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MC Slovakia 14 15 - application form

  1. 1. WELCOME Dear applicant, letter We would like to firstly congratulate you on the decision of taking the very special opportunity to apply for the MC team of AIESEC in Slovakia 2014-2015. You will have one year filled with passion, hard work, professional development and personal growth and in the same time, one year that will create long-lasting friendships with the people in your team. Slovakia is an AIESEC entity with great potential, active local committees, beautiful nature and glorious history that can be a part of your life if you have the courage and passion to take the first step, fill in the application and start your unbelievable journey! We wish you good luck in the selection process. Yours, MC Shockwave
  2. 2. MC structure 2014-2015 MCP MC VP OGX MC VP iGCDP MC VP iGIP MCVP Outgoing Programmes MCVP Incoming GCDP MCVP Incoming GIP MCVP Talent Management and LC Development MCVP Business Development* MCVP Marketing and External Events* MCVP Finance* *preferred Czech and Slovak speakers MC VP TM& LCD MC VP MEE MC VP BD MC VP FIN *This is the proposed MC structure for 2014/2015. The structure can change according to MCPe strategy. WHO CAN APPLY FOR THIS POSITION? All positions are open to all members of the AIESEC Network (including internationals) with the relevant and required experience and competencies as mentioned in the Job Descriptions.
  3. 3. Important details DEADLINE: 17th of January 2014, 20:00 CET (GMT + 1) All application packages need to be sent to: Lucia Ihnatova: (MCP); Telephone: +421 902 918 220. Alexandra Coandă: (MCVP TM&LCD); Telephone: +421 902 911 465. Confirmation of your application is going to be sent within 24 hours from the moment the application package is received. Your package has to be sent in .zip or .rar file with following name format: “AIESEC Slovakia_1213_MCVP_functionalarea_application_name”.
  4. 4. Content of application package Application form: in English, PDF format, maximum 9 pages (5 pages for general questionnaire, 3 pages for specific questionnaire, maximum 1 page of Executive Summary) + optional cover page, minimum font size 10. Curriculum Vitae: in English, PDF format, describe your experience (AIESEC Experience, outside of AIESEC experience, Studies, Skills and Developments gained), maximum 2 pages, and minimum font of 10. Endorsements: in English, PDF format, minimum 2 people, maximum 3 people (2 people must be from AIESEC members, 1 from external); For internationals it is required to have one endorsement from the MC of your country; for MC VP BD & iGIP the endorsement letter from an external is required; please provide contacts of referring person. Presentation Video: in English, .avi format, 3 to 5 minutes, spoken at least 1 minute, use this time in the best and most creative way you can. Content: personal information, summary of your AIESEC Experience, your motivation to be in the MC of AIESEC in Slovakia 2013-2014.
  5. 5. Election procedure The elections will be held at LEAD Conference starting on the 23rd of January, 2014. The election date will be 25th of January 2014 The election procedure will consist of: Speech - max 7 minutes (motivation, strategies, etc.). For online applicants, create a video of 7 minutes that will cover the above mentioned points. Q&A(from the national plenary). For online applicants, the procedures will be held via Google Hangouts or via Skype. Final 1 minute speech. For online applicants, create a video of 1 minute that will cover the points. There might be additional requirements like case studies and group discussions. The exact process will be given to candidates after the application deadline. *Note: Applications that have not been sent on or before deadline will not be accepted. Any applications that do not contain all enclosures and/or have missing requirements will not be accepted.
  6. 6. Candidate’s profile The overall competencies that are very critical for all the MC positions would be: • Entrepreneurial Outlook • Social Responsibility • Proactive Learning Preferred Experience: • Deep understanding of Clarity of Why and AIESEC as an organization; • General understanding of Slovakia and AIESEC Slovakia’s national reality; • Team management and coaching; • Packaging and sales of the AIESEC ELD; • External representation and networking; • Managing key networks and relationships; • Facilitation skills; • Data analysis.
  7. 7. General questionnaire This part is comprised out of 6 questions and should not be longer than 5 pages with minimum font of 10. PERSONAL DATA Name Surname Date of Birth Nationality E-mail address Phone Number Skype ID LC/MC Year of joining AIESEC Most recent/Current role in AIESEC Picture: 1. What is your motivation to stand for AIESEC in Slovakia? What would you like to do in 10 years? What will this term in Slovakia give you towards the skills and experiences needed to achieve your 10-year plan? 2. What are your values? How do these values shape your leadership style? 3. What is the leadership that the World &Slovakia is expecting from AIESEC?
  8. 8. General questionnaire COUNTRY OVERVIEW 1. Analyze the organizational growth and evolution of AIESEC in Slovakia from the past three terms. 2. Having in mind the growth analysis, what is the role of AIESEC in Slovakia? Based on that, how can AIESEC in Slovakia be more relevant? 3. Please evaluate the performance on the National Driver of AIESEC in Slovakia in the term 13-14. 4. Propose driver(s) for AIESEC in Slovakia for the next term. 5. The 2014-2015 term is the one that will define whether the AIESEC 2015 mid-term ambition will be reached. Evaluate the current state of 2015 achievement for AIESEC in Slovakia and propose steps towards its achievement. 6. How would you ensure leadership in every experience through our operations?
  9. 9. Specific questionnaire This part is comprised out of 5 questions and should not be longer than 3 pages with minimum font of 10. Please answer only to the specific questions of the functional area you are applying for. Outgoing Exchange 1. Make an analysis of the two main successful initiatives implemented during the current term of Outgoing Exchange, taking into consideration what was new comparing to previous terms and measurable results achieved due to the implementation of each initiative. 2. What are the main gaps in our GIPo processes of promotion, raising, matching, realization and reintegration? List the gaps and come up with three possible improvement strategies for each of these five processes. 3. Explain your main strategies for successful GIPo subproducts sales and delivery. Cover in your answer: how to promote each subproduct; how to educate LCs; how to ensure supply for our EPs. 4. What are the main differences in the management of GIPo and GCDPo processes, in terms of: a) targeted public, b) promotional channels and c) timeline of activities of RA-MA-RE? How can you, as MCVP OGX, conciliate GCDP realizations upscaling and GIP breakthrough? 5. Choose one of the following topics and explain with action steps how your term would contribute to its development: 1) EP LEAD; 2) Integrated Experiences; 3) Online+Offline Promotion; 4) Customer orientation via NPS.
  10. 10. Specific questionnaire Incoming GCDP 1. Analyze the state of GCDPi (RA, MA, RE; trends; innovations; challenges) for the past three MC terms in AIESEC in Slovakia and list its weaknesses and strengths. 2. What do you see is currently missing in the GCDPi area in Slovakia? 3. How would you see the future development of the national project Educate Slovakia? 4. Create the concept, target, and timeline of 1 new national project that is relevant in Slovakia; include the strategy to attract all LCs to participate in the project. 5. Propose a numerical goal GCDP incoming for the next term and mention what would be 2-3 key main strategies to achieve the goal.
  11. 11. Specific questionnaire Incoming GIP 1. What do you see as the main priority of GIPi area in term 2014/2015? Please be as specific as possible. 2. Please mention segments you propose to focus on, explain reasons for choosing them and add approximate amount of exchanges by segments in 14-15 term. 3. How do you plan to work with the PR and BD areas? 4. Where do you see the biggest bottleneck in the GIPi process and how do you propose to solve it? 5. Propose a numerical goal for GIP incoming for the next term and mention what would be 2-3 key main strategies to achieve the goal.
  12. 12. Specific questionnaire Talent Management & Local Committee Development 1. One of the directions of the current term is increasing the number of integrated experiences, both through engaging our membership in taking GCDP and GIP experiences, as well as reintegrating our EPs in AIESEC. What are the strategies you propose in order to improve this initiative, while at the same time ensuring the proper HR needs of LCs? 2. Taking into account the previous term, please describe your strategies in order to ensure that AIESEC Slovakia will be a customer centric organization. Please refer to strategies regarding the ELD programs, Net Promoters’ Score platform and overall mindset. 3. What is going to be your strategy in order to have a correct TMP and TLP planning for the LCs, including the support functional areas? 4. What are the objectives of LC Coaches and how are you going to work with the LC Coaches, as MCVP LC Development, in order to ensure a proper preparation and delivery of the goals? Identify the benefits brought this year by this service and the improvements that could be made. Furthermore, put the main activities from your LC Coaching strategy in a timeline. 5. What will be your Expansions strategy for the term 2014-2015, regarding new LCs, Specialized Units and current expansions? Please analyze the strategies used in the previous two terms and provide suggestions of improvement.
  13. 13. Specific questionnaire Business Development 1. Please evaluate current state of the national portfolio and design your strategies concerning its development for next years. 2. What are the main strategies that will lead to the increasing number of national partners? Please be specific as much as you can and as well, include expected results. 3. What will be your main strategies in order to improve account management of current national partners? Describe them in the most specific way possible, including timeline. 4. How do you see the future of our external events- National Career Days, Talents of Tomorrow and Slovakia Youth to Business Forum? Please name briefly the unique selling point/changes/improvements you want to create for each mentioned conference. 5. How do you see the interconnections and cooperation with GIPi on national and local level in your term?
  14. 14. Specific questionnaire Marketing & External Events 1. What is your vision of Marketing & External Events area in AIESEC in Slovakia in the future? Please write down concrete strategies with a brief timeline. 2. What improvements would you make to current TMP recruitment and how would the TLP recruitment (in case we would start to do so) differ from that? 3. We often face a situation of no VP PR on the LC or they have different focus because of different LC needs and market. How would you ensure the alignment of the country? 4. How do you imagine the future of external events run by AIESEC in Slovakia (Slovakia Youth to Business Forum and Talents of Tomorrow)? Please write down your strategy in order to reach the biggest number of potential delegates for each mentioned event. How would you interconnect mentioned events with AIESEC core work? 5. What would be your strategies regarding Big AIESEC and how do you see its implementation in Slovakia?
  15. 15. Specific questionnaire Finance 1. Analyze the level of the finance area in Slovakia in last 3 years (what is their legacy) and make a Start-Stop-Continue analysis of the last 2 years. 2. What are the main bottlenecks of Finance area in AIESEC Slovakia? 3. Make an analysis of the financial position and performance of the LCs (cash-flow. budget, costs/revenues, general performance, analyses etc.) and make possible suggestions. 4. Grant initiative is not working well. Give 3 exact strategies to ensure more incomes from this area both for LCs and MC. 5. The costs of MC are increasing every year and it is not sure how long we can sustain these changes. What are your suggestions on how to improve this situation? What is your role as a MCVP F in this situation?
  16. 16. Good Luck with the application process!