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Writing Institute Day 1 Log


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Published in: Education, News & Politics
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Writing Institute Day 1 Log

  1. 1. School’s Out For Summer…… ..but just beginning for us! Get Ready To WRITE!
  2. 2. Meet and Greet! •  Let’s Eat and Drink Coffee J * make sure to use the quiet Keurig and not Lesley’s * •  Introductions from Lesley, Donna, Heidi, and Barb “IT CHANGED MY LIFE”
  3. 3. Free Writing!!! “Beginnings are always messy.” John Galsworthy I don’t know what to write. I don’t know what to write. I hate this teacher!
  4. 4. Name Signs But I’m not creative…. I can’t draw…. “This is when you can tell who is artistic and who is not, then you can use your artistic one’s to make posters” J
  5. 5. Writing Groups “All you messy people pack up cause we’re moving” “And if you hate someone your working with, I didn’t know!”
  6. 6. Steps and Strategies for Teaching Writing “Deconstruct to Reconstruct” “Write with your heart and revise with your head” Where I’m From When I Was Young in the Mountains
  7. 7. Steps and Strategies Reflect Revision The 4 Domains Teaching Strategies The Focus Lesson Next Focus Lesson Domain Scoring Sample Recap Memories People Places Possessions Recreation Animals Imagery Important Moments Other Memories