Cdmj0150 Aurora Select Construction Booklet 32pp V2


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This became a very useful tool for helping our client (Select) to sell to their customers

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Cdmj0150 Aurora Select Construction Booklet 32pp V2

  1. 1. AURORA PRODUCT CATALOGUE Edition 1 2009 In partnership with F O R C O N S T R U C T I O N
  2. 2. Do you always know who is on site? Are you paying for hours not worked? Are you paying for workers who don’t exist? 02 If you don’t know the answers to these questions then allow us to introduce our Clockface+ time and attendance technology to you. Our solution for your construction business features fast, accurate, face recognition technology to record entry and exit of authorised staff, linking to a back office application giving comprehensive on-site reporting. So...what are the outstanding benefits of our TIme and aTTendanCe TeChnology? Enrolment takes less than 2 seconds with verification in less than 1.5 seconds. And finally… The unit is an off-the-shelf time and attendance solution that can be installed in Why invest in our Clockface+ technology? You are 100% guaranteed to save any working environment in less than 3 hours. money versus other entry systems. How? Extensive attendance reports ensure that you guard against overpaying sub- contractors. Reduced wage bills The system ensures that you know who is on site, instantly, for increased site Reduced employee fraud security. Reduced administration costs The CloCkfaCe+ units can be delivered in either single or multiple configurations and can be networked together for larger sites. CloCkfaCe+ is the most effective biometric time and attendance solution for the construction industry! The units will run in standalone mode and are unaffected by network failure. Health and safety graphics can be displayed to all staff. On-screen messaging can be displayed to each operative or to groups of staff members and can be split by company, trade and contract, The CloCkfaCe+ units can be integrated with half and full height turnstiles or with our new, 3 bar Integrated Biometric Turnstile (IBT). Please call on 01322 296990 for Outright purchase or lease for as little as £35 per week. pricing and availability
  3. 3. CloCkfaCe manageR is supplied with our CloCkfaCe+ unit to manage workers personnel information and attendance logs. Once installed on a supervisor’s PC, our unique software becomes a key tool in effective workforce management. Workers can receive customised health and safety graphics which they can view and have to acknowledge, forming a comprehensive audit trail. Text messages can also be sent to an individual worker or group of workers when verifying. The software also holds personnel details including: Name, address, DOB, emergency contacts, holiday, scanned documents, employment contracts, training and qualifications. This builds into a comprehensive site database for worker details. 1 Managers can access numerous reports including attendance by trade, company or individual details of training skills & qualifications, muster reports, emergency contact details and many more. Features and Benefits Store worker personnel details in an easy to access format. Manage directly employed and sub contractor workers. View worker attendance logs. Send Health and Safety graphics. Send customised messages to individuals or groups of workers. Generate management reports Clear financial savings can be made on payroll and reduced fraud - many clients have found that the system pays for itself many times over. Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  4. 4. TImekeepeR allows companies to integrate directly with their head office payroll system and can be used in conjunction with our CloCkfaCe+ device to check the identity of workers. Essentially the facility to define shifts, work patterns and payroll models allows TImekeepeR to interpret and to apply rules to the clocking records of each individual operative. Weekly timesheets can be automatically generated that incorporate the following: 2 Basic shift or hourly pay Weekend work Different levels of overtime Subsistence allowances Night work allowance Productivity bonuses Other types of special payment The weekly export to payroll can include the timesheet, site adjustment report, leavers’ report and the payroll import file. Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  5. 5. Featuring fast, accurate face recognition technology which is unaffected by variant light conditions, our integrated turnstile can be installed anywhere in a working environment. The IBT consists of a secure site access portal utilising a full height 120 degree, three bar turnstile and our CloCkfaCe verification face recognition system, housed within a single unit. Our uniquely designed IBT coupled with our face recognition technology records every entry and exit of all authorised staff and will not permit access to unauthorised individuals. 3 Features and Benefits The unit is an off-the-shelf entry and exit solution that can be installed in hours. The system ensures that you know who is on site, instantly. Can be integrated with Proximity or Mifare cards or a keypad for card free use. Why invest over £10k in an IBT? You are 100% guaranteed to save money versus other entry systems. How? Reduced wage bills Reduced employee fraud Reduced administration costs Reduced insurance premiums Reduced capital cost (no cabin, no security guard, no gate CCTV required) IBTs can be delivered in either single or double configurations and can be networked now together for larger sites. feaTuRIng Health and safety graphics and individual messaging can be displayed to each operative. The new & pRaCTICal Tool haTCh Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  6. 6. SERVICE LOCATIONS HALF DAY FULL DAY One & HALF DAYS TWO DAYS ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4 Bedfordshire Bristol Cornwall Guernsey Berkshire Cheshire Cumbria Ireland Buckinghamshire Dorset Devon Isle of Man Cambridgeshire E R Yorkshire Durham Isle of Wight Derbyshire East Sussex Northumberland (South) Isles of Scilly Essex (West) Essex (East) Tyne & Wear Jersey Gloucestshire Gt Manchester Northumberland (North) Gt London Hampshire Wales Scotland Hertfordshire Herefordshire Carmarthenshire Leicestershire Kent Ceredigion Lincolnshire (South) Lancashire (North) Conwy Northamptonshire Merseyside Gwynedd Nottinghamshire Norfolk Isle of Anglesey Oxfordshire North Yorkshire Pembrokeshire Rutland Shropshire (West) 4 Shropshire (East) Somerset South Yorkshire Suffolk Staffordshire Surrey Warwickshire West Sussex West Midlands West Yorkshire Wiltshire (North) Wiltshire (South) Worcestershire Wales Blaenau Gwent Bridgend Caerphilly Cardiff Denbighshire Flintshire Merthyr Tydfil Monmouthshire Neath Port Talbot Newport Powys Zone 1 Zone 2 Zone 3 Zone 4 Rhondda Cynon Taff Swansea Torfaen Vale of Glamorgan Wrexham
  7. 7. SUPPORT & WARRANTY Aurora’s team of technicians is fully qualified in a range of activities. If clients purchase hardware through Aurora we can pre-install software prior to delivery. We have considerable experience in both the full range of Microsoft and Oracle platforms. While some face recognition applications are stand alone, our technical team has extensive experience of integration with a variety of differing applications, including access control, proximity card, time sheet and payroll facilities. Support Warranty (Aurora Hardware) We provide a comprehensive post installation support solution for all our clients. Our All Aurora Computer Services Limited supplied hardware is covered by the following team can be contacted during office hours to resolve any arising issues remotely; and warranty if found to be defective during the first 12 months of use: we can also arrange out of hours support as and when our clients require it. 12 months on-site swap out warranty on Aurora CLOCKFACE+ units 12 months on-site warranty for IBT units from date of client installation Training 5 The level of training that we provide as part of our technical solution ensures that our clients’ staff is fully conversant in the day to day running of our technology. This training Warranty (Non-Aurora Hardware) is vital in order to properly utilise the products and solutions that we supply. Aurora’s Dell hardware: 36 months next day on-site warranty on all Dell supplied hardware staff has many years experience in analysing key aspects of the management and Belkin UPS: 12 months on-site warranty on all Belkin supplied hardware operation of large organizations in both the public and private sectors. Unless specified all other hardware is supplied with a 12 RTB warranty. As the UK’s most experienced face recognition provider we are ideally placed to support your organization in considering how biometric technology can best be used to meet your security and efficiency objectives. This may be through free-standing solutions but, more likely by integration and development with your existing systems. Warranty and on-going Software Support Our comprehensive, annually paid software support licence covers all Aurora software: Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm first line telephone support Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm remote Aurora assistance All Aurora Computers Services Limited software is fully supported to include all patches and updates, as distributed by us. Out of hours support can be offered at an additional cost. Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  8. 8. ID CARD CONSUMABLES Cards – Plain White Man P/N Our Ref. Description Price per 100 6 20-1002 Adhesive cards 10mil (250 micron) CALL 20-1004 Plain white cards 30mil (760 micron) standard credit card CALL thickness (100) 20-1004 Plain white cards 30mil (760 micron) standard credit card CALL thickness (500) 1386LGGMN 21-1000 HID Proximity cards (ISO printable) per 100 CALL 1386LGGMN 21-1000 HID Proximity cards (ISO printable) per 500 CALL 692-448 21-1022 Net2 proximity with Mag stripe ISO cards pack of 10 CALL 692-500 21-1020 Net2 proximity ISO cards pack of 10 CALL 21-1040 Mifare 1k ISO Card 1Kbytes of read/write memory. 13.56mhz CALL Philips Mifare chip ISO PVC Card. 21-1045 Mifare 4k ISO Card 4Kbytes of read/write memory. 13.56mhz CALL Philips Mifare chip ISO PVC Card Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  9. 9. Badge Reels ID CARD CONSUMABLES Our Ref. Description Price per 100 08-1300 Badge reel - medium duty - available in black, blue, red or grey for CALL occasional or light use with strap fitting 08-1300 Personalised badge reel - medium duty - available in black, blue, CALL red or grey for occasional or light use with strap fitting and personalised acrylic dome with your own logo Personalised stickers We can supply you with high quality personalised stickers and laminates to your exact specification. Please call us for a quotation, further information or samples. Staff Name badges We can supply you with your personalised staff name badges in any design you need. Please contact us for prices and further information. 7 Popular Lanyard Options Personalised Lanyards Are you looking for high quality lanyards for your Our Ref. Description Price per 100 staff, students or simply for an event? 06-1000 Breakaway woven lanyard with plastic clip CALL Please note that the minimum quantity is 100 on 06-1005 Breakaway woven lanyard with metal dog clip CALL all personalised lanyards. The above products are available in the following colours:- black, navy blue, red, green, yellow, orange, white Turnaround time is up to 3 weeks from approval 06-1105 Breakaway lanyard printed with Visitor - red with white text CALL of artwork (we can reduce the lead time for an additional charge if required). 06-1110 Breakaway lanyard printed with Contractor – blue with white text CALL 06-1115 Breakaway lanyard printed with Staff CALL Options available include... 06-1130 Breakaway lanyard with badge reel attachment – available in CALL • 1cm tubular printed • 2cm executive woven black, white or blue polyester lanyards • 1.5cm printed polyester • 3d PVC lanyards • 2cm printed polyester • Ultra high definition dye- • 1cm flat weave nylon sublimation lanyards Please call on 01322 296990 for • 1.5cm flat weave nylon • PVC lanyards pricing and availability • 2cm flat weave nylon • Various recycled and biodegradable options
  10. 10. PRINTER BUNDLES Printer Package Deals Everything you need to start printing ID Cards within minutes. All packages include:- ● Plastic Card Printer ● Revolution ID Lite software (limited to 250 records) ● Web camera ● Full colour ribbon ● 100 cards 25 clips and badgeholders 8 ● 12 month on site warranty cover ● Call for Call for Pricing Pricing With competitive low prices, these really are the best value around. Call for Call for Call for Pricing Pricing Pricing RENTAL • PURCHASE • LEASE We can offer a variety of schemes to spread the cost if required – Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  11. 11. RIBBONS Evolis Printer Ribbons & Accessories Price Man P/N Our Ref. Description each R3011 41-1000 Colour YMCKO 200 prints (Pebble4 & Dualys) CP207 & CP207-D CALL R3314 41-1025 Colour / black YMCKOK 200 prints (Dualys only) CP207-D CALL 52-1000 Premier cleaning kit - 25 swabs, 50 cleaning cards CP207 & CP207-D CALL 35-2020 Additional two years on-site warranty (bought at time of purchase of CALL printer) CP207 & CP207-D 9 35-2010 Hard travel case with wheels CP207 CALL 35-2011 Soft carry bag for Pebble or Dualys CP207 & CP207-D CALL 35-2012 Flight case for Pebble or Dualys CP207 & CP207-D CALL Formerly CIM Javelin Printer Ribbons & Accessories Our Price Man P/N Description Ref. each 61133511 44-2095 Colour YMCKOi 200 prints for J110i & J120i CP107 & CP107-D CALL 61133111 44-2088 Black K 1000 prints for J110i & J120i CP107 & CP107-D CALL 61133611 44-2090 Colour YMCKOKi 165 prints 4 £55 for J120i CP107 & CP107-D CALL 52-1003 Express Cleaning Card Kit (4 print engine cards & 4 card feeder cards) for CP107 & CP107-D CALL Please call on 01322 296990 for 52-1005 Soft carry bag for 110i or 120i models CALL pricing and availability
  12. 12. SOFTWARE & HARDWARE Integrate seamlessly with Timekeeper for printing of staff ID badges – no need to duplicate any data input, Card Exchange will simply read the data live from Timekeeper. 60-1004 Logitech Quickcam Sphere 10 ● 1.3 MP web camera ● Face tracking ● Software enhancement for sharp images ● Automatic lighting adjustment ● Windows® 2000 & XP compatible ● USB 2.0 ● 2 year warranty Key Features:- • Easy to use • Create multiple card designs • Seamless integration with SQL or ODBC compliant databases • Automatic print function • Mifare or Hi-co mag card encoding Please call on 01322 296990 for • Signature or live image capture pricing and availability
  13. 13. ACCESS CONTROL SOLUTIONS The simplest and easiest out of the box solution for single or multiple door access control solution. These cost effective, stand-alone, single-door Edge Solo access control solutions connect directly to you existing IT infrastructure. The units are powered over Ethernet (PoE) and enable remote management and report generation via a standard web browser. 11 Manage the access rights, user information, administration, door configuration and retrieval of events through the simple to use embedded web interface. Unlike most other access control systems, Edge Solo provides fully distributed intelligence and decision making at the door, maximising flexibility whilst minimising installation and maintenance costs. We can also supply magnetic door strikes for the physical locking of The Edge packages include:- the door dependent on your requirements. ● 2 x readers (Mifare, iCLASS or HID Prox) ● 5 x cards or fobs for the relevant reader For multiple doors, we can also offer the Edge Host Connector as a ● Access to the remote management software simple upgrade from Edge Solo simply purchase additional readers, door licences and cards for a truly modular system please contact us The system is powered over Ethernet, therefore no additional power for a quotation and further information. supply is required for the above. Please call on 01322 296990 for pricing and availability
  14. 14. SElECT PlANT HIRE Bridge Place, Anchor Boulevard, Admirals Park, Dartford, Kent DA2 6SN United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1322 296990 F: +44 (0)1322 296260 E: W: © Aurora Computer Services Ltd 2009 Prices are correct at the time of printing (February 2009) however they may be subject to change without notice (errors and omissions excepted). The images photographed in this catalogue are intended to illustrate the effects obtained by various branding techniques and do not necessarily imply that the products have been supplied to or endorsed by the owners of the trademarks featured. Please ask to see or download from our website, a copy of our terms & conditions for the full conditions of sale. In partnership with F O R C O N S T R U C T I O N