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Two roads, one way #2


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Published in: Spiritual
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Two roads, one way #2

  1. 1. Priority (what is really important) StrategyGoal (what I (what I reallyreally want) pursue) You Are Here Really
  2. 2. Priority: Faith Working Love Strategy: Goal: LayingGlorify and Down MyEnjoy God Life Where Christ Is (and I should be)
  3. 3. Righteousnessby Faith alone Righteousness by Works
  4. 4. ProvisionPeace Pleasure Trust the Promises of God in Jesus
  5. 5. Family: Speak the Truth in Love God: World: Be aFellowship Fisher of with God Men Lay Down Your Life to Obey His Word
  6. 6. The Truth: Our Wisdom and Guide The Way: The LIFE:Our Pardon Our Help and andPerfection Happiness Receive Jesus: Lord and Savior