MC Slovakia 14 15 - Candidate's booklet - 2nd round


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MC Slovakia 14 15 - Candidate's booklet - 2nd round

  1. 1. WELCOME Dear applicant, letter We would like to firstly congratulate you on the decision of taking the very special opportunity to apply for the MC team of AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015. You will have one year filled with passion, hard work, professional development and personal growth and in the same time, one year that will create long-lasting friendships with the people in your team. Slovakia is an AIESEC entity with great potential, active local committees, beautiful nature and glorious history that can be a part of your life if you have the courage and passion to take the first step, fill in the application and start your unbelievable journey! We wish you good luck in the selection process. Yours, MC Shockwave
  2. 2. WELCOME Dear applicant, letter First of all I would like to congratulate you to take the decision of applying for the MC team of AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015. We have opened the second round because we are still missing people who will join our amazing team and are ready to move AIESEC SKIA, which is full of potential and active local committees, forward. As I told in my vision, I wish that in one year each member is internally aware of our purpose, because only then we can become externally recognized as YOUTH LEADERSHIP PROVIDER and fulfil AMBTIION 2015. We are searching for AIESECers from around the world who know WHY they do what they do, who are passionate and have an attitude to act. Find the courage and passion to take the first step, fill in the application and start your unbelievable journey! I wish you good luck in the selection process. Yours, Zuzana Maderova MCPe AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015
  3. 3. Working Term & living conditions The term starts at 1st of July 2014 and ends on the 30th of June 2015. There might be some cases in which some MC members will be required to start their work on 1st of June 2014. The transition starts, in normal conditions, on the 1st of June 2014 and lasts until the beginning of the MC term. Transition dates will vary and will be defined once the entire MC is selected. It is recommended for the elect MC to be present during Bridge conference between 27th and 30th of March 2014. The conference costs will not be covered, but we strongly suggest to apply as facilitator. Hours The working program consists of 8 hours/day for 5 days, starting latest at 11:00 am. This can be modified on agreement inside the next MC team. You will have 20 paid free days and 10 unpaid free days. All weekends are free, except of the national events that happen in the weekend. For every weekend worked you will get an extra paid free day. Salary You will receive 220 Euros/month. This can change according to the agreement between your MC in the beginning of the term.
  4. 4. Working Travel & living conditions All travel cost regarding coaching visits, national conferences, functional meetings are fully covered. The local transportation is partially covered. Travel for the International Congress and International Presidents’ Meeting is covered for the MCP(s). Travel and fee to the International Congress can be covered for some MC members. Accommodation The MC flat is situated in Stare Grunty, in the Cubicon building. The building was finished 2 years ago, and the MC is the first entity to rent the apartment. It is situated at a 10 minutes bus ride from the city center, and 30 minutes from the Office. The flat comes up fully furnished, having 3 rooms with new beds, 2 bathrooms, an electric stove and oven, washing machine, dish-washer, microwave. Below the building, there is an internal parking lot leading to the Cubicon Supermarket, with Billa, restaurants and general product stores. MC Office The MC office is situated next to the main Bus Station, in an office building. It is situated at a 5-minutes’ walk from the biggest business center in Bratislava. Each MC member will have their own working desk and access to LAN internet connection. The office is divided into 3 rooms: the main working room with the individual working desks, the meeting room and the middle room, where all the shelves are. In addition, the office has its own kitchen with microwave, stove, fridge and sink, and its own bathroom.
  5. 5. Selection process Application form Confidence vote Assessment center Results announcement Interview with MCPe
  6. 6. Application form In the “MC Slovakia 2014-2015 Application package” you will find attached the application form in PDF format. You need to create the entire application form by yourself and make the visuals based on your imagination and creativity. The application form contains the general questionnaire and specific questionnaire. DDL for submitting the application: 5th of March 2014 20:00 GMT+1 Please send your application to: Alexandra Coanda (MC VP TM&LCD): Lucia Ihnatova (MCP): Zuzana Maderova (MCPe): Application form requirements: The document should not exceed 9 pages, excluding the cover page, with a font of minimum 10 pixels. The document must be in English and must contain: 5 pages for the general questionnaire, 3 pages for the specific questionnaire and 1 page of Executive summary. Optionally, you can create a cover page.
  7. 7. Application form Curriculum Vitae requirements: The document cannot exceed 2 pages. The CV must be in English and must contain: AIESEC and outside of AIESEC experience, your studies, skills and developments gained. Endorsement requirements: Your application needs to be endorsed by minimum 2 people and maximum 3 people. Maximum 2 endorsements should be from an AIESEC member and 1 from an external (for BD and iGIP applicants, the external endorsement is required). For international candidates, it is required to have at least one endorsement from your MC. Video requirements: Create a 5 min. video about you. Upload it to YouTube in this form: SLOVAKIA MC 13-14 application video_name. Please speak to the camera for at least 2 minutes. Use the best and most creative approach you can. The video must contain: personal information, summary of your AIESEC experience and your motivation to be in the MC of AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015.
  8. 8. Vote of confidence If you receive the MC application confirmation e-mail, the next step is to gain the Vote of Confidence from the national plenary (6 LCs, MC) – at the minimum level 50%+1 (=4) of the votes for your candidacy. The process for the vote of confidence consists of the following steps: 7 minutes of programme speech - this is the space where you can introduce yourself and your programme, your plans, ambitions, wrap up your application’s contents, whatever you wish. It’s up to you what you say here to convince the delegation to give you their trust. 30-45 minutes round of Questions & Answers - after your speech the national plenary will have the chance to question candidates through a round of Questions &Answers. There will be a maximum of 3 candidates for the same position in one round. You will have 1 minute to answer each question. Timing will be further detailed with the selection email. 1 minute final speech - summarizing your candidacy in 1 minute time. Feel free to be as creative as possible.
  9. 9. Vote of confidence More than 50% of the votes means you continue to the next part of the MC selection process. Less than 50% of the votes means you cannot continue in the MC selection. Logistical information: The Vote of Confidence will be given during the meeting of Board of Presidents and MC on 11th or 12th of March 2014. If the physical presence is impossible, elections will be managed via Skype call or Google Hangout. Please make sure you have both accounts and settings set up and shared.
  10. 10. Assessment center Physical presence for the assessment center is compulsory for Slovak delegates. The day of the assessment center will be announced after the vote of confidence. For internationals – it is an advantage to come personally. If not, the assessment will be managed via Skype call or Google Handout. The AC consists of 2 main parts: group activity and functional tasks. Group activity (if there are more than 2 Slovak candidates): all MC candidates will spend a few hours solving case studies together. International candidates will be online on Skype call or Google Hangout. Functional task: 4-5 hours task done virtually by current MC VP. It includes cases of the function you are applying for as well as general one, in order to check the overview and understanding of other functions.
  11. 11. Interview with MCPe The interview with the MCPe and the selection panel will contain a set of questions from MCPe and members of selection panel concerning your candidacy. The panel consist of current MCP, MCPe, functional VP and possibly 1-2 externals and LCPs. Interview with HR specialist from a specific company could be done separately. Details will be announced just after vote of confidence. For Slovak candidates physical meeting is highly recommended, for internationals, the interview is held online. You might be requested to fill in some personality test and send it to the MCPe. Results announcement
  12. 12. Good Luck with the application process!