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Alex Hilton, CEO, The Cloud Industry Forum - Cloud services - a view of the UK market


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In the wake of alarmist new of Snowden, NSA, GCHQ and PRISM are concerns over data privacy valid? Alex will discuss the Cloud adoption trends in the UK plus offer some thoughts on how the Cloud industry Forum is endeavouring to ensure trust and transparency of Cloud services delivered to UK customers.

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Alex Hilton, CEO, The Cloud Industry Forum - Cloud services - a view of the UK market

  1. 1. Cloud services – a view of the UK market Championing Transparency and Trust of Online Services Alex Hilton
  2. 2. About the Cloud Industry Forum The Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) is a membership led industry body that champions and advocates the adoption and use of Cloud-based services by business. We use our resources to establish best practice, lobby and educate on all matters that will aid adoption of credible Cloud services. We manage a certifiable Cloud Service Provider (CSP) Code of Practice (COP) that provides transparency of Cloud services to enable users to assure clarity and confidence in their choice of provider. We imminently approach the launch of our Individual Membership Programme offering resources and personal accreditation
  3. 3. The CIF community
  4. 4. CIF research: Cloud is integral to IT strategy  78% of businesses are using Cloud services  79% now consider Cloud as part of their IT strategy  72% of organisations make new deployment decision based around infrastructure refresh.  61% of organisation reported running Windows Server 2003 which formally goes end of support in July 2015  71% will be hybrid IT for foreseeable future  Security remains the top inhibitor, but perception versus reality!  62% see value in a certified Cloud supplier
  5. 5. Security concerns Reality or perception?
  6. 6. Creating a climate of trust Relevant technology standards:  ISO 27001 – information security  Microsoft achieve ISO 27018 privacy standard for Azure  Protect “Personally Identifiable Information”  CIF – Code of Practice Every provider prioritises data security, but understand your requirements, obligations and regulations.
  7. 7. Addressing confidence in service delivery T R AN S PA R E N C YC APA B I L I T YAC C O U N TA B I L I T Y
  8. 8. An imminent new membership programme  Vast knowledge hub  Research papers  Industry news  22 e-learning course modules  Vendor independent cloud accreditations  Workshops & webinars  Exclusive events
  9. 9. Find out more  Download research papers  Subscribe to news and individual membership  Find COP certified resellers  View the Cloud awards shortlist @UK_CIF