“The cloud computing phenomenon has been described by The Wall Street Journal as “the single biggest creation of wealth in the history of business.”<br />CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY<br />
    8. 8. Market Opportunity: $ 35 Billion<br />“Another trend noted in the report is the bundling of products by vendors. Suites are attractive to SMB” AMI Partners 2009<br />Top 15 SaaS business applications<br /> According to CIO Insight, the top 15 on- demand business applications systems are: <br />Customer Relationship Management <br />Human Resource Management <br />Billing and Accounts Payable <br />Collaboration Software <br />E-commerce <br />Corporate Portals <br />E-mail and Instant Messaging <br />Business Process Management & Workflow Software <br />Blogs, Wikis and Social Media or Web 2.0 Software <br />Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics and Data Mining <br />Database Systems <br />Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems<br />Content & Information Lifecycle Management <br />Customer Self Service<br />Supply Chain <br />
    9. 9. The SMB market: Leading the way to the Cloud<br /><ul><li>Business Agility.
    10. 10. Streamline process
    11. 11. Leverage elastic cost structure
    12. 12. Rapidly move to new streams of revenue
    13. 13. Modernize their IT infrastructure and Business applications.
    14. 14. Update hardware and legacy software
    15. 15. Reduce integrations ,workarounds and Streamline process
    16. 16. Mobilize /Socialize their Company.
    17. 17. Incorporate Mobile technologies in their business , customers and employees.
    18. 18. Social collaboration with employees, partners and customers.</li></li></ul><li>Aplicor Key Differentiators<br /><ul><li>Cloud Independent
    19. 19. Interoperability with customer cloud strategy
    20. 20. Integrate with any cloud applications
    21. 21. Empowering User and Customer experience
    22. 22. Modern UI experience for the next Gen user.
    23. 23. User driven experience and tools
    24. 24. Seamless Business Management Suite
    25. 25. Customer centric business application
    26. 26. Seamless Lead to quote to order to cash process</li></li></ul><li>Flexible Cloud Deployment<br />CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY<br />9<br />
    27. 27. Run your Business in the Cloud<br />Seamless Cloud Business Management suite.<br /> (LEAD to QUOTE to ORDER to CASH)<br />Financial Management <br /><ul><li>General Ledger
    28. 28. Accounts Receivables
    29. 29. Accounts Payables
    30. 30. Order processing
    31. 31. Distribution
    32. 32. Invoicing and Billing
    33. 33. Financial Reporting and Dashboards</li></ul>Customer Relationship Management<br /><ul><li>Sales Force Automation (SFA)
    34. 34. Marketing Automation
    35. 35. Customer Support
    36. 36. Project Management Office (PMO)
    37. 37. Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
    38. 38. CRM Dashboards
    39. 39. Workflow Management</li></li></ul><li>Empowered User: Game Changer <br />
    40. 40. Cloud Suite Central – LinkedIn Social Panel<br />
    41. 41. A7 Customer Profile: <br />Company Profile:<br /><ul><li>Provider of product additives to make plastics bio-degradable
    42. 42. Primary product, Eco-One™ is an organic additive that renders products manufactured from plastic resins biodegradable in landfills and composting environments.
    43. 43. Customers are Brand Owners (J&J), Contract Manufacturers and Distributors who represent the company in Intl markets
    44. 44. Startup with 15-20 employees, high growth of their 3 product offerings
    45. 45. One of a few dozen companies owned by an investment bank</li></ul>Company Challenge:<br /><ul><li>Using SFDC today and do not want to pay the price or go through implementing Financial Force.
    46. 46. Maintaining inventory and orders on Excel spreadsheets today
    47. 47. Accounting books managed by Investment company
    48. 48. Evaluated Netsuite</li></ul>Project Details:<br /><ul><li>Lead to close 68 days.
    49. 49. QuickStart 30 day, 10K, 15 user implementation of core CRM, including Order Capture and Inventory Management commenced on June 6th.
    50. 50. LIVE on Phase 1 as of August 10th.
    51. 51. Financials (Phase 2) scheduled for September 30th go-live.</li></ul>CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY<br />
    52. 52. Summary<br /><ul><li>Aplicor Overview: Cloud based business software company.
    53. 53. Seamless Cloud Business Management Suite (CRM and ERP).
    54. 54. Innovative “TUX” User Xperience user interface.
    55. 55. Market Opportunity: “ Its all About the cloud”
    56. 56. Product investment in a cloud suite is emerging at the right time.
    57. 57. Market maturing from SaaS point solutions to Cloud suite.
    58. 58. Global SMB leading the Cloud wave .
    59. 59. Key Differentiates
    60. 60. CRM only or seamless business management suite
    61. 61. Cloud Independent
    62. 62. Empowered User experience</li></li></ul><li>Thank You!<br />CONFIDENTIAL AND PROPRIETARY<br />