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Praying to a Sovereign and Good God


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Praying to a Sovereign and Good God

  1. 1. Priority (what is really important) StrategyGoal (what I (what I reallyreally want) pursue) You Are Here Really
  2. 2. Love: Gracious and MercifulLight: Holy Life: Help and and Righteous Happiness Creator/ Sovereign
  3. 3. Idolatry: Looking to people and things for help and happiness instead of God Unbelief: Pride: Depending Believing Lies on my owninstead of God’s righteousness Word and power Rebellion/ Disobedience
  4. 4. Suffering: Pain and Loss Evil: Wrath:Slavery to Present Sin and Future Fallen World
  5. 5. Right:Righteousnessby Faith alone Wrong: Righteousness by Works
  6. 6. Death on a Cross Perfect ResurrectionObedience to Reign Lord/ Savior
  7. 7. Provision for This Life Pleasures Peace Full andwith God Forever Because of What Jesus Has Done
  8. 8. Trusts in Jesus for Righteousness Obeys God’sTurns to God Word for for LIFE Love Receiving Jesus as Lord and Savior
  9. 9. Glorify & Enjoy God Love Trust according God’s to God’sPromises Word
  10. 10. We are to honor God as “God” (glorify Him) and pursue our happiness in God (enjoy Him) by trusting and loving in all situations and in all relationships.1. I am to trust that God is sovereign and good and pray.2. I am to love by praying for unbelievers to be saved.
  11. 11. The Truth: Our Wisdom and Guide The Way: The LIFE:Our Pardon Our Help and andPerfection Happiness Receive Jesus: Lord and Savior