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How to reshape reference architecture


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A reference architecture should enable internal and external business service consumers, address future IT strategies, and transition current IT infrastructure and team skill sets. This presentation presents a seven step plan describing how to reshape your reference architecture

This is the third presentation in a three part series. The presentation series decks present:

Why Reshape Reference Architecture
What Reference Architecture Models make sense today
How to Reshape Reference Architecture

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How to reshape reference architecture

  1. 1. How to Reshape a Reference Architecture Chris Haddad VP Platform Evangelism Twitter @ cobiacomm Last Updated: Jan. 2014
  2. 2. Recap: Why Reshape Your Reference Architecture?
  3. 3. Recap: What Reference Architecture to Adopt? The last presentation described: •What architectural targets create a more accessible, integrated, collaborative, and adaptive business. • What architecture targets create a more Responsive IT team • What architectural disciplines enable New IT Delivery • What mindset based on composition, decision frameworks, use cases, mentoring, and accelerator packs leads to reference architecture success
  4. 4. Recap: What Reference Architecture to Adopt?
  5. 5. How to deliver Reference Architecture?
  6. 6. Business Service Platform Implementation : Integration and Data
  7. 7. Business Service Platform Implementation : Services and Governance
  8. 8. Business Service Platform Implementation : Business Processes, Security
  9. 9. Business Service Platform Implementation : Monitoring and Portals
  10. 10. Case Study : A PaaS solution to reshape client engagement (Architecture)
  11. 11. Action Step: Integrate 11
  12. 12. Action Step: Expose Services As APIs 12
  13. 13. Action Step: Don’t Loose Control 13
  14. 14. Action Step: Monitor And Analyze 14
  15. 15. Action Step: Publish and Socialize 15
  16. 16. Action Step: Adopt Unified, Full Life Cycle DevOps
  17. 17. Action Step: Accelerate with DevOps PaaS
  18. 18. Shape the Cloud
  19. 19. Recommended Reading • The Path to Responsive IT • • DevOps Meets ALM in the Cloud • • Cloud-Native Advantage • • Promoting Service Re-use with API Management • http ://
  20. 20. About the Author • Chris Haddad • • • Access to Industry Leading Guidance • • Blog site • 20 @cobiacomm on Twitter Slideshare channel