Specific Questions1. Make the SWOT of the Alumni Development Area covering both the national and the local level.National ...
Alumni with own companies – pool for Corporate     Other NGOs offering similar products for alumniDevelopment;            ...
3. Write down the description and the plan of implementation for minimum 2 new products that       the Alumni Development ...
Analyze membership [April-May - Transition]We need to assess the country and see exactly which is the level of the Alumni ...
entrepreneurial leadership. This is what we must do through our alumni. From this, we can extracttwo MOSes that we should ...
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  1. 1. Specific Questions1. Make the SWOT of the Alumni Development Area covering both the national and the local level.National LevelStrengths WeaknessesNational BOA Alumni – very engaged; AIESEC 21 – lack of involvement of members;Wide alumni network (over 1000 contacts); No applicants for Alumni Development in MCC 1;AIESEC 21: good promotion strategy & ELA We cover only around 30% of the alumniassociation; community;Member of AIESEC Romania in the Alumni Global Few participants in LOT;Support Team; Lack of collaboration in generating GIP incomingAIESEC Scholarship – 1200 euro raised; through alumni;Connecting with alumni through LinkedIN;Constant communication with alumni;Update of the alumni database – 400 contacts;First alumni NST;Collaboration with AIESEC Bucharest on localevents;Chair of BOA wishing to continue for anotheryear;Development of the alumni strategy with BOA;Alumni Involvement award in RYLF.Opportunities ThreatsSocial entrepreneurship – growing trend that our CROS Career Orientation Program;alumni can start; Few job offers on the market – our alumni mayCollaboration with TMI for LOT; choose to move to other countries;Mentorship platform in collaboration to AIESEC 65% of former MC members temporarily workingBucharest; or moved to a foreign country;Developing an internal platform like e-jobs;Developing AIESEC Scholarship in BOA Corporateand through partners as well;Resourceful alumni community (sakes,education, GIP incoming);Local LevelStrengths WeaknessesAlumni Associations developing (AIESEC Iasi and Many LCs still not seeing the strategic role of theAIESEC Craiova); Alumni Development position;6 LCs having AD as a strategical position; Most alumni do not understand and areBOA Alumni implemented at LC level (AIESEC reluctant to the new structure;Brasov); Most LCs do not have a pipeline of members forAlumni involved in organizational development the AD area;(chairing, training, facilitating, EB elections, etc.) Most LCs do not implement H4TF yet;Good collaboration with MC VP AD (especially in In some LCs, the ARM position is not a strongAIESEC Bucharest); focus;Opportunities ThreatsAlumni Development becoming strategic position Alumni in many LCs choose to change city, thusfor the next term; making communication harder;
  2. 2. Alumni with own companies – pool for Corporate Other NGOs offering similar products for alumniDevelopment; (especially in Bucharest);Few work opportunities – pool for GIP outgoing;2. Write down the main pillars and their steps of implementation of your Alumni DevelopmentStrategy for the year 2012 – 2013 taking into consideration the vision 2015. BOA & Association - GCPs from LCs that already implement them (AIESEC Iasi – Association and AIESEC Brasov – BOA) - Support and consultancy from MC level - Indentify alumni that can be pillars for growth in Reconnect every LC - Develop a framework of implementation together Cross- with the NST generational Events - Assess the alumni market for needspositive impact - Plan & deliver AIESEC 22through alumni - Develop local and national initatives to cover needs Communication - Facebook & LinkedIN communication - Internal platform like e-jobs - Segmentation (early career, mid career, late career) - Monthly newsletter H4TF - Partnership for delivering (Training & HR Companies) - Development of H4TF program - Development of LOT - Career orientation program for every LC - Collaboration with TD for competency assessment Re-engage Project Prototyping - Assess market needs - Generate ideas to cover market needs Responsible & - Involve alumni in fast prototyping (feedback,entrepreneurial consultancy) leadership - Sustain initatives through alumnithrough alumni Role model concept - Partnerships for promoting change agents (GCP – AIESEC Craiova – Adevarul de Seara partnership) - Alumni presence and involvement in conferences (GCP – RockMe – Teia Catana) - Media partnerships for promoting AIESEC 22 - Alumni awards in RYLF 2012 Financial - Alumni investment in projects (project prototyping) Leverage sustainability - AIESEC Scholarship investment Coaching & - Mentoring platform First-choice Mentoring - Coaching and mentoring for EBs partner for - Preparation in conferences alumni Organizational - GIP + TLP from alumni (raising alumni for GIP) objectives increase - TN takers for GIP incoming and GCDP incoming (NGOs) coming from alumni
  3. 3. 3. Write down the description and the plan of implementation for minimum 2 new products that the Alumni Development area can deliver in the year to come and generate money. Product Description Plan of implementation Though it is not necessarily a new - Assess the alumni needs product, creating events for alumni - Fast prototyping for generating is the most simple and efficient ideas Alumni Events manner to generate money. The - Feedback from BOA key is to create events based on - Event organization the needs that they have, organize - Event promotion them and gather money from establishing moderate fees. Another concept that, although not - GCPs from LCs that have an Alumni new, can generate revenues for Association Alumni AIESEC and for the Alumni, through - Framework for creating an Alumni Association development of common projects Association and initiatives. - Identify key alumni of each LC - Establish Alumni Association - Create common projects Many of our alumni own or work - Assess market needs for companies which need trainings - Create a portfolio of the NTP on different topics that AIESEC can together with MC VP TD & product National cover. We can charge those development Trainers’ Pool trainings at a much smaller price - Product packaging than a professional company - Sell the NTP portfolio would. It is an idea that has been planned - Fast prototyping and idea before but never realised. We generating could make an alumni congress, in - Feedback from BOA the from of a national conference - Identify key alumni for promotion where alumni can come for team in each LC building activities and also for - Find speaker debates regarding national interest - Find team building companies Alumni Summer issues. We can bring professional - Establish date & location Congress companies for team buildings or - Promote the conference to alumni use alumni working in this area (ex: - Partnerships for the conference Stefan Craus) and also bring a - Agenda organizing speaker for the debates and get revenues from selling the conference to partners or from alumni fees. 4. Taking into consideration that starting with the next year the Alumni Development will be a strategic position please detail the educational plan that will be delivered to your VPs and specialists. ( content, time of delivery) Identify key Develop Analyze Assess the Create a milestones specificmembership market timeline of education frameworks cycle
  4. 4. Analyze membership [April-May - Transition]We need to assess the country and see exactly which is the level of the Alumni DevelopmentVPs or specialists (if there are new members, if they have had a transition, etc.). This can bedone through skype meetings with the new ADs or needs assessment with the current ARMs.Assess the market [April-May – Transition]We also need to assess the market we are adressing, meaning the alumni – what they want, whichare the trends shaping in the external environment in which they work. If we know exactly what ouralumni want from AIESEC we can prepare our VPs and specialists accordingly.Create a timelineWe have to see which are the main activites and products that we want to deliver for our alumni andwhen they should happen, in order to prepare the country before them.Identify key milestones of the education cycleWe can very well see the most important events or processes that need to happen during a term andwhich conferences are happenning before them, to make sure everyone is prepared and aware ofwhat they have to do (ex: RockME – preparation for AIESEC 22). This does not necessarily requireagenda and preparation, but mostly they are the time where you have most of the Ads present andyou can ask for feedback, deliver information or assess the local status. Furthermore, an importantmilestone is National Congress, where all ADs will be present, because we will create the nationalplan to cover this area.Develop specific frameworksAfter analyzing all needs of both the market and the members and seeing which are the mostimportant milestones of the term, we need to start developing, together with the NST, specificframeworks for preparation: agenda for NC, webinars, LC visits, etc.Going further into details, the main directions in which I would prepare the ADs are:Career planning & orientation – for the Heading for the Future process. This can happen in NationalCongress or in LOT, in a special track, either from me or the MC VP TD or from HR companiesspecialized in this area.Sales preparation – an Alumni Development needs to be out in the market and either sell ourproducts to the alumni community or look for H4TF development opportunities. Eitherway, theyneed to know how to sell and be constantly connected to the external market.Communication and promo – in order to communicate with the alumni community, they need toknow basic promo rules, how to transmit a message, how to keep in touch with alumni.Event management – in order to know how to create & develop local alumni events.Contacts management & network building – in order to be able to manage the alumni network.Leadership & management preparation - last year, in most LCs, the ARM was not a strategicposition and was used to working alone so we need to emphasize on how to work with specialistsand members, to create a pipleline for the area and for many LCs, how to work at EB level.We can deliver preparation on these topics through conferences (NC, RockMe, SprinCo), troughwebinars, LC visits, NST and through using performing LCs for GCPs and support (ex: AIESEC Iasi forAlumni Association or AIESEC Brasov for BOA Alumni).5. Again, taking into consideration the strategic role of this position and its definition according tothe 2015 vision please define its MOS & KPIs to be included/ completing the current SONA.Taking into consideration the 2015 vision, the Alumni Development area changes in terms ofengagement and heading for the future. AIESEC is, according to 2015, creating responsible and
  5. 5. entrepreneurial leadership. This is what we must do through our alumni. From this, we can extracttwo MOSes that we should follow in the next term:Alumni engaged.How many of our alumni we manage to engage with events, projects, initiatives atlocal and at national level. This is very important for creating that cross-generational positive impactin society.Alumni made. We also need to make sure that the preparation and time we invest in our members isactually paying of and, as alumni are the main product that AIESEC offers to the society, we need tomeasure this impact through the number of alumni we deliver every year.In terms of KPI, I would keep no of members working on H4TF&Alumni related processes and no ofspecialists accredited, because that can give us an idea of the pipeline we are creating for this areaand we can make sure we are sustainable, human resource wise. Furthermore, the alumni NSL isanother KPI which can give us an idea of how much we communicate to our alumni. In terms ofalumni involvement in events created especially for them, or in any type of events, it is important tosee how much alumni are engaged to the LC and how much we benefit from their presence. What Iwould modify is the KPI regarding the no of alumni in BOA, as I believe it is relevant to have afunctioning Board of Advisors, regardless of the number of alumni it contains. I would replace thatKPI with number of activities developed with BOA or number of processes created with BOA.Moreover, to measure H4TF, we should take into account how many H4TF initiatives we have in theLCs (quarterly), how many externals we involve in this preparation, and most importantly how manyparticipants we have in H4TF activities.